January 17th, 2007

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Design sketch

Hey all ^_^

I ran across this fabric on equilter the other day and thought it was adorable (I have  weakness for black/white designs and fleur de lis patterns) so I ordered some...having no idea what I was going to do with it XD. So, I decided I'd make a few sketches for dresses. Here's the first, let me know what you folks think.

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Recent Sewing Projects

I haven't really been sewing that much for the last few months, but I made two dresses this weekend, and I thought I would share and get some feedback. ^^

Both of these dresses are new patterns I came up with that I hadn't tried before, but I think they both turned out well. ^^

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EGL Buttons

I am thinking of creating a few buttons with my own personal artwork to sell, along with other things. My major concern is what you, as a consumer, would be interested in buying. If you could take this poll, I would really appreciate it!

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(no subject)

I hope I don't get kicked in the face for this o____o;

Are there any lolis with somewhat military influence [family, friends etc etc] that have seen military berets LONG before lolita berets? If you look for a picture [and I know from experience], you see that their berets have form...obviously, leaving it "normal" [?] JUST ISN'T MIRITARY ENUFF. But my question is...

Are there any other lolitas here that think loli-berets sometimes just look plain...weird? Wonky?

I think they're cute, but unless they have shape [like Meta's, which I haven't seen anyone wear, only on the site XD] to them, they probably just wouldn't look so great... Like, if they just sit flat on your head or go out like...ew? e____e
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bag & fabric ^^

Hi all ^_________^/ I come bearing questions ~

Bag Question
I'm looking for picture(s) or link(s) to this basket weave / wicker bag (not sure what you call it) that a lolita brand came up with some time ago. I can't remember what brand but it was made of something like how they make picnic baskets ? So sorry for the bad description m(>_<)m

Fabric/etc Question
1) What kind of fabric would be suitable to make bustle skirts ? For the outside and inside bustle as well. Would a heavyish (drapperyish) fabric work better for the outside and some form of cotton for the inside ? I'm not sure how to buy these fabric online (especially in UK) as I'm not really certain about the names. Back home I just hop over to the nearest fabric shop and go all touchy feely ^^;;

2) Has anyone seen fabric that resembles VM's Dobby Cherry ? Something with vertical floral / fruitsy / stripey prints ?

3) Where can you recommend me to get fabric in the UK ? (preferably not too expensive) ^^;;

4) What type of cotton is mainly used for lolita blouses ? Something good quality ? (I read up on broadcloth but I can't seem to find any on ebayUK O_o;)

5) How many different types of lace are there ? Does anyone have pics and names for the commonly used laces in lolita ?
I always get confused by the different names used for different laces. My personal favourite is torchon lace and chemical lace (as per YJA) but when I got to UK they mark torchon lace as cotton / crochet / ecru lace that I am now very confused to which is which.

Really sorry for so many questions. Thank you so much ! m(_ _)m

[edit | cute print on ebayUK XD ]

[edit #02 | possible loli cute loli boots and shoes]

calling all you NEW YORK freaks!

hey cuppycakes! im gonna be in new york arriving jan 19 and departing the 26th. i wanted to know if anyone here lived in the lower east side (haha rent heads!) im gonna be staying at  19 Stuyvesant Oval, zip 10009.
i doubt any meetups are being arranged but i also want to travel around the city and such...but im sooo scared! ive never taken a subway before or hailed my own cab *oooh im a floridian damn it what you expect lol* anyone gonna be around while im there? show me a bit of the city, shop, and ofcourse...show me where the hell juniors cheesecake is at! lol

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ITS Quextions

Hi! ^^ I'm new-ish to loli fashion. I've browsed many online stores and drooled over the pretty happy dresses but I've never actually bought anything (except a skirt and from fanplusfriend which was only slightly lolita - it didn't need a petticoat)

SO I'm thinking about buying a bunch o' stuff from In the Starlight and was wondering how people's experiences with them have been. good? bad? okayish? In particular, does anyone own one of their petticoats (poof or princess)? are they good? I'm afraid the poof one might be overkill and make my legs look like sticks. x_x I also worry that the princess one is too flat. Anyhoo, any information regarding experiences is appreciated as well as ANY tips to those who are new to lolita.

