January 16th, 2007

First Post on EGL

Yay! Its my first post on this community. : )
Umm... I've only been here for 2 weeks and I'm already in Love with all the people here. You guys just seem so nice.
: ).

I haven't owned anything Lolita yet but I'm hoping I will soon. 

Anyways I wanted to do an ART Post of Alice in wonder land.
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I want to buy lolita wigs, first i found this site http://www.rakuten.co.jp/zephyr1/700046/700751/ that is perfect, i will buy the blond and black.
But I want to buy too a very long wig with the hime cut like yuuko, one blond and other black. but I can't find in anywhere when I found was to short ...err sorry for the bad english
Does someone know where I can find a long hair with hime cut wig to buy?
thanks a lot =*
the sites can be japanese
sorry if I said anythig wrong I'm with a terrible headcake and I can't think now ;_;
hyde::winter fall

question about old westsite images~

Hello all!

I remember someone made a post about trying to find the AP Twinkle Mermaid images, and someone else linked a page that had several months/years of cached pages with links and images and everything!!!

I would be eternally grateful if someone could link me to sites that have more of a cache history than say, like a week ago. xD

Thanks in advance!
Hyung Tae Kim
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Coquette Doll

I remembered when I first found out that there is something called Elegant Gothic Lolita fashion and stumbled onto this site. I saved and saved and saved just so I could afford something here. But by the time I saved enough they...stopped updating. @_@


I really do want to know what happened to them. Does anyone know?
wish pyon (def)
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dolly castle ?

Has anyone heard of Dolly Castle ?
They seem to carry some loli items as well as shoe replicas ~

PS : I am thinking of getting a replica done of the Meta Winter 2006 luckypack blouse and I want it to be as good a quality as the original but in a bigger size. Can anyone recommend me any seamstress etc ? Preferably the price doesn't go above the original one >_<
That, and also a sailor collar cutsew >_<
does this need to be under a cut ?
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ACT Meetup - Wherefore art thou? T_T

Hey ladies, the national Australian meetups are on the 27th (1 week and 5 days), will anyone be free for a meetup in Canberra or is it too much of a hassle? I think it went something like *in Civic (Canberra)*... Pancake Parlour (lunch/afternoon tea) -----> Garema Place carousel for photos and possible PuriKura? Is that right? (@_@) Time/other possible activities/numbers? I think I counted 12 people the first time, plus a few other people I know are coming but don't have LJ, is that about right?

- V.

(X-posted to oz_lolita yesterday)

Product Reviews Please!

Hello! ^_^
I checked the memories for EGL and the Loli database and I didn't find any
product reviews for Grave Designs.
Basically I'm concerned about general wear due to laundry and how the outfit was made (stitching, fabric quality, and trimmings).

I do have a budget and I've been reading feedback from various companies and waying my
options. Proces of elimination.

So if anyone also has any tips or postive suggestions!
Please feel free.

^ Thank you ^
sailor &lt;3

Red Shoes!!

I'm looking for pictures of red lolita shoes being worn.

I can't decide if I want to buy red shoes since I'm not sure how they usually look coordinated.

It can be from any brand in any style, as long as they're red. : )

Thanks for the help!
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Kino gun

Shojo Beat?

I was wondering, does anyone else subscribe to Shojo Beat? I do, mostly because of my Ai Yazawa addiction, but anyway, I know this was mentioned before, but this month's issue has a lot of lolita themed stuff. Nana Kitade appears on the cover in something I might describe ads punk lolita if I COULD SEE UNDER HER HAIR but inside it's mostly punk on her. There's a lot of lolita themed stuff though! their new mascot (illustrated by Chynna Chugston Major in this issue, who I like normally but I think these look kinda ugly) is shown in a kind of loli/maid? outfit throughout the issue.

