January 25th, 2007

neko royalty

Designer Rant

I'd like to do some production costs of a small clothing buissness or chain.
I'd really like other designers in classes or currently working, to post the standards of your buisness or projected buisness for your area.
Just so the members of EGL gain some perspective on the workings of the fashion industry.

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I`m sorry if this is a repost :X I tried checking with the search function and nothing came up so....

I was wondering if everyone keeps their first (lolita/aristo/kodona/punk/goth)item they ever bought with them still.
I`m also curious as to what the item was (A dress?Skirt?JSK?Blouse?Socks?) and the brand.

As another question, I would like to ask how you ended up with it. (Since there`s so many brands to chose from and outfit)

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I`m gathering information so any answers would help :3

F+F Design Contest and big feets

So, I just noticed that the F+F design contest winners were posted. A bunch of great designs and I want them all. However, I also saw the first contest's winners. I want those too! But I have to wonder... I never saw the first contest's designs for sale. Is this just basically a drawing contest or are they going to make these?

And secondly, I got an email saying they'd updated the site about how to order the shoes for girls like me with bigger feet. I'm a 43 and they now have up to a 45!! So big footed ladies and gents, start your shopping!! My birthday's Sunday and I know where the money my parents promised is going...
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JACON in Orlando, FL?

I know this is a little bit into the future, but just wondering; does anyone else plan on going to Jacon? ^^ I'm gonna be grouping with my friend's Anime Club and some friends I haven't seen in MONTHS so I probably wouldn't be able to make it to any meeting, but it would still be nice to see some lovely Lolis or Dandies.

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winged panda

question about the comicon

is anyone from this community planning on attending the Phoenix Comicon this weekend? It would be great to meet up with any of you at the Tea party on saturday! <33

if this is annapropriate at all, please delete it.

oh and also if anyone is going, will any of you be in the J-Fashion show?

Helloo First time on the community~

Hello~ I'm Hana, and I'm brand-new to the community. I've been into lolita style and fashion for years. I usually use my sewing talents for cosplay but now I've made some lolita dresses.

Well in the course of 5 4 days, I have accomplished making my first ever lolita dress...es. Yes, I made two. They aren't totally fabulous, they sure as hell ain't no Baby The Stars Shine Bright, but I feel accomplished and proud I got them finished in the time that I did and their turnout.

I bought supplies, but upon buying and using them, I found out I was very limited. I had to change a lot of ideas on the dresses and only turned out about 80% of what I imagined, but it's alright. I used cheap material, cheap lace... so, of course, it's not stunning.

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How people "get into" this Lolita stuff.

First I will clarify that I'm speaking mainly of overseas lolita/possibly just this community. I discourage you from reading if generalizations make you twitchy.

I have this theory that there are two major generations of gothic lolita, and maybe lolita in general. The first generation is made up of teens who found it through Visual-kei. Most of these people are now in or nearing their 20's. The next and current generation is made up of teens who found it through anime and manga. Many people in both groups probably found regular lolita through gothic lolita and consider it to be a "step up" from or "more mature" than gothic lolita.

I personally am a Visual-kei gen girl :D Man I love that 90's Visual.

Different images of pop [mainstream popular] gothic lolita resulted from these two generations. Collapse )

Anyway...the point of this post was simply one of curiosity. Have any of you, or do you know anyone, who discovered lolita and gothic lolita through something other than Visual-kei or anime/manga? Did any of you ever just find it all on its own, through love of the Japanese culture/fashion/a friend?

Come to think of it, my boyfriend discovered gothic lolita by seeing them on the streets of Tokyo. I also met a girl once who discovered lolita through Dollfies and BJD. So what about you?

World Loli Exchange LAST CALL!

World Loli Exchange Project: February
Is coming to a close on January 27th. If you are participating please make sure you get your Mailing Letter Address to me by the 27th!!! If you miss the 27th, please stay tuned for the hopeful March round which will start collection in late February.

Link to original post is here, there is still time to join it ^_^


Excentrique and EGA corsets

I've recently expressed interest in Exentrique (Corsets!!!!) and was wondering what were the best keywords to use to search for their products on Y!J auctions. Rinkya didn't work for me.

Also, what are other good places for EGA style corsets? Thanks!

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does anyone know where baby pink moon is located?
is it lolita ?
oh and is anyone intrested in Cutie and Zipper fashion (such like oshare?) is there a community specfically for it (not fruits)

Bags, what type do you prefer

Hey guys I thought I might ask you all a question. For all the gals and guys out there what type of bag do you like to use. Shoulder bag, tote, suit case... The list goes on.
Me personally I like the Boston Bags, and the Messenger Bags.
My favorite bag:
I want so bad!!

So tell us what bag style you like and maybe post a picture?

I've got one other question:
To the people who didn't get a Baby Bunny Bag, did you ever get a different animal bag? I bought a Sea Turtle bag I found at a stuffed animal store.

So... Bags post up your favorite bag style! ^___^ I wanna know how you carry your stuff.
By me!


I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find some free patterns for a pair of bloomers? I've got a lot of leftovers and I'm itching to sew something ^_^

EDIT: Also, I need the name and some information about the designer of Angelic Pretty, I'm doing some research for art. Could anyone help me? Thanks.

Metamorphose goes Rococo

3 new items available for reservation starting February 10th. - http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/english/_new_items/new_items/index.htm

There's a lot going on, but I admit I'm kind of really liking the first two, but I don't know if I'd pay around $900 or even $500 for them respectively. Pricey! but still so tempting!

Ooh, harsh! In-store reservation only and they won't even let you try it on o__o

P.S: As with all of Meta's designs... Yay controversy!