Thank you! <3 Evie
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administrator name change

I hesitate to make this post, but I just wanted to save any potential confusion.

I used to be electroncat, and now I am missmeganmaude. I didn't want anyone to go and look on the user-info page or see me make a moderator comment and wonder why there was a new admin/mod and be confused. I used the name-change token and so everywhere that used to say electroncat should now say missmeganmaude.

So that's it... just a heads up. ^^

Winter and Loli

Metamorphose once said, "Winter is the season of Lolita". But, I don't wear lolita in the winter. I feel as if I'm "betraying" lolita. So I was wondering if my actions are justified becuase Canadian winters are very cold (average daily high -15 C) or am I just being wimpy and need to suck it up?
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Meet up & La Foret

First off, La Foret is having their Grand Bazaar sale starting uh, Thursday, which is tomorrow. If you're in the Tokyo area, it might be worth your time. On Thursday, they seem to be having lucky bag sets available at select stores, which include Alice and the Pirates, Angelic Pretty, Putomayo, Altier Perriot, and Stigmata. Starts at 9am. Starting at 5pm is a sale on "sets," which is unclear to me as of yet. Friday is a special on samples (like of new lines, etc, some for sale, some only for display), starting at 5pm. Saturday is outer-wear, and I don't understand what Sunday's promotion is (I think it might be that one item is 10% off, 2 are 20%, 3 are 30%, but I may be misreading that terribly). It is the japans, so it's gonna be CRAZEH LIKE WOAH, but still promises to be fun, and it is store-wide, so it's a good chance to get designer wear of any label at a decent price. I'll stop pimping for them now.


I posted about a Tokyo metro area meet-up a while back, but got NUTHIN. I don't think that noone is interested, although it's somewhat possible that everybody hates me and I smell, but the Christmas/NewYear holidays might've helped it get lost. SO. One more time:

Anyone interested in a Tokyo metro area meet-up on January 28 or February 3?
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*x-posted to egl, just in case, sorry*

Designs & Questions

Still waiting on designs from people. Don't worry about having missed the deadline, just get things in if you can!
However, I've made some decisions about some designs I have had submitted. If you don't see yours here, it doesn't necessarily mean yours won't be chosen. This is just part of the first batch to get opinions.

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(no subject)

Okay. I want to make sure I got this right. I want a pair of Rocking Horse shoes in red from Rosechocolat.com. It says I need to order more than 2 pairs to get them custom sized. I want a size 9US. Anyone intersted in getting the Premier Rocking Shoes in a size 9US? I'm not sure if you have to have all the shoes be the same size but to be safe I'm going to assume you do. Any interest. The shoes are located here.

Edit: okay it can be either pair of Rocking Horse shoes on the site and any color but they have to be the same size so people who want size 9US only.
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Starting a Closet Child group order (until 1/27/07)

I'd like to start a new USA Closet Child group order. (http://www.closet-child.com/
For help navigating the site, I suggest this great translation site tool (http://babelfish.altavista.com)
Also: Apparently, Closet Child restocks their punk items on Tuesdays and their EGL items on Thursdays. 

I am planning to place the order on Sunday Saturday, 1/27.  I am limiting this to $500 of items.

If you would like to check my feedback, my eBay username is "nickelpinch"

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This is my first time doing a group order.  I'm excited to see what you guys will choose, and hope it all will be in stock for you!
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Xelyna the Gothic Lolita
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Bunny Lolita

Okay, so people have been saying moderators don't post enough, and I guess I'm guilty that I haven't posted pictures of myself in over a year... But I have good reason! I have no-one to take pictures for meT_T Living in Japan by yourself does that. But anyway, since I'm sick at home today, I decided to try to take some pictures. I'm wearing my new Angelic Pretty fukubukuro outfit, with the cutest bunny-ear headdress that I found at Claires (which I thought was an American store, but do they sell lolita-style stuff in the US?)

Cinnamoroll is the perfect accessory to any lolita outfitXD

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