January 22nd, 2007

rocking horses

Photos: window prints and rockinghorses!

Thought I would share some shots from one of my shoots ^^ These are of me and my friend Allie! These were taken in Nov of last year. I need to get the rest off my jump drive. -_- <-lazy....
But for now here are the first few frames that are going into my portfolio! I cant wait to post the rest too! I hope to post more shoots of me and my friends soon!

The thyme for these was Window prints and rocking horses ^_~

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Okay~ I have to go to a military ball with a friend, yes? and I wanted to coordinate with his ROTC uniform, but still have my pieces be able to be used elsewhere. I've never seen military lolita done, so i'm guessing it would be categorized under cosplay loli, but... I'm just not quite sure how to pull it off. I have a lovely navy fabric, and a rather pretty shade of light blue fabric too.

I wanted to make a cute light blue JSK (minimal lace) and then have the navy be a 3/4 overcoat, so that I can tie it in the front and have the lighter blue show through. I guess kind of like this lovely from fanplusfriend...

Any one have a better way to pull it off? *hearts* Thanks for reading
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Metamorphose windows print WHITE OP (on YJA)

I realize a lot of people love Metamorphose's windows print series.
I believe that the white one piece is the hardest to find (that, and the bag in black and white).
Just thought I would share this link:

Ends in less than 24 hours. Hurryhurry.
It's 12600 yen.

I use Crescent Shop to bid and if the dress went up to 20000 yen (always best to plan for worst case scenario), with fees, shipping, and shipping to you, it would only be around $232.50 USD given the current exchange rate.
Don't know what anyone else in particular uses but I don't think it will vary much from that figure.

Good luck.

Milk and laforet

They have lovely shoes and other clothes, but I can't find a site that sell their things
Is there a online store? or maybe some rakuten store which sell their shoes?
thanks ^_________^
About laforet I saw in japaneses magazines girls using perfect shoes saiyng that is from laforet. So they have any site that sells theirs shoes?

Wet Seal Cropped Fur Jacket

I remember someone posting that they bought a leopard jacket I believe from Wet Seal because it looked similar to the Alice and the Pirates leopard jacket. I have used the search tool, but I just can't seem to find the post, so I was wondering if anyone knew if this was the jacket in the post? Also, I wanted to see the post again because the jacket in the post looked more furry than the jacket on the website.



Meta biscuit overskirt

I bought this overskirt not too long ago on the community. Remember the Meta biscuit series? I don't, because I have only been into lolita for less than a year, and I believe this collection came out long brfore that. The thing is that I only have the overskirt, and from what I hear, it also came with matching skirt to wear underneath it.

I have also never seen a picture of it with the underskirt, so if anyone has any pictures of the whole thing, I would love to see it, so I know how it's supposed to be worn. The only thing I have right now is this white bustle skirt: http://www.queenelizabethboutique.com/tieredbustleskirt.html

Here's what they look like together.

Do they look ok, or is there no way the overskirt will look good without its original underskirt?
jack cute

Very quick and small Meta group order? Germany prefered

I just want some white lace socks from Metamorphose but don't want to pay 1800 or something shipping for them. Is anyone interested in joining a group order? But it should be small, only to a value of 50 Euro or something (so maybe we won't have to pay customs).

My socks cost around 18 euro and only socks or small accessories. People from Germany really prefered.

Paypal please!

If nobody is interested I have to accept that and order on my own. ^^

AND: Maybe we should use the TAGS feature more? They are finally viewable and useable but till now there were few tags.
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Yay Tokyo

Oh, how I love EMS shipping. Today I got a baby blazer in plaid in the mail. I decided to take pictures of it and my new silver tiara I got from the store "Icing", the "adult" version of Claire's. It's pretty much Claire's with more prom stuff (which is where I got the tiara) and less Avril Lavigne arm warmers. They have a few crown motif things there too and jewelry but its only so-so.

I am showing off my coat without any other lolita clothes on because I am trying to incorporate my brand into my everyday clothes. I have to ride the bus a lot so skirts haven't been an option and won't be until spring. I also wear my angelic pretty and fan plus friend blouses with black dress slacks.

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casual winter outfit!

I wore this to the mall; I was trying to create a coordinate using a sweater I bought from Abercrombie & Fitch ('cause I work there, see). I was also trying to wear something that wasn't black. It's not white, either. It's antique white (or cream).

I'm sorry, I kind of suck at taking pictures of myself (that aren't close-ups).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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I hope nobody else have ask this (probably with my bad luck). What´s wrong with Lolitasnap? I have registred, but I can´t login :( 

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Oh Lord, here we go again. Help!

Hello, ladies.

I'm burning again for those passions that dies within a couple of weeks but anyway. I'm moving to Laval this year and I'm very obsessed about the decoration of my future home. I've checked in my GLBs, some scans and picture of Victorian Maiden's boutique, but I want more, more, more! I'm definitively adoring the Romantic lolita style, and the pictures of the Victorian Maiden press room blog inspire me a lot. But I am wondering, do any of you has other pictures of Victorian Maiden stores? I assume that if VM sells interior products they must have some examples of home decorating in their boutiques? Any other scans of that style would suits me too! Can I dare ask a willing lolita living in Japan, if she can of course, to take pictures of one of these stores? Maybe I'm dreaming a little too much but anyway, any pictures or scans of GLB would help me too :) Even simple suggestions are welcome! 

