January 26th, 2007


GL Branding

I’m a fashion design student, and having spent some time doing some research at a made-to-order corsetry studio today, it got me thinking. What makes a lolita brand? I’m thinking several years down the line, but how would lolitas react to a western brand? I’m not talking seamstresses/one girl and her sewing machine; I’m thinking off the peg, as well as made to measure Lolita garments, to be sold online and then in a shop, produced by a team of people (if small), with new collections each season.

I’ve been a lurker here for years, and there are a lot of seamstresses in this community, but do any of you consider yourselves brands, and what would you have to do to achieve the same status as Japanese lolita brands (if it’s possible – obviously not on the same scale, but in the western market)? Would people pay similar prices that the Japanese companies charge, for equally high quality garments? And would you run around screaming “That’s not lolita!” at a company which made slightly avant-garde designs in the same way Japanese brands do (eg the Metamorphose jumpsuits).

Now this is a fairly hypothetical situation, as if I did ever become a designer/maker I’m not sure there would be a big enough market for purely lolita garments (I’ve probably answered all of my questions just by saying that), but I’m more interested in what you guys think a brand is, rather than what would be a practical, money making endeavour.

Hopefully some of that made sense, and I’d be interested to hear what you guys think.

wa-loli question

recently, i'm thinking of saving up for a wa-loli dress so i combed YJA for pictures and prices... and with the help of Babelfish and my limited knowledge of Japanese, i somehow managed to get information of what i needed. until i came to the sizing bits. it got me a little very very confused, and well. i'm still confused. i can't decide if what i am browsing through is children's clothes, or adult's clothes.

  in the auction titles, they have this size thing... like 90-110, or 100-120, or 130-140. i couldn't make any sense of them, and when i looked at the measurements, the skirt bit seem a bit short... like 38cm including lace o_O an example of it would be this ( 和風ゴスロリ♪着物ドレスいちご桜♪ピンク100-120秋冬春和ロリ ). from the looks of it, it does indeed seem like one that a child would wear for a 753 festival, only it's not the traditional kimono ><;;;; which led me to guess that the figures are actually height of those that will fit these dresses...

  can anyone offer information? ;_; thanks!

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Commison questions or store recommendations

Okay, well now that everyone has given me such wonderful advice (thanks everybody!) I was wondering if anyone has any idea as to who I can commission to do an outfit for me (maybe more than one if all goes well :) ) Also what kind of outfit do you think would suit me best given my previous post. I'm not a big fan of sweet lolita and I'm open to EGA and kodona too. I want something really well done, but still well priced so I can afford it on my measly budget. I don't mind the motto 'you get what you pay for' haha.
Orrr if anyone knows good stores on ebay to buy from that would be great as well. I looked at yinyincs but from what I've heard I'm very wary to order there. I've also looked at hunnylee (http://stores.ebay.com/hunny-lee_W0QQssPageNameZstrkQ3amefsQ3amesstQQtZkm) but I can't find a review for them on here, but their stuff looks good (to me at least, but looks can be decieving). I looked at TSSY but I heard not so great things about them either. And also Lolita Kisama (http://stores.ebay.com/Lolita-Kisama_W0QQssPageNameZstrkQ3amefsQ3amesstQQtZkm but I'm not sure who to order from... how can you tell who is good or not, even if their approval ratings are high it seems they are not always true... this is my first time ordering things online so any help is appreciated. Please help! ;)
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What exactly is this? (+picture request)

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I found these on the Heart E website (here). At first I thought it was children's clothing, for toddlers or somewhere in that age group. But then I saw the sizes:
waist 64cm, arrival height: 89cm, underpants height: 54cm. So it's for Teens/Adults i guess.

Has anyone maybe some pictures of these being worn, or even on a clothes-dummy. Because I really cannot imagine how these would look on a person.

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Edit: Please take your childish comments elsewhere.... (and the previously existing are removed).

I need help.

I bought a bunch of this fabric because I was going to make a replica of the BSSB Bunny Bag. Turns out the fabric was too soft and different texture-wise. So I gave up on that idea.

The fabric is the EXACT SAME as these algonquins items:

Little pieces of Fuzz seem to ALWAYS come off (When I carry the fabric a lot of the fuzz sticks to my clothes).
I have it in white and I have 2 meters.

I would love to make some lolita item out of this but I`ve already made a muff out of it. I was thinking of maybe making a bag but since this fabric is too soft, it won`t have any shape.

Do you have any inspiring ideas regarding how I may use this? ;_;

Pictures Request~

Please tell me if i have to put the post on a cut Sankyuu~

So Dear lolitas,
 i'm looking desperately for some AP skirts images from past collections... everything it's ok, but i prefer skirts without floral patterns (i prefer plain color skirts)  >____<

If you give me an help, i'll be very glad!

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International Dress in Lolita Day

I'm sure the title makes everyone go, "WHAT? When did that happen?"

Well, ladies and gents; it hasn't happened yet, but that's why I need your help. A few friends and I have thought up this idea (it is reminiscent of International Talk Like a Pirate Day) and we would like to make it a reality. However, as I said, we need your help.

Please fill out the poll under the cut if you would like to help. Any answers that you can give are more than welcome and will be seriously considered. Thank you!

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March Washington Meetup?

Hiii! ^_^ I'd like to organize a Washington meetup for March! I'm very particular for March 2nd (it's a Friday) only because I have that day off and my friend arrives from Spokane that day...So...I know she'd like to see and meet everyone that I'm friends with (saying most of you are my friends >>

What I really want is to have it at my house (upstairs) and of course you'd be welcome to stay the night if you need to! I am unsure though, I could only take a limited number of people and I know it's farther >> But if anyone is interested and would possibly drive that far (from like Seattle or something), I will totally do it here! But I'd make it 21 and over, sorry ; ;

Or if someone else has any ideas, I'd appreciate input? (I just don't know what people want to do! ^^;) Let me know and I'll check with Ami and see if she likes the idea! <3

I'd love to meet up with all you WA lolitas again!

Sorry I have to make plans like..now. >< (Well not right NOW, but this early)

x-posted to wa_lolis

P.S. Do NOT comment here about the Baby order >> I've sent in the e-mail with the order. I will either make a post or e-mail you when I know more. Thanks. ^^

P.P.S. If this needs to be behind a cut, please tell me! (I'm assuming not since this isn't a WT anything...)
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That damn tiny hat...

So last time I put on my tiny hat, I couldn't get it to stay on. I haven't had a chance to wear it since, but that chance is coming up, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to keep it in?

I have short hair, which is probably part of the problem. I was thinking of discreetly glueing one of those hair clips (the snappy kind) under the brim, but I was wondering if anyone else has tried this and had it work before I go glueing stuff to stuff.


I have recently become interested in Gurololi! I found the style-guide in the memories, but it didnt have very many pictures(and some links were also broken-__-)And google image search has absolutly no results for gurololi (except one drawing)

So this is an open picture call for all guro-lolis! I want to see pictures of people in gurololi, with the blood splatters, and bruises, eyepatches and everything!!

Question about sizes -- 160 cm??

So I've been getting used to browsing through Yahoo Japan Auctions. And thanks to many of you, I found several items from Emily Temple Cute that while pricey, feature fabrics that are just supremely lovely.

I'm just a little confused about the sizing. I understand what S, M, and L are of course. But what I don't get is a size marked 160 cm or 150 cm or whatever? Are these adult sizes? Can anyone explain them to me?

The measurements are confusing too. Do you double the width given or not?

And hopefully, this is helpful to someone than just me. Thanks.