January 18th, 2007

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When are the next scheduled happy/luck/
make members of egl squeek-packs ?
It seems to me that all the brands did it
these past couple months. Are there any
more going on?(we should have a community
calender for this kinda thing!_

Caplet pictures

I'm planning to make a caplet to go along with a dress, but a lot of lolita brands don't seem to make them anymore. The only caplets I see are the ones that go with jackets. o_ô
(I checked meta, IW, and btssb online stores.)
I had pictures of caplets saved throughout a couple of months, but my computer crashed and I lost ALL of my pictures. All...:(

Off to my questions:
-Do any of yall have pictures of caplets that you find absolutely gorgeous, or just caplets in general?
-Are caplets "totally last year" now?
(I'm getting that feeling since brand sort of stopped selling them.)

Agh...I feel awful!

I know that Lolitas are supposed to be delicate and sweet, and I enjoy that lifestyle, but...

I'm taking Beginner's Karate. I needed to fulfill my gym requirement for college, and I had a friend in that class, so I thought I'd try it out, but I feel like I'm living some sort of double life...And that I'm not a "true" lolita because of it.

I enjoy the ideals of lolita (not to mention the cute clothes!) but I can't fully engage myself in the lifestyle until I lose some serious weight (Current weight: 190 T_T) and get enough money to buy fabrics/order online. Now I am taking Karate, and I find myself enjoying it. Is it bad for a Lolita to behave this way?
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baby parasol question

okay i've only heard people mention the quality of Baby parasols a couple times but i was looking for more opinions. has anyone had their parasols fall apart in any way? good in the rain? actually shield against the light well?
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How to wash?


I have this dress and I need to wash it but I don't understand what the tag says. I believe there was a entry with the images translated (like don't bleach, don't iron, etc) but I can't find it in the memories.


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How to group order question

I've never done a group order before but I'm thinking of putting one together for fanplusfriend. To those of you who have done one before, any tips? Anything I should know before starting one? What's a good person limit for a first timer? Thank you!

Duty Fees.

A friend ordered a pair of shoes from Ling Lam, last week. For me.

I'm outside of Ottawa, Ontario. Canada.

Now, my question is if any of you had to pay duty fees on your purchase.
And if so, how much?

Thank you. ^^
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Need help finding shoes in a size 24.5

So guys I was wondering if you can help me find a certain pair of Yosuke shoes:

I need them in a size 24.5, and I found them on one site:

But they sold out on in my size.

I did look around YJA and Mbok and I couldn't find them in my size. So if you guys can help me find a site that sells Yosuke shoes please point me to them, because I really need these shoes for a Punk Lolita outfit.

Thanks for your time and help.

Lavenderrrr snapshots

A few months ago I found this lavender sweater vest at Walmart. (They're on sale now!!) I've recently "gotten into" lavender which (like the adorable orange skirt posted recently) isn't seen that often. So when I came back to school this week there was a package waiting for me with this AP skirt that I found on Y!J but it turns out that the colors aren't as close as I thought. =.=;; The sleeves and collar/shirt front are made of this sheer pretty see-through fabric so I'll probably have to replace them with an actual blouse because they're attached and are more of an off-white.

Excuse the hair lol, and the uncovered bed from my rommate that isn't coming back

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So anyway I'm looking for any and all pics of lavender brand stuff, I want to try to get some sewing done this semester lol.
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A Lolita teatcher?

I've seen some entries about wearing Lolita to work and stuff, and I recently read something about a girl working at a Puma store wearing lolita. ( you looked great by the way!!)
I am a teatcher ( I teatch 7-8 year old kids) and I do dress Lolita to my work and I mean FULL Lolita, sometimes casual but also complete outfits. The childeren really like the clothes I wear and their parents accept the way I dress. My boss is absolutely fine with it. He even hooked my class up with a Japanese class to exchange emails and stuff and some time ago I had a photographer in my class making pictures of me. ( see my icon...)
Recently I've heard someone say that my clothes aren't a good example for kids. As a teatcher I need to be a role model and apperently this person thought I couldn't be a good example for the kids dressing like I do. This person was an outsider but it got me thinking..what do you girls think? Can you wear Lolita when you are teaching young childeren? Or is a teacher a role model and do you need to look "perfect" ?
Sexy smokin Zerick !
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question about Meta dress !!!

Hi !!

I just wanted to know if any of you here own one of these dresses ? :

How do they fit ? We never know with Meta evil sizing XD I have the other crown one here that fits just well ( http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/onlineshop_eng/sale/106399010019.php?ssid=132e211810701975745 ) and the one I'm asking about is supposed to be even bigger, but is it true ?! I'm exactly the smallest measurements stated on the website ( I'm 36 bust, 29~30 waist ) so I guess it would be good because it's supposed to have even more room in it, but if I remember well I've heard the size for that one was a total lie T__T So let me know please XD !!

Oh and if someone got one of this Jacket here but IN BLACK and want to sell it, let me know please, I totally wanted to get one specially since there were on sale but they removed it from the website T______________________T : http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/onlineshop_eng/sale/106308080069.php?ssid=132e211810701975745

Anyway, THANKS !!!
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Possible Mbok Shopping Service

(if the mods deem this inappropriate please feel free to delete, I would like to mention that I am no way affiliated with Crescent Shop - except as a happy customer)

As I'm sure a lot of you are aware, Celga has recently started a shopping service for the Japanese auction site Mbok. Mbok is a cell phone based auction service and it has a huge amount of brand lolita items listed. I think there's probably twice as much as Yahoo!Japan at least. Now I'm eager to take advantage of this, but I'm really not a fan of Celga. I'm not here to start shopping service wars, I'll just say I find Crescent Shop more reliable and easier to communicate with.

Out of curiousity I emailed Crescent Shop about whether they could order through Mbok for me, and recieved the following reply

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Thus, while they currently don't handle Mbok, I think they might if enough people requested it. I thought perhaps if I mentioned this on egl, other people who are interested in using Crescent to shop at Mbok could take up the call and show them that there is a demand for this shopping service.

If you are already a Crescent Shop customer, or are interested in bidding on Mbok I urge you to email them about starting an Mbok service!

Link to Crescent Shop
Link to Mbok (google translation)

Email Masamichi at: sales@crescent-shop.com
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Venting and fabric

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Now to be a little more on topic. I bought this fabric some weeks ago. I would love some suggestions as to what I should make out of it. A friend suggested simple tiered skirt since it's easy and I have so little experience with sewing. However, I can't but wonder if I would be wasting it on a simple design when the fabric has potentials to be something really nice. Any suggestions?

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Anyone going to/is there anything planned Katsucon next month? I think there was a meetup last year but I missed half of the con because of my science fair.
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I found some cute stuff on random websites...

If anybody is interested I found some adorable accessories on various websites. ^_^

Hello Kitty earmuffs:

Crown Ring:

Crown Pendant:

Also, http://www.asiajam.com has a few more rings and such but all the nice colors were sold out.
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Rockinghorse shoes - height?


I have searched through egl´s memories and searched at google, but I can´t seem to find it. So I just have to ask you instead, hope it´s okey.

So to my question: The real Rockinghorse shoes(Westwood), what´s the height for them? *blush*

Hugs Bella
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What to do when iced in?

So I live down in the south, which was hit this weekend by ARCTIC FORCES!!! Or for those use to cold weather, we got some ice, snow and a touch of sleet. I embrace my home's lack of driving skills in this weather and gladly take the 3 days off from work. It gave me a chance to work on a pattern for a commission, I won't says who's it is but if she wants to she can ;). On to the pictures and more about the outfit.

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