January 15th, 2007

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Meta Toybox photos

Back in December pierraxryuka did a little photoshoot with me and nerorizim in Bryant Park. markidesade let me borrow some of her Meta for the occasion! I decided to post it up here after all after positive feedback in other places I x-posted to, so here's my favorite shots!

Apologies to those who've seen these already in my own LJ and at egl_plus.

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New Design

Yay!!! I finally found the time to complete this skirt and I am very proud of it because I made it with my sister. I rarely get to spend time with her now, but she is a great artist so here is our combined effort. This is just my tester. I am planning to make this in other colors too.

Have to show it off somewhere before spring still too cold to wear it.

Question about Yinyincs

Hi ^_^!
I have been during research on various companies/seamstres...

one of them is Yinyincs,
now I did check the memories for any information about them,which was very helpful *thankies*
but I want to confirm something that I found a bit unclear.

Their sizing.

It states on some auctions:
It is a size between XS to XL and more.

Does that mean the entire dress is can start as an XS and be stretched to an XL?
or do I have to pick from the size chart as she stated in the auction because
I'm slightly confuzzled about that.

Any clarification will be greatly appreciated.

Good morning!

Pattern trouble!!

Hello all~

I have a huge question to ask. Shortly after