Thank you!

Blanche Marie-Ève

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Sewing question...

I´m making a dress, one piece, and i´m gonna put some details in the back and in the front too, so i don´t know where the zipper goes, or how you can put it on you without a zipper, if someone can help me.
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lolita fabric

im making  a dress, and i wanted it to be more fancy than cotton... but no velvet.

i was thinking some sorta of (rose?)brocade sorta of fabric. (like standard corset fabric) because i wanted something thick/and heavy.

how does this fabric example do?

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the dress is going to be white, but i showed the other colors too so you could get a good glimpse of the pattern/design on the fabric.

and if you were going to use another fabric to accent/go with this one... i thought about using velvet to make it fancy.. (in a different color) any different fabric suggestions?

(and no i don't want to show my design. i don't want people to copy it.)
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Right under my nose.

I can't believe this has just been sitting in my closet! I remember playing with this doll when I was about 5 or 6. She was made in 1988 by Effanbee. I remembered I had her today while watching super nanny. I am just so happy I found her! Now i can make some cute Loli clothes for her. She already has a petticoat and some cute shoes. I am so happy!!
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credit: &lt;lj user=&quot;princessd0ll&quot;&gt;


Is it just me or are Meta's designs getting more and more usual and boring? Nothing looks new anymore. It seems as if they use pretty much the same designs, change some details and the fabric. Nothing innovative...
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Very Durable Stockings?

I've always had trouble with my stockings ripping/running/getting bitty holes. Of course, part of this is because I usually get cheapy $5 Walmart stockings, but recently I decided to invest in $15 Nine West stockings. They were undoubtedly better, but nevertheless they ran a little in the crotchular area when I was putting them on in a hurry and stretched them a bit.
So anyways, does anyone know some very very high quality, durable tights (and preferably strong enough to hold up being washed in a washer)? :l I'd be willing to drop like $40 if need be; I just want some that I know will last me a long time.
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Has anyone heard anything from Stockingshock the last few months? I paid for my (huge) order in September, and ever since she got my money, all communication just stopped. By now I'm really just fed up and I don't even want my commision anymore. But I would really like to get a refund.

I know this has been asked twice so far, but I have something new to add! I was trying to get a refund from paypal, and apparently that is possible up to 180 days after payment if there are enough people filing claims against the same seller. So if there's anyone who is in the same situation as me and would really like to get their money back now, please file a claim and drop a line in the comments.
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Well, I'm a big H!P (hello!project) fan, and after downloading the recent episode of Hello!Morning, I saw a very familiar pattern and spotted the dress right away. :D Eri looks so pretty in the Btssb dress I wanted to share <3

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Tokyo Loli Mini Meet-up

Okay, it looks like getting things organized for these next couple of weekends might be too daunting right now. However, since many people who are in Japan are on a school schedule (or something like it), I figure we'll all be pretty good closer to March when the Spring Breaks start. A full-on meet-up where we can settle on a place and time and a list of who's going is more feasible for that. But right now, I'm still in the mood for a loli meet-up, so I offer this:

RSVP here or to my e-mail (preferably in the next 48 hours) about meeting at the Princess Heart cafe in Ginza on Sunday the 28th. I'm proposing 11:30am (when they open for lunch) or 12noon. Link to cafe is HERE. Lunch menu is link in top right corner of the Food Menu page. Full lunch course is soup/salad, bread + pasta, fish or meat, and a teeny dessert, also a drink - plan for 2800yen. (Printable coupon available from the site too *waves it*) There's also the option of smaller lunch sets, or just tea/drink service.

I can think of two other people who definitely will be there with me, and the more the merrier! I think it's a cute place, in swank Ginza, and that it'd be fun to meet with people who also spend too much on lace D:

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x-posted to lolitasinjapan for no good reason
&amp;the wholedamntown is covered with white

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I've looked through the memories (and lolita_handbook) and haven't found the answer to this question in it's entirety, but at the risk of my having overlooked it I will put this behind a cut, anyway.

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And I guess all the general questions about quality and comfort (of the rocking-horse ballet shoes and boots), but more than anything I just want to know how safe this ordering process is. And. I would love, infinitely, for somebody to give me an idiot-proof play-by-play on how to order I'm even considering asking my Japanese professor to help me order. That's how desperate I am. nerorizim clarified this for me.

Thank you so, so, so much to anybody who even reads this. I appreciate any help immensely.

Headpiece Contest Deadline Extended

Sorry if this caused any problems, but the headpiece contest deadline was supposed to be Saturday. I forgot to post a reminder so I'm extending the deadline to 5pm January 23 (central time, GMT-6). There may have to be a change in prizes, but it'll be something equivalent, so don't worry ^_^
Also meiki will also be a judge.