January 20th, 2007

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Another sizing enquire ^^;

I'm realy sorry for bothering you all with yet another sizing question, but at least this time isn't about brand clothes!

I'm thinking in ordering this shirt from Fan+Friend, but according to their sizing chart I'm between two sizes... now should I go for the larger size and simply take it in, or should I venture and ask it custom-sized? I've read here about people who had bad experience with their custom-sizing, so I'm not sure.

Also has anyone purchased that shirt before? If so, did you found it to be bigger/smaller than you expected, or did the size matched their charts?

Thank you for your time ^_^
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Designs for an EGL dress (Please give advice)

Alright... So some of you know that I am about to start production on an EGL style dress... I wanted you opinions so that I can make improvements on this... So I have Two design concepts. One of which was posted earlier. The second I just modified and sketched out and inked with Crayola felt tips... Go ahead and laugh. So the question is... Which of these would you be more inclined to wear... Just by these sketches. they are both one piece outfits

Please note that Sketch one will not have that hideous skull on the dress nor the arm warmers... but rather gloves.

Second sketch is pretty much, what you see is what you get. I am open to suggestions. I will be reposting this three times to gather as much data as possible before starting.

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It's me with questions again \o/

I was looking at closet child and found this http://www.closet-child.com/shop/list.php?no=863OP-1497h witch I totally fall in love ;_; and email then, but some other %*&%$# bough then first ;_; and I started to search nun lolita dresses in all the links at avantgauche but nothing @__@ I know moitie have some dresses but is to small for me, boz in the past have some ega http://www.avantgauche.co.uk/glb5/glb533.jpg http://www.avantgauche.co.uk/glb6/45.jpg and now have a few, but it's not the perfect nun lolita dress that I dream ;_; So anybody know other brand that sells nun lolita style?
second question is: anybody know a brand that sells pretty waloli dresses that have a waist more than 70 cm and bust at least 89?cm or maybe a yukata or kimono aristocratic
Third question: where can I found a kodona or dandy rich japanese husband that have fake blue eyes, bring breakfast at bed and live in a castle?
the third was jut kidding @@
*always want to much things at the same time ;_;*
sorry for the bad english @@

Waist size

This maybe a tedious question to ask,
but if F+F sizes state that their US 18 has a 34 inch waist and I'm a size 34 inch waist should I
order it in the US 18 or the US 16 (32 inch) if there sizes are bit larger then stated?

Thank you in advance for all the help and tips?
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It seems a lot of Lolita dresses have some sort of tie waist. I am a small person, and small-busted (29 inches) and most of the dresses have busts of 32, 35, or more. I am wondering if anyone other small people have purchased a Lolita dress with a larger bust before, and if they thought it looked nice anyway. Did the tie waist help? I would be pulling the dress in 3 to 6 inches, which might cause the dress to bunch up in the back. I don't really want to spend a lot of money on these dresses and then have to have them tailored. I like Baby, Victorian Maiden, and Mary M. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me, or find themselves in this same predicament?

Thank you! ^.^
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Anything you can't wear in public?

*waits for roomate to wake up*

So I woke up early today and saw that it was cold in New York City...nevertheless, I wanted to dress up loli style, so I put on my Meta Sweets OP and went down to my school bookstore to get my books. There was a basketball game going on, so of course everyone came to stare at the pink fluffy weirdo walking around^^

Anyways, this got me to thinking...is there anything you gals can't bring yourself to wear in a non-loli atmosphere? As in, non-gathering, non-meetup, non-convention atmosphere? Me, I can't wear headdresses, bonnets, or aprons...at that point, I get too shy and shrink away, haha. Anything else is fine though. But when I go to class in a loli outfit, I usually just wear a nice matching hairband or a ribbon clip in my hair.
Princess Sugar

Lolita Dicky?

I just picked up a pattern for a nice blouse today, it's got ruffles and puffy sleeves but I noticed -it's kinda low-cut to be used with lolita wear. So I'm wondering, have any of you made/used a cute butterfly collar dicky under your lolita blouse? I think it would be cute and give that neat little bib look. So I'm planning to make one, or more if it turns out well :) Just looking for advice here, as I haven't made one before =X

Picture Time ^_^

In the ancient dorm I live in, we have house meetings. House meetings=craziness.  The theme of last week's house meeting was twins.  Two of my friends who do NOT dress lolita decided to become my twins......and cuteness ensued.....

