January 19th, 2007

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Detachable sleeves?

Can anyone who has a blouse or dress with detachable sleeves send me photos of the mechanism (buttons, whatever) used to attach the sleeve-parts? I'm making a detachable-sleeved blouse and I'm not sure of the best way to attach the sleeves. -_-;;

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What you can do in 7.5 hours...

It's now Friday Morning where I am, and today is the birthday of a dear friend of mine. I've just spent the night making her this dress, and I'm hoping she will like it.

I went to the fabric store last night and procured materials, and then spent 7.5 hours making this dress. I didn't cut corners or anything... that's just how long it took. Mind you I stopped for a cup of tea here and there, but still... not too shabby for a single night, even if I do say so myself.

I think this may well be my favourite thing that I've ever made. XD
Since I like it so much, I thought I'd share it here and see what people think. ^^;

Sorry for the artsy black and white pictures. It's the only way I could get the details to show up very well at all since the dress is all black. ^^;;

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Shoes *drools*

Heh heh I have weird tastes :p

But I was browsing the Closet Child Website and fell in love with these shoes: http://www.closet-child.com/shop/list.php?no=869SH-0047h

I know they come in size M, but I have no idea what that equates to in American sizes.
Does anyone have any idea how large or small Jane Marple shoes run?
Also, does anyone know what collection these shoes come from? Are they still for sale?
I'll definitely have to save some money hardcore, but it'd be nice to know that they're my size and hopefully they'll be waiting for me when I return with my oodles of saved up money!


Thanks in advance for the help!
Why are EGL shoes so cute? Hee hee, :)

BtSSB boots - need help

Does anyone have pictures both pairs of boots that Baby, The Stars Shine Bright offered earlier this winter? They still have one pair available on the website but if I remember correctly, those are the old version; there was a new design that was released the same time as the reissues.

I ended up ordered four pairs (two of the same ones) so of course, I need to get rid the duplicate pairs. Official pictures are always nice to add to auction listings.

Thanks for your help! :)
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Xelyna the Gothic Lolita
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Osaka Gothic and Lolita Shopping Guide

For the longest time there has been a Tokyo shopping guide, but I finally got around to making an Osaka one! If you've seen the previous version of this, you may note that I changed the maps (I drew my own in case of any copyright issues). Anyway, here it is, in printable (I hope) form!

Osaka Gothic and Lolita Shopping Guide

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Please post here.

This post is being added to the memories.
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I hope this doesn't sound strange...

I hope this doesn't sound strange...
but I'm looking for a Loli-sister.
Kind of like those programs "Big Brother/Sister"...
to give advice and guidence, but to also let us
grow into our own Lolita.

So if anyone want's to do that..I'll be forever thankfull.
I just feel a bit lost and overwhelmed.
There are so many wonderful companies and
helpful information...that I spend hours during
research and becoming more fascinated.

Lastly, I would love a Loli-sister, because
I honestly think I am the only person in my
county that likes Lolita...I live in lower state New York...
the first suburb out of the city. And the way
the county is...I think I am the only person that
is interested in Lolita.

I created the community,
and I don't mind being a moderator and organizer.
However, help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for the support!

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New Jane Marple community~~

I notice that there are a number of people who like Jane Marple on the community so I created a new Jane Marple LJ community a while ago so that we can have a place to discuss and share our love for Jane Marple.

It is called danslesalon after Jane Marple Dans Le Salon.

You can feel free to post about 90s lolita fashion and MILK too since it is also related to Jane Marple in different ways. (^^;

Once I find a way to hook up my scanner I'll be posting up some neat stuff to the community. Some of it will be friends lock, so please join!! (^^;

(posted with mod approval)

questions again..sorry T_T

Yeah, sorry. I ask too many questions but..

I heard it's bad to wear loli if...you're busty. Is there any reason for this besides the way clothing is usually sized?

And uh..I've read somewhere there's a store in NY that sometimes sells Baby.. Does anyone know where it is or what it's called? Or if there's anywhere in the NYC area selling lolita clothes?
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Angry Alex mode!

Outfit help? Sorry >.

I'm making a skirt and it will have eyelet lace along the hem and a tie in the back. I think that looks a bit plain and I don't have any money to buy any more lace >.<

So I'm thinking of sewing on some kind of design on it or painting something onto it (something simple).

Also, the fabric is a periwinkle-type blue, and I was about to wear it with a white blouse I bought from H&M, but after one wash, the blouse went semi-see through and the result is that you can see my skin throughout the whole thing and I seriously don't like that. I have a black blouse but I think that it won't work well with that shade of blue, but maybe you guys can change my mind. I haven't really seen an outfit with a light color and black.

Here's a rushed drawing of the outfit.

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Mai Ozawa shopping service delays

Hey guys I was wondering if you guys have tried to shopping commision something from Mai Ozawa. Got swamped with so much things that she is having delays on answering to peoples replies.

Has anyone ordered something from her recently. I ordered some things on Jan.8 and now its Jan.19 and I haven't been given my Payment info yet.

So I want to know if it's just me or have other people been having delays. I'm not worried though.

Just wanted people to know she has delays because of everyone ordering things.

Thanks for your time.

PS: Since I know someone will ask about Mai and her shopping service here it is:

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I'm thinking of ordering from F+F (in the future), but they're methods of payments are confusing. If you click here, it tells you about paying with a credit card. It seems you have to pay them first, and then send them an email indicating whats in your Cart and all that, then they make it for you? The thing that makes me uneasy is that, from the looks of it, theyre english isnt very good, and something important might get lost in translation.

So, has anyone here ordered from FanplusFriend before (with a cc?), and knows what exactly to do? And also, what is the quality of thier clothes like? I guess I just want to know more about them on a whole @__@ Thank you for your help in adavance!
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Hair tutorial?

So... a lot of girls have been emailing me with hair styling questions. Which is cool and all but...

I was just wondering how many people would be interested in me doing a few loli hair tutorials? I'll do a few if people care enough.

Reconstructing school uniform blouses

Has anyone had much success reconstructing blouses? I already read this reconstruction tutorial and redid my own blouse from it, but I'd like to see other people's efforts if it's not too much trouble. In my opinion, it's so much trouble working with a school uniform blouse, I'd just buy a brand name blouse if I weren't so poor.

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Anyways... if you've reconstructed blouses and they aren't posted in the memories or recently, please share? I'm sure someone else besides me would like to see them. Thanks in advance.