January 28th, 2007

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Metamorphose's wedding dresses first hand experince.

I needed to take care of some stuff today at Metamorphose. I was lucky enough to be treated to examine the prototypes of their latest Wedding Gown series. Since it is improper to ask for taking additional pictures, and what was on the website is more than sufficient as it is.

I must simply say, those pictures are very nice, but these dresses must be seen and felt in person to be fully appreciated. Lets start with the facing fabric itself, and work our way around the various components.

The satin has burnt out fabric to create it's patterns. The patterns are considerably more intricate than the photos. Which including italic lettering of the word "Metamorphose" as part of the repeating pattern. The laced used were manufactured in s similar burnt out technique, which creates quite a unique affect. While I'm usually not a fan of black color, the gold burnt out lace over black is by far most stunning. It is also something to note that the fabric was manufactured as well as sewn entirely in japan. No outsourcing was used.

Each dress were carefully designed with very discreet shirring , as well as better techniques for fitting. Shoulder straps are entirely adjustable, including the halter top straps, which are all button + hole fitted. The skirts are not your typical circle style or 4 gored skirts. I didn't count but I believe they are 8 gores. The entire dress is fully lined and the center seams are sewn with a larger 1" ish (remember, metric) seam allowance, with it's raw edge serged, allowing ease of alteration if necessary.

The two dresses with tiers as many more tiers that are not visible, due to the use of sheer tulle. The bodice is made of 25 separate pieces, not counting the seam trimmings and straps. Most trims, bows and accessories are fully removable.

These dresses while are quite elaborate, and for the amount of material they are surprisingly light. Not any heavier than my goblin OP. What is also quite amazing is the long dress was designed to be much longer than their usual cuts. This is done on purpose in responds to community requests. I am 5'6", not excessively tall, but not exactly short either. The wedding gown dress easily reached my ankles without looking like a tea length dress.

In conclusion, these new dresses are certainly not Haute Couture caliber . (it's also impossible since that only applies to france, and would have add quite a few zeros to the price tag.) They are quite a good value considering the patterning nightmare went into creating these designees, as well as the fabrication process. Much thought has been placed creating them. Speaking from someone who is quite familiar with the industry, I would safely say for what you'd be getting, the price point is very reasonable. I'm not sure if I can personally produce anything better or cheaper without seriously cutting corners.

I did however neglect was to check and verify the type of boning used , if any were used at all It didn't feel any plastic boning, and did felt too soft to be steel or coil. I might have to reconfirm that.

Last thing is not exactly related. Regarding to the Poodle series, the pompom hair things are not for sale. They were made for the photoshoot.
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Princess Sugar

my Lolita Lifestyle date

and I SO wish I had pictures.


Yesterday, my boyfriend and I celebrated 4 years together. We woke up in the same bed together (which is rare because he usually sleeps on the cough - I'm violent in my sleep) neither of us wanted breakfast as we had feasted on a deep-fried party platter before going to see Pan's Labyrinth Friday night with our friend, so we had a nice candle-lit shower with the pink rose petal soaps my mom gave me for Christmas. (Why can't I find my Beatrix Potter soaps?!) I got dressed in black socks, black bloomers, black blouse, and a dark red skirt (thanks Amanda! Can't remember your LJ name, sorry -_-) curled my hair, used rose perfume, accessories were pearl necklace, 2 silver rings my bf bought me also a charm bracelet from him, and when I was outside I had an off-white scarf that looks like a ringlet curl, a cute black hat I got from The Bay - it has a bow on it! Also because it's still cold in Saskatchewan, a long white furry coat that was unzipped in the bottom so it wouldn't smush my petti too much. And black ankle boots (I know I know - I didn't feel like dealing with having snowy mary jane feet).

We went out shopping for a bit, picked up some things we needed for our pets, went to browse pretty gift shops and flower shops, picked up Star Wars Lego for Game Cube XD and also got some Laura Secord chocolate. Which is the best. (A link for my non-canadian friends! http://www.laurasecord.ca/ )I love how they put the little cameo chocolate in the middle of every box, it's so yummy! The lady there LOVED my purse - it's a little round lunchbox with a gold clasp&hinge, a peach handle, and a print of a flower fairy painting on either side, and little... "bedsheet" floral print on the side/bottom.

Then we came home, played video games, watched 50 first dates, ate pizza (Shh! Pizza is very loli!) I changed into my lolita nightgown I commissioned from ITS ^__^ had english toffee tea as a bedtime snack, and fell asleep snuggling Wes my teddybear (hehehe *lies through my keys*)

So I just thought I'd share. My boyfriend is in no way the male counterpart of a lolita. He's all about black metal and industrial but loves the way lolita clothing looks on me :) I'm just sharing how our date went, since Valentine's day is coming and maybe someone got an idea of how to be lolita on a date and not piss off your date ^_^;

Shimotsuma Monogatari

I'm trying to buy the movie off Tower Records Japan. However, I want to know if it will work in Canada. Can someone who can read Japanese quickly tell me if its canada-dvd player friendly?? Sorry if this is too off topic, I wasnt exactly sure where else to ask.

Added:I want to buy from TRJ becuase they also sell Kana's Kikaitekiningen cd, so I thought it would be easier to buy them both from one source.


I have a dress I am considering selling, the thing is...
It is very new and in original bag and I am unsure of what price to sell it at if I DO decide to.

So, I am just wondering:
What price would you consider buying this Innocent World OP at?
(I am asking because I am not sure if anyone would consider buying it at it's original price.)

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Shoe sale

While out partying last night I met a lovely transvestite who runs exoticfootwear.com. I was looking through the clearance stuff when I got home and found a few shoes I think you guys might like. They are hella cheap and considering they are cheap in Australian dollars that makes it cheaper for pretty much everyone else. I think he said he was mainly over stocked with size 8's and 9's as well as really larger sized shoes, but if you like any of the shoes tell me and I can call him and ask him if he has your size.

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<3 James May <3

<3 Brisbane EGL <3

Brisbane Australia: Next meet = WINTER.

It wasn't so much the sun but the INSUFERABLE HUMIDITY!

Front Row
Sandy?: BTSSB Sleeping Beauty Jsk
chucks_bitch: Handmade Jsk, Lola Lolita Shoes

First Row
sweetphaex: Metamorphose A-Line OP
atratus_rowena: Handmade Bustle Jsk
bleedingxpaints: Bodyline OP, Hot Topic Shoes

Back Row
Forget her name: Bodyline Wa Lolita Dress
eternity_horse: Custom AP Replica Jsk
Forget her name too: - - ?

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Patchy store?

Hi there ^-^
Hope someone can help me: I'm desperately in love with items by Patchy, but I can't find them anymore ;_; I've seen something on the old Kera site and something on the Putumayo site and something again on Y!Japan, but ... >_< That's not enough è_é!
I was wandering if there is a store or something, does anyone know?

Sorry for my english, btw...
spy - mine and nodame

Bunny coats, tea, ducks, and the docks

I went down to Annapolis yesterday to help puregirlblue scout out the locations for our next Maryland meetup. (Please join us if you can. md_grandeur) It's going to be a scavenger hunt, where a lot of the clues require people to take pictures in front of interesting landmarks and goofy things in shop windows. It's a neat and fun idea isn't it? She and I are just going to sit back and sip tea waiting for people to finish from our ivory tower. Eeeeexcellent. ::schemes::

Some pics from our adventure:

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Quick request

Does anyone have some pictures of of the DoubleDecker kilt shoes being worn?
I'm thinking about getting a pair,I'm not sure what color though, I really like the pink ones but I don't own much pink. I wish they had them in red.
<3 Thanks
Baby Snow White

Baby Print Questions -- Cinderella Print, Also Cross Rose coordination help

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if some of you could provide me with some information about an older BABY print, The Cinderella one?

If anyone has official pictures of anything from the line, I would be forever grateful. I'm especially looking for pictures of the skirt, the onepiece, and the JSK with the velveteen ribbon accross the chest.

I also have some questions about it.

1. Did they ever make a matching handbag?
2. Did they ever make a matching hairbow or head accessory?
3. When was it released exactly? I'm trying to find it in the archives but coming up with nothing.

EDIT: IF ANYONE has personal pictures in it, that would be fantastic too

Also, the off-white color is kind of different from the color of their blouses, Almost darker. Does anyone have any tips for coordinating this?

I'm also having problems with their Cross Rose print skirt in off white. The color isn't dark enough or yellow enough to pair with an off white blouse. (I've tried coordinating it with my off white baby blouse and it looks so much better with a pure white top) White is a bit too light to match, but I really like the way the colors look together. Would it be too much of a fashion faux-pas to wear it with white? I can post a photo of the coordination if needed.

To sum it all up: I really wish that baby used just one color of off white, it's so hard to match things with~!

Thank you all for your help, I really, really appreciate this.
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New skirt!

Today was my day off and I'd been meaning to cut up this nice white cotton I got on sale for a while, so I spent all morning sewing, and this is what I've ended up with.

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I'm going to make a half-skirt-thing to go over it so the ruffles show in the back and such... pics when I finish it.
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(no subject)

Earlier this month, the wa_lolis met up with the orlolipops in Portland. Part of the meetup was a loli gift exchange, but I had been crazy-busy procrastinating on my law school applications and didn't get my gift done in time. This skirt was made for saabisu who is impossibly skinny (this barely fits my dressform, even with a few inches of elastic in the back. How hideously unfair :P) In the spirit of meetup gift exchanges, I'm posting pictures here for virtual sharing :)

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They aren't scraps; I swear!

I know this happens a lot with wa-lolita styles, but could you guys give me some photos or ideas of what to do when one's got fabric that they want to use on a skirt, but don't have enough fabric to make a whole skirt out of?
I've got numerous articles of clothing that I think have good fabric for lolita skirts, but not enough fabric to make a skirt out of. I need ideas. Things like small rows of trim, or appliques, or apron/bustle overskirts that don't use much fabric.

Any help is wonderful!
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As requested: CLOWN_S_CROWN review (YJA seamstress)

Here is my most recent purchase from clown_s_crown, a strawberry one piece, which I will be using as a example during my review.
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All in all, making a purchase from clown-s-crown is only recommended if you love the piece and can see yourself wearing it several times. It's hard to resell clown-s-crown items because many people involved in this fashion are brand loyal and cannot justify spending more than $150 on a non-brand, handmade piece, regardless of beauty and quality.

Any more questions?
I hope this was helpful!

about yahoo japan auctions dresses

I like these two dresses very much, But they are no brand, I don't know about the quality, I don't know if they will look good on me if I buy it and I'm very afraid to buy then. Anyone already buy something from yahoo japan auction that are from a seller\marker and like it or don't like it o.O?
I don't know even they are only pretty for me and ugly for the rest of people and I don't know. I think is better forget and buy only brands or sellers that are know for good quality and tasty.
But I still like then a lot and my heart want it but my mind don't 
Anyone already had that experience? XD
2of a Kind

Tea time at the metropolitan NYC art museum?

So this week i had gone into the city with my husband and he
brought me to see the Metropolitan museum of art. TONS of
amazing Victorian and rococo styled rooms and what not..but
what made me think of you guys was that there was a sign saying

they serve tea every Tuesday to Sunday 2:30 to 4:00 there. ^_^

I thought maybe anyone visiting NY or living here might be interested
in that little tidbit ^___^!!