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How do I wear this top?

Hello! I need you help. I just bought this btssb top from livejournal and I'm not sure how it's supposed to be worn. It is reallllllllly short on me. Maybe I have a really long torso? Is it supposed to be worn by itself, or is it supposed to be worn over another blouse, kind of like a bolero? Here are pictures:

The last one is me wearing it, please excuse my low-rider pajama bottoms! I am pretty tall at 5'8" so maybe I just have a really long torso.

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Seamstress question

Hi dolls! ♥

Quick question: When I make one-pieces, JSKs, or skirts, the fullness of the bottom always seems to vary, and it seems to me that the circumference of the bottom (or the "fullness" of the skirt if you will) of most brand-name pieces seems to be pretty consistent.

So, before I start on my next JSK, I was wondering if any of you seamstresses had a good waist-to-bottom circumference ratio that you go by. Or any suggestions.

And to avoid a text only post:

Isn't it one of the most adorable things you've ever seen?
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bead bracelets

Question about Lolita...

I am making bracelets,
bead bracelets with the stars and some other
plastic beads.

is there anyway to Lolify (sp?) those bracelets?

I was thinking with the colors, I have a gazillion different
color beads.

Any ideas with be super:).

Thank you.

EDIT cut with pictures
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ps. thanks for the help!
pink princess

Wearing Tiaras

I made the pilgrimmage to Claire's today and bought the smallest comb-in tiara I could find :) I love it a lot but I am not sure how to wear it. I've looked at (and saved) some Kera Snap photos from Avaunt Gauche, and I have seen the himeloli tutorial from lolita_handbook but some of the hair/makeup links are dead. Does anyone have good hair tutorials for wearing tiaras, or any good pictures of themselves wearing tiaras?

There is a photo reference of my hair in my Christmas cookie post which I would reference but I can't find it :( Thanks for your help everyone!

[[ I LOVE FOREVER 21 !! ]]

i LOVE me my Forever 21. there's always something that can go with aaannyyyyy fashion that you enjoy. . . . so anyways, i was just looking at the online store because last i saw the window display for a split second, i thought i saw something cute.

and i was right! there are some cute loli/aristo-like clothes. . kyaa !

oof. . i can't post them as pictures, because i can't find the url for them.
but you can clicky on the descriptions :D !

Neck Tie Ruffle Top
Chiffon Tunic [casual-gothloli looking]
Valerie Button Coat [casual loli :3]
Silk & Lace Blouse [actually really pretty looking!]
Vintage Heart Pendant Necklace
Eyelet Button Blouse [casual loli? fruitsy for sure]
Victorian Charm Necklace
Key Pendant Necklace

thoughts? :D

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In Need of Advice?

Most of you know I was up until recently in charge of the An*ten*na Replica Rocking Horse Shoes group order. I ended up not being able to run it and refunding all those involved their payment. While I was refunding the money I made a mistake and a problem came up. I had allowed a few people to send me Money Orders to my address in the US for a small window of time in Novemeber because I was going back to the states and could comfirm the payment. When I got back, I received only 3 money orders. I can back this up with my Bank Deposit slip which shows the amounts if needed. I remembered the amounts of the three money orders but because I got slammed with emails demanding refunds and problems with paypal I wasn't paying attention when I send the refunds for the Money orders. I just looked for three people asking for the 3 amounts I remembered.

Now I have a problem. Out of the 3 refunds for Money Orders that I returned, by Paypal, I am sure about receiving 2 of them. I was later contacted by the 3rd person to send a money order and told they haven't received their refund. When I went back and checked I realized I had sent someone a refund for a money order who I didn't receive payment from. I thought I could get them to do the right thing and I sent out an email asking them to comfirm that I got their Money Order. No answer. I have now started a dispute with paypal for the payment since it rightfully belongs to another person. I mainly wanted to know if I'm in the wrong here? I don't really know what else to do. Any suggestions?