The best part are the fashion parts though. the 'get that look section' shows so horrible looking dress that seems unrelated to me, and they have a DIY frilly sweet lolita thing about turning a nightgown into... something. ~_~ I thin kit's kind of funny. The effort it looks like it takes makes me think you might as well buy something you know.

Anyway, thought I'd point it out since it's kind of funny. And I'm sure someone here cares about jpop and possibly Nana Kitade.

EDIT: holy shit someone advertises tours of japan in here, including a gothic lolita tour. wtf?

worse, under that is the YAOI TOUR, with all the 'hotspots of yaoi fandom'. wtf?!!?
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Loliable School Events

I was looking through my AP Lit teacher's syllabus today, and I saw that her freshman English class read Great Expectations.

They made posters about the Victorian time period, and they even had a Victorian tea party on December 22. (Yes, I am behind the times.)

I know that only one of the girls dressed up for the event, and she wore the same outfit that she did for Halloween.
It looked really nice on her, even though the shoes were a little awkward looking.

Too bad more people didn't dress up, but this is the point of my post:

Have your teachers ever had projects/events that you could easily dress up in lolita for without looking out of place?

My teachers are all essay/project/work oriented, so I was wondering if anyone had any teachers that did fun events like this.
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Michal Negrin jewelry and home decor

I thought that some of you may appreciate this woman's particular design style as well as her handcrafted jewelry. They're pretty pricey but if you live by Valley Fair Mall in San Jose (across from Santana Row), you should stop by her boutique...there's so many fascinating pieces that you may just lose track of time.


I purchased two of her necklaces as Christmas gifts for some very dear friends and let me tell you that the web pictures don't even compare to how lovely the jewelry is in person. She uses the softest lace backing and these pieces have some weight to them.

I have scans of her catalog if anyone is interested in seeing them."

(no subject)

I have been trying to find a bonnet and/or sleeping bonnet and can't seem to find one anywhere...Does anyone know where to find a fairly nice quality bonnet? Preferably not a historic Civil War bonnet like they have on ebay.
Thanks in advance.
down the rabbit hole
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Moitie in the snow


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constructive criticism welcome~

headdress: Innocent World
blouse (under): Baby the Stars Shine Bright
blouse (over): Victorian Maiden
skirt: Moi-meme-Moitie
bloomers + pannier: Metamorphose
socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
shoes: Moi-meme-Moitie (came today woooo!)

(no subject)

I have two question:

1, Good quality lolita brands? I really don't want to spend 300 bucks on a dress and find holes after one use (Happened.......Thats why i asked)

2, Have anyone buy second hand loli stuff before? How is it? From a actual store

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By me!


I was wondering what everyone's opinions are on orange loli clothes? My mum dumped me with some orange cotton a few days ago and since I'm off ill and I was meant to be going fabric shopping this week, I'm iching to keep myself busy with my machine o_0 I was thinking along the lines of a skirt or jsk, and wearing it with white. Musings?
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Non-elastic skirts

Hey lolies, I have a question to ask about skirts on behalf of a friend who was planning on making this skirt *envies her ability to sew*

She wanted me to show her some pictures of loli skirts that do NOT have elastic waistbands, and I was like "Hrmm elastic waistbands are pretty standard so I have no clue what to show you! Should I ask egl?" Now here I am...would you do the honor of providing us with such pictures??

Or suggestions? We've already considered drawstrings and zippers, but she'd like more ideas.

Otherwise, do you know where she can purchase 100% latex-free elastic?

Animal Print

 I am really getting into a monochromatic and animal print phase at the moment. ^_^' So~

Does anyone have photos, pictures or what-have-you of lolitas with some type of animal print?
Wonder Woman - chibi

photos of people in Lolita in Touch please

Does anyone know much about Lolita in Touch? They're a Chinese brand and some of their stuff seems really lovely, does anyone have photos of themselves in any of their clothes?
If you do, please share! Any other info about Lolita in Touch will also be greatly appreciated. (Clothing quality etc.)
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