January 29th, 2007

Pink Jellyfish!

Elegant Gothic Aristocrats

Hi I'm sort of new here... well not really, I've been spying on this community for quite some time and this is my first post ^_^;;

I wanted to touch on the topic of Elegant Gothic Aristocrats out there, I havn't seen many but I would really really love to see more. If more of you would share photos of yourself because you look just as handsome and beautiful as the lolitas do. And I think its a real shame not so many males are interested in this culture as females are.

So basicaly I just wanted to ask if there are any Elegant Gothic Aristocrats in this community who would have any pictures to share? :)

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Hi everyone!
I'm new at this community and at LJ, my name's Anaclara and I'm from Brazil.

I created a Project to EGL here in my country (we make meet ups and little events and we also have a mailing list in yahoo: http://br.groups.yahoo.com/group/projetoeglabrasil/ )and if I may, I wanted to ask a few things:

Does anyone with webdesign skills (making layouts and sites) is willing to help us? (for free... that is... we can only pay in gratitude and marketing, hehehe!^^)

Other thing: does anyone could point an interesting Lolita figure (better than say icon)from USA? I wanted to do a research with Lolitas worldwide so I wanted to interview one or two from each country I could know and I wanted to start with USA.

Last thing: Can anyone tell me what is direct auction (DA, right?) and how exactely does it work?

Oh, and i forgot something: if there's here any japanese Lolitas or Lolitas that have been to Japan and had connections to Lolitas from there, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase pretty pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase send me a message or e-mail, I very much want to know you and make a few questions! Onegaishimasu!

Well, thank you very much and please answer a newbie's request for help!

Frilly kisses!
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day-lab site pimping

Ever heard of a site called day-lab?  It is an online shop that features items from independent designers and small companies.

I came across this site randomly somehow, but I found a number of things that could possibly be used for egl style.  These might interest those of you who aren't ready to make the jump to brand accessories, but want a vintage and found-item alternative to mass produced items of local chain stores.  The prices aren't quite as cheap as Forever21, but I would consider them an occasionally doable - Urban Outfitters price range. 

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Help with backpacks

I have a problem, and i thought you ladies and gentlemen could help me. I'm at college and i need a new backpack. I want a backpack that will be sturdy enough to hold my books, but also one that will match most of my clothes. Sometimes i dress lolita to class, and i feel so silly with a normal backpack on. But i don't dress lolita all the time, so i don't need a backpack that's specifically lolita either.
I'm more of a classic lolita/gothic lolita/elegant gothic aristocrat when i dress up, and more goth/industrial/vintage and a bit of hipster when i don't, so a cute childish bag like a sanrio bag or something wouldn't really match my clothes very well on an everyday basis.
I also need a backpack, not a bag that slings over the shoulder. I have a bad leg that sometimes puts me off balence and can't carry weight on one side like that.
I'd really like a classic looking leather folio/school bag sort of bag, as i think that'd match the most outfits i own, but i haven't seen any that go on the back instead of over the shoulder. If anyone can help me find one, i'd be really happy! (price isn't very important as long as it's good quality that will last for years, but that being said, i don't need brand name either)

Metamorphose Order

Hello, new to the community...

I'm in the process of ordering from Metamorphose and in the address blanks there isn't a blank for city. Do I put it under the "Address Continued" blank?

I know there were questions like this a while back, but i've searched and can't find anything in neither that, nor the memories...so any help is appreciated!
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art post

I don't know if this is punk lolita or pirate lolita or WHAT but I'm posting it anyway. P:

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PS the skirt looked longer on the sketch, I swear!
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egl administrator

COMMUNITY: Known Scammer Resurfaces!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

No, but in all seriousness, please read this if you buy, sell, or trade in this community!

A few weeks ago, I received information from a reliable source that dleocloir_a was the same person as chibiechibbiusa, or, as some of you may remember her, Mabet. However, I do not like to jump to conclusions nor accuse people unfairly, and so I looked into the matter a bit more to help me decide which course of action to take.

In investigating further, and through help of various community members, I have come to the decision that dleocloir_a is Mabet, and that la_t_h is either her pretending to be a group of eight people or is an actual group associated with her. In either instance, we cannot allow these accounts to continue to buy, sell, or trade in this community.

dleocloir_a and la_t_h are banned from this community.

I encourage you all to be wary of trading with these accounts even outside of this community. Unfortunately, the last time Mabet scammed this community, she reported everyone who listed any kind of personal information on her to lj-abuse. For this reason, I cannot divulge Mabet's real name or address. I wish I could so that you would know if you were dealing with her, but I cannot. So please, be careful with whom you buy, sell, or trade!

I will leave this post open to comments in case anyone has any questions or concerns or wants to share evidence. Please DO NOT share personal information, either yours or Mabet's!

miyu_sakura has made a very good point in noting that a number of community members may not know anything about the Mabet scandel from last year.

Mabet was a well known member of the community who was quite active. She bought, sold, and traded a great deal, and she also posted pictures and questions. She commented frequently and everyone knew who she was. At that time she went by the name chibiechibbiusa.

No one ever thought that she would do anything bad, but it was suspicious how she could afford so very many brand name items and expensive commissions. She ended out reversing charges to about 17 sellers. She also never paid for hundreds of dollars worth of items from Celga. She claimed that she had reported fraudulent charges on her PayPal account, and she said that PayPal just reversed the charges on everything for the past month or so. However, paypal never returned the money to any of the sellers, nor did Mabet. She also made the error of posting pictures of herself in items she had claimed she never received or reversed charges on. All of these people who she initiated chargebacks on suffered financial damage. Tracking numbers didn't help anyone. Paypal usually sides on the side of the buyer, and this was no exception.