January 23rd, 2007

Mary Jane Feet

Pink Casual Dress

Over in my lj I post photos of my daily outfits. That is when I actually get dressed and don't sit around sewing in my pajamas all day XD On the way to my doctor I wore a casual egl dress ensemble and we snapped some pics before we left. I didn't wear a petticoat tho because it was 85 degrees out and we were walking.

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Does anyone own...

Does anyone own this Baby parka? I just want to verify that its not made out of paper before I buy it. Not i'm not expecting an insane amount of warmth here from something Btssb, but...how thin is it?

also: now take a good look at this shirt. and think of it on a muscular beret wearing, goatee sporting french man. am i the only one who was thinking this when they saw this shirt >.>;;
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Rilakkuma Writing

Metamorphose size question.

I never owned a dress by meta, so I was wondering. Do their sizes run exact as the site says for the most part, or are they underestimated. :( I keep seeing dresses a little under 2 inches or about one inch too small in the waist and bust. :3 I am exactly 41" bust ans I saw stuff right at or a little under 40". With high waists I think you measure higher so high I'm 34.5" and low I'm 37". XP I know some sites underestimate their size alot cause I got a 36" bust but it fit fine even if I was 5" bigger in a different brand. Thanks guys. :3 (I hope it doesn't vary much from dress to dress cause of confusion...)
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i was just looking at the lolita handbook thing, and noticed a store called marshmelon
i have never heard of them so im just curious---:3  has anyone had any experience or feedback??
checked the memories and search function, but nothing useful popped up ^ ^;;

thank you in advance!

Bustle..how to attach it to a skirt..

I have a question, and or questions on how to attach a victorian styled bustle to the back of a skirt. I know it is a seperate piece so that you can zip up your skirt in the back, but in the pictures I have seen it always looks like its a permanent attachment with no weired bunches or stops in the fabric flow. Little loops over covered buttons? Inside snaps?
Please post away with any pictures( especially close ups ^_^), tutorials, or advice.

thank you!
Other - Rose and Crystal Glass

Troubles with Australian Post?

If this isn't allowed, feel free to delete this post.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has been having trouble with Australian post, whether it's reciving items in Australia or stuff being sent out from Australia to overseas? anis_faye had confirmed she sent my part of the Ling Lam group order last month, yet I still haven't gotten anything and it's worrying me. I'm hoping its not lost in the post =[

Has anyone been having troubles similiar to these? I don't know if its just the Australian post or if its just my package =/

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Anyone? (request)
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I just joined this community, but more because I wanted to ask some questions about Goth-Loli and Goth-Aristo.

I'm basically looking for someone to help me determine a standard rule set for the difference between them. I know that lots of Aristo is known as 'loli' to the western world because a lot of them don't know the style differences, but sometimes even I myself cannot tell if something is loli or Aristo due to the fact that the dress/outfit in question seems maturish to me (i'm still a novice, don't hurt me =( ).

So what qualifies as Aristo? ANYTHING mature-ish of the Loli-stylistic? Does the ammount of attached lace actually count towards anything, or is it just the way the lace is being used? What about length of skirt and style of sleeves and neck? Does that make any different?

What makes it 'goth' per say, and not just black? No this is not a dig at Goth-Lolis/Aristos to say you are not Goth at heart, this is an actual question. I've read that you're not supposed to wear platforms with Aristo but I see girls doing it all the time and wonder if that is the sort of thing that makes it goth-Aristo? Because it has western gothic clothing stylistics? It seems to me Goth-Aristo is relatively similar to the 'vampire' scene in the western gothic world if I have gotten the right impression, but I may have been given a totally wrong impression.

I probably have a few more of these questions brimming in my mind which hasn't yet surfaced, but for now that is all I can think of. Any information such as hard to find websites (i've read some already through google, and of course Wikipedia) or just commentary added to this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Better pictures of this item?

So I'm just a little peeved because someone helped me to find the purple Metamorphose coat that I thought my gf wanted but "noooooooo" it's not the right shade to match any of her crap. So the gift I intended to give her isn't gonna cut it.

So I need some more help because I know that there's people browsing here right now with nothing better to do at work, school, or home but help out someone who's just trying to make their lover happy...

I need more pictures of this.
It's originally from Angelic Pretty. And it has music notes around it. She's been pining over it for years but I guess a replica can cut it for a while till she finds the original.

Bonus points to people who can tell me the material of the appliques.
Rilakkuma Writing

Oops. I made a boo boo. But here are Avatars for you.

Hi, EGL. I deleated a topic which caused problems. I would like to apologize though it was only some who seen the thread. This isn't a post to discuss the topic or anything, but that I think of what others say and decide to make an improved post one day that pertains to learning from mistakes even if it is not for a while. I am fairly new to the scene of Lolita, but not so much the style of dress. I've been a fan quite a while but am just learning how things are in communities. But you start as a sprout and become a flower someday with plenty of sunshine. :3 For those of you that have no clue what I am talking about, I give you this...and to the people that do know i give also, but i wanted to have something to contribute besides just an apology to a few. :3 I'm trying my best to learn the ropes here. :3 Remember this isn't 4chan. XD

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white lolita

little red ridinghood

Some more pictures of my dress now combined with black ^^

I wore my btssb little riding hood dress, meta blouse, 
meta cherry socks, maryjanes with btssb red ribbons 
and the cutest bonnet that creepy ribbon made for me ^^ 
o and don't forget the putumayo crown necklace that is hidden under some ribbons ;)

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Kamenashi Kazuya - Piisu
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Jrock Con

Outfit I wore to Jrock Con in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It's by Metamophose temps de fille.

