January 21st, 2007

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Jingu Bashi tomorrow?

Just wondering if anyone will be at Jingu Bashi tomorrow. There might be some rain, but I hope it'll be dry. I'd figure if any of you in the tokyo area who is going and feel a little rained out. Maybe we can go to a cafe? Just probing to see if there are any signs of life out there.
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Can't live without it

What is the one item you can't live without as far as lolita is concerned? A lovely dress? Those cute shoes you got on sale? A necklace that's to die for?
I'm super curious as to what is most coveted among the loli crowd. Pictures are love.

Seeing as though I've not aquired any new outfits yet, I've nothing to brag about really.
Except for maybe my cat. Once I'm done the outfit I'm working on, I'm planning a photoshoot with her in it. She's a seal point balinese (long haired siamese) and I think she looks very elegant and could work for a loli shoot.
Yes, I'm lame.
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Lap top case

My lovely boyfriend bought me a lap top yesterday(MacBook), and now I am looking for a case/carrier for it. I tried target and Walmart, and their selection was disappointing. Can you ladies please direct me to links of loliable cases for my 13" laptop. Thanks :)

Shojo Beat...

Did anyone else find the DIY lolita page utterly apalling? >_<

I mean SERIOUSLY it's right next to a picture of a GOOD lolita picture in a Vivcore ad... XD

I think that Shojo Beat is misleading people to think that lolita really is that horrible.. I mean it's much much worse than telling someone "To be lolita you must always wear Bodyline."

While I think they did a pretty good job with the "Get This Look" for Kitade Nana and there were a few cute pictures of her, I liked the other DIY's much better...

I guess the only thing is... It made me want to listen to Kitade Nana again...


*Brain implodes*
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interburger zombie

it's burger time!

Yesterday the Philly Lolitas had a meetup! But unfortunately I hadn't charged my camera and all of my sister's pictures turned out incredibly crappy. So for now I will just show you pictures of my outfit that I took with my camera afterwards, like the True Miss Diva I am. Later the other girls will share their photos; don't worry!

(let's being burger!)
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Teacup Mini-hat.

Over the summer, I went to Otakon. During the con, there was a cute little Gothic Lolita tea party that I attended. They gave out a bunch of free goodies, including tea-cups. I thought the little tea cup was just so adorable. A couple of days I got thinking and decided to glue some ribbon and such on the little guy and tada! Now there is a picture of it on my head. It seemed kind of out of place when I just plopped it on my head, because I wasn't wearing a Loli outfit. So sorry :D.
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Cute skirt/JSK ideas?

A few months ago, my mom let me buy some fabric so that I could attempt to make some Loli clothes. :D
Of course, because of the stupid person I am, I just grabbed what I liked before really thinking about what I could make. Does anyone have any cute ideas? ^^;;
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Photo Request for Dark Blue

I'm currently in the middle of making myself a Dark Blue Velveteen OP; but dark blue isn't really a colour I've done alot with before or have seen around much. So if you guys had any images of yourselves in a co-ordinated ensemble of dark blue, or in a dress with a skirt like this, it'd be very muchly appreciated.

Thanks in advance =)

Edit: Not really looking for Sailor Lolita, but more how people've managed to co-ordinate with the colour in general, like with dresses like this lovely MM

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Measurement help please

I saw this skirt on baby and I couldn't find measurements. So if anyone has the skirt measurements I could be Happy as a clam to know them! Thanks for all your help.

Here's the link:

Also if anyone has this can they tell me the real waist and bust of this dress. I think it's cute, and I have no idea if I can fit it. Thanks:

Thank you again  

(no subject)

First I want to thank everyone for the suggestions in petticoats for the Meta Velvet Lucky Pack skirt..

I'm a research nut...and I've been reading more reviews on petticoats and I was curious regarding the Fanplus Friend Steel Drop Pannier.



How this would work in conjuction with that particular skirt and any info regarding it.

Would be spectacular.

Thank you!
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Gloomy Dress

This is an idea that popped into my head after I noticed I had this really cool necklace laying around. I then designed a dress to go with it. I am really into sweet Lolita I guess, because that is all I ever design. I just need some feedback. What should I change? What should I keep? What do you like, what don't you like?

Sorry about my picture of my drawing. I didn't feel like messing with my ancient scanner.
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Live Action Princess Princess

So I was browsing Youtube this evening, and I came across what is possibly the most hilarious thing I shall ever post to this community. It is a live action drama of the Princess Princess anime called "Puri Puri D." For those who aren't familiar with it, Princess Princess is about male high school students dressing up in Lolita, I haven't watched much of the anime, but the live action version has BABY dresses - guys in BABY dresses that is. If you go back a few pages you'll find the english subbed episodes.

Youtube Link
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Sewing patterns

I've been on a sewing spree lately and found a bunch of patterns that I thought with a little tweaking can be made loli.


M7253 - the petti

8069 - the skirt


But i think the pattern i really loved is this one for making parasols - B4955. Click here for link!

Hope this helps someone! ^_^
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just a new look...

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A new look to me...taken after and before my school Christmas Party at 21st, DEC. 2006.
I dont really have time and chance to dress in goth/lolita in these days......................................what a pity. Have used to be in casual clothes, which makes me feel more confortable (when dating especailly..^^)...

However, I still want to consider myself as a goth/gothloli since Goth things, for example music, are still around me everyday, every second.. you know, last week my local tv channel blockcast The Addams Family (Value). I could not move my sight away from Morticia and Wednesday!! wanna call myself Lina Addams......!!!!^^

ps. more photos in my own LJ :)