January 27th, 2007

ITS Shipping

I ordered from In the Starlight about 2 weeks ago, and my order was shipped out last monday (Jan 22). I was expecting it to come by the end of the week, but alas, it's Saturday and no package for me -__- So I was wondering if anyone here knows an approximate time it takes to ship from Chicago to Toronto. I have gotten stuff from Japan in 3 days, so I wasnt expecting it to be very long.
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Bare minerals

A little while back someone posted about foundation and pimples and sensative skin and the like. and the idea of bare minerals was thrown around. well, ulta is selling a 60 dollar starter kit i picked up. i used it this morning and took pics for your guys that want to see it. (i just followed the DVD instructions, real easy). So, on with the pics!
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please excuse this long blurb, if not allowed you may delete.

are there any lolis who live near or in Winston-Salem North Carolina? im going ther ethe 5th of febuary to visit my mother for 10days, and it would be great to meet a loli down there and hang out since it is also my private (well my mom knows too) trip to see if i want to live down there with her, since im really not getting anywhere up here in NY (no job, no income, no car (well thats states fault since im legally blind haha) no friends and just no life) but anyways, if you live there please reply maby we can meet ^__^

mary janes online?

hi there! i was wondering if anyone knows if there is an offical site that sells mary janes. such as doc martians has an offical website, as well as lipservice has an offical site..or is mary jane just talking about the style? i always thought it was a brand. if not could anyone link me to a place that has a good range, if it helps out my shoe size is about 8-10 depending.

i'm particuarly looking for some sky blue or bright blue mary janes that are the school girl type. anyone know where i would find ones with colors like that? or they don't exist?

thank you guys :)


a question about canadian custom charges...

hello everyone :)

I was wondering if anyone knew exactly how much people are charged by Canadian customs (duty fees) per package? I've found a easy converter website (by searching around on the community) which gives the estimate price, but I'd like to know the exact percentage so I could find out if I was overcharged by customs or not.

(if this is off topic, please feel free to delete this.)
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Width in a skirt?


I just wondering how much the width in a brand skirt are (approximately), for example a "normal" Btssb skirt. I really hope this is okey to ask..

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Quick Q

I'm in the US. When my package comes from F+F will I have to pay customs? (I so hope not. This never even occured to me. The clothes aren't worth any more to me than I already shelled out. Oh... I hope I didn't spork myself.)

h.NAOTO sale

I was wondering if anyone bought anything from the h.NAOTO online/offline sales. And what did you buy?
I got a dress from FRILL line:

But that leads me to my real question,
The sales section is STILL UP. I was wondering if anyone knows when it will end. Are they waiting to sell everything or do they actually have a cut off time? I have been wondering this for a while because the sale had started on the 7th or 8th.


PS-Sorry for all the questions. =^-^=