More low quality pictures (taken with a cellphone) behind the Collapse ). Sorry you don't get to see my legs.
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Metamorphose online descriptions


I noticed several people asking about Meta items that are currently around 50% off for the Meta Winter Sale. Got myself a jsk in the Harajuku store for a GREAT price. I suggest people check it out!

BUT. I went to the site to see if I could get a picture of the jsk I bought, and I noticed - a lot of their descriptions in English are wrong. I haven't checked the Japanese. For instance:

That is the one I bought. But as you can clearly see in the picture, it zips up the BACK, not the side. And while the thin ribbon that ties in the back CAN be removed (via buttons on the side), there is a seperate belt-like strap that buttons across the front, and that is NOT detachable. While there is shearing beneath the front ribbons, if you think you'd strain the limits of the measurement, keep in mind that the strap in front buttons closed, so it won't give. The girl in the store, Aya who used to run the English website e-mail, didn't have a catalog to look it up for me, so she tried measuring it flat. She guessed the waist at 74 at most, which was a tossup for me. However, she was also an angel and let me try it on even though it's sale, and it fit without a problem! Before, she was suggesting to resew the buttons on the front belt if they were a problem at their current position.

Er, bottom line: look HARD at those photos, and be cautious about flat measurments :o
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Alice in Wonderland


I had a question about a bracelet.
My friend told me last weekend she saw an absolute nice Alice "themed" bracelet from an EGL brand.
She sadly had no idea where she saw it or who made it, we tried looking it up but she didn't see anything like it.

As I am a big fan of such nice items I was wondering if someone could point me to which company made it. That way i can try and find an shop that still sells it ;-) Personally I think it was from BTSSB, but I can't find it anymore on their page.

Thanks in advance

Found them, thanks a lot
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I managed to help myself alone ^^

So I was searching for ideas and/or website or anything to help me with my home decoration when I'll move, and this is some fantastic furniture websites I've found. Okay, I know the prices, I know I can't order them and if I can it would cost me millions of shipping fees, but anyway, for the lolitas that love to get inspiration and/or dream, I have these very interesting websites.

Quincy's   <---Visually orgasmic <3
Belluna    <---If you search well, you can find very interesting goods, like that elegant and cute angels clock.
Dinos        <---Same thing as Belluna. Seen that Crown handle thing? Sublime.
Apis           <---This, my lovely maidens, is pure beauty. Pure fantasm, pure dream. Well, in my opinion ^^'''

Ah, life is cruel T_T  Hope you'll like! ^__^

Blanche Marie-Ève

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egl administrator

COMMUNITY : Exchanges, Contests, and Raffles

There have been a number of card and gift exchanges posted in the past couple of days, and I feel like this is an issue that needs to be addressed. I would also like to address contests and raffles while I'm at it.

There is no rule against organizing exchange groups for cards, accessories, gifts and such in this community. However, this community will not sponsor nor be held accountable for any exchanges. That means that if you participate in an exhange, you do so at your own risk. If you do not receive anything even though you sent something out, the moderation team is not going to do anything for you. We will not look into why you have not received your item, and we will not warn/reprimand/ban any users who don't follow through in their end of the exchange.

I would like to encourage lolita penpals and gift exchanges and so on. I think that, in spirit, it's a lovely idea. However, I would also like people to participate only if they are absolutely serious about and committed to doing so.

About two years ago, we had a holiday skirt exchange in this community. The skirts were to cost no more than $10.00 or so. It was a great idea. I had fun making a skirt for the person I was sending to. However, the skirt I received from the person who was sending to me was an utter joke. I wasn't even being picky... it was really just that bad. Other people who participated never even received their skirts. Needless to say this caused a lot of trouble in the community, and so since then we have discouraged exchanges. However, they are still allowed, but members participate at their own risk.

This should not be confused with sales. If you don't follow through with payment or shipping on a sale, you will be warned or banned if there is considerable proof against you. Again, here I would like to remind everyone to be careful who you buy/sell/trade with!

Sometimes a member will have a contest for design ideas or logo ideas and so on. If there is a prize offered, the community will not be held responsible for your receiving it. Again, you participate at your own risk.

Raffles promoted through this community are strictly NOT allowed. I have had a number of people contact me wanting to do a raffle in the community for a good cause. I appreciate that people want to do that sort of thing, but we simply cannot allow it. With a raffle that takes place online, no one knows if the winner was picked fairly or if a winner was even picked. It's far too difficult to prove a raffle is not fraudulent, and so for that reason they are not allowed.

Now, all that being said, if the organizer of an exchange or contest is found to be a nasty tricky-tricky who ill uses said exchange or contest, the moderation team will, of course, take action against that person. We do want to keep the community safe!

If you have any questions or need clarification, please feel free to ask! ^__^


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I was supposed to go out tonight, but those plans fell through :P. So I decided to play bored dress-up instead of doing homework (I have a bad cold, I can't concentrate anyways)! Please excuse the weird poses. Everything Metamorphose except for Candy Violet bow headband. I might sell the dress, its too big for me anyways ;_;...

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