January 24th, 2007


Second try (pic heavy post)

Okay so here are a new set of pics I took not too long ago. I hope they are better than the last ones (oh god please no more hitting *winces*)
Believe it or not I got everything at hot topic and only had to modify some things a teeny bit. The wig is from a local costume shop. I'm really sorry you can't really see the outfit in its entirity I had no one to take my pic this time, and thus had to prop the camera up on a pillow. It took me like 2 hours just to get this many pics hahaohsosadd...
I feel like I should explain a little about me. I would first like to say that I have been a j-fashion fan since waaay back in the middle of high school which was like 5-6 years ago so I'm not that new to it. Anyone who knows me knows I'm crazy about it, and it's all I talk about haha. I aspire to be a fashion designer one day, and just have to get the hang of sewing, but so far I have a very large portfolio of designs with color swatches/fabric descriptions and detailed drawings etc etc. I subscribe to all the popular magazines like KERA, KERAboys, G&L Bible, GosuRori, Kera Maniax, Cure, Shoxx etc etc all that good stuff. However this is only my second attempt at actuually dressing this way. Sure I incorporate other little touches to my everyday wardrobe but I don't usually go full out like this. I'm very poor so I have to wait for things to go on clearance or shop at discount stores, so it makes it a little more of a challenge, but I really want to perservere and be accepted. I love everyone here, and I appreciate everyone's great comments and I want people to know that. I try to take everything in stride, but be gentle lol I 'm pretty emo. I try to reply to everyone ina prompt and polite fashion but I also work like 15-18 hours a day so be patient if I don't respond right away, even if it's just to say thanks. I thank you all in advance.
Also I am a boy if it makes any difference...
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This is the only other pic set I have for a while, but I will be back soon, and hopefully more improved! There is some more and some outtke-y things on my photobucket thingy here -http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v36/hootinanny/
...also I just delete mean comments so therefore don't waste time on them :)
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eBay seller question!~

I've been looking around for a loli coat and I came across this. It looks adorable but I'm pretty iffy about it hearing all the cheap lace/crappy construction stories about most eBay sellers but I figured I would ask if anyone else had purchased from this seller.

Or, have any of you made any good winter coat purchases you think might be a better choice?

Thanks! :3
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baby the stars shine bright

hi! i was wondering if theres anyone out there who lives near the baby the stars shine bright store or who is going there
could buy something for me? i don't know japanese but i found a beautiful dress on their website.
I'll pay you for the trouble and of course shipping to my country.

pleasi pleasi please??? :)


Please...need some help ^^

I need a new watch and a new eyeglasses. And I would like that they have some loli thing or just match with the style. I know baby and victorian maiden have one, but I think *the baby one* is to small to look the hours *dies* doesn't have numbers or a simple point and since I'm a Little blind and confused to read smalls things like the time in a watch...err  *really dead now* and I think is a litle expensive to =x...well my dream watch is one that I saw in vivienne westwood japan site that is to to much expensive and I can't afford...but anyway could someone help me to find a cute watch and a cute eyeglasses? |o|

the dream watch that I can't afford:  http://www.viviennewestwood-tokyo.com/shopping/detail.cfm?CategoryNo=16&ItemLineNo=0&GoodsCd=VW9006-B48&GoodsColorNo=1&DispNum=10&DispMode=0 

Victorian maiden have one: http://www.victorianmaiden.com/VM/catalogue/others/but-watch/bat-watch.html But I don't like it because it's not practical, you have to open "something that I don't know how to say in inglish" and I prefer a watch that you can know the hours in 30 seconds, not 2 minutes @_@

About the glasses I don't have any idea I use contact lents too, but I prefer to use glasses and the one I have is ugly and hurting me so I need a new one 
Please help ;_;  I would be so much appreciated with the angelic soul that could help me....*-*
Pictures with loli girls with glasses would help too
sorry for the bad english =x
Rilakkuma Writing

Buying Lolita Dresses at Conventions.

This is a subject I wonder about. Sometimes I see dresses at conventions for sale. Maybe these sellers have websites...does anyone have more info on a convntion traveler? I seen tons of Sailor Fukus for sale at one place and every once in a while a lolita dress at Nekocon I think. And also, there was a rack at Otakon with some lolita dresses on it and a wall with Jrock stuff and Lolita dresses. The rack may have been home maid but since the wall had some $200-$300 dollar dresses I think they could have been brands. If anyone knows these sellers it may help people that travel to conventions to pic a con that has dresses they like.

Retro loli?

Well, I (and my friends and family XD) think the meta A-line dress looks very, well, 60s. SO I decided to to the twiggy-ish make up and all. Anyone ever done retro loli before? XD

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Dracula's storefront pic

I think this is a little random but I was reading back entries on the comm and myrabel posted about looking for lolita shops while in Hong Kong. The shop Dracula was mentioned and I suddenly remembered that I actually took a photo of the storefront when I was there last July.

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(no subject)

Today I got my second Angelic Pretty lucky pack and my novala hoodie in the mail. Just a few pictures because I'm exicted and bored...

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The hair bows that come with this pack are WAY cute but the hair ties are huge. It's too bad you can't see my pony tail though, it's pretty darn cute. I love the socks too.
♥ ♥ ai otsuka

(no subject)

I'm trying to see if I can alter a simple dress I had found in my closet to make it similiar to this or at least this by next weekend. Yeah, I know I'm stupid. >>; In any case, below are what the dress looks like.

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So is it possible?

Edit: Thank you for the help, guys. ^_^
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GLB Extra 2 and GLB Vol. 15 scans.

I got bored, so instead of studying for my final exams, I decided to scan in some of my Gothic Lolita Bibles.
I mostly scanned in the DIY pages from the GLB Extra. But I did add a few of the regular pages from the GLB Vol. 15.
I hope you guys like them :D.
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If you would like larger versions of any of the following or scans for more of the pages of these two GLBs, I would be more then happy to scan them for you :D.
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Sakura Con Anyone?

I know that there is a difference between dressing lolita for a con and dressing lolita just because you love it... But i'll pose the question anyhow:

Are any of you lovely ladies or fine gentlemen going to be attending SakuraCon in your outfits? 

I know I know... it's a cosplay convention so alot of the lolita i'll see there will jsut be... costumes... but that's why i'm asking so i can actually get some pics and meet with the people who know how to do the style justice. n.n I'd love to meet any of you there, just say the word!

Also! (I'm sure i'll get yelled at for this in about 10 seconds) I am attempting to get into a pannel at the convention about Lolita and since I own no outfits of my own, I was wondering if anyone would help me find something that is cheap (i'm paying for college so i'm on a bit of a budget) but dosent LOOK like it's cosplay or straight from the dollar store... remember i'd like to do the style justice... Also tips for styling my hair would be wonderful... brown, long, mega curly...
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shopping in Berlin.

I will visit Berlin soon and I am interested in finding any shops selling EGL related clothing, and also where to buy Japanese CDs.
Also I've heard of there being Purikura machines in Germany - is there one in Berlin?
If you could provide me with a little information and addresses/directions to said places it would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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Sitting Pretty
  • katjeya

Freakishly Cool Lacing

I hope this is allowed. If not feel free to delete it.

Guide to Lacing

I found this site via StumbleUpon and thought, this is pretty cool. Now how would it work for loli. Then I remebered a while back a girl posed that she was working at Puma and it got me thinking. There has to be other lolies (is that how you spell that?) out there who need to wear sneakers or lace up shoes for one reason or another. This could be an intresting way to add some flavor to you outfit. Just thought I'd share this.
Obey the Lolita

Winter/Spring Wholesale FanPlusFriend Group Order

Last Update: February 7, 2007 4:17PM
Order Due Date: February 7, 2007 12:00 AM Central

*** Order Canceled ****

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Please try to keep the thread open for business. This isn't a place to leave negative or rants about me or FanPlusFriend. Im trying to keep everything positive. ^_^

Be sure to bookmark this entry! It gets updated as more orders are requested. Please excuse the cross posting. The post in EGL community will be updated only.
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Funny post, when we all were kids.

Hello you all, today i was watching some really old pictures of me at my uncle´s house, and when i was a child we couldn´t wear clothes that were actually on style or stuff like that, my grandmother allways used to buy or sew dresses to me and my sisters, and in those pictures i saw some really cute dresses that may be a little bit loliable.
So the idea is to share pictures of all of us when you where little children, that you think may have a "loli potencial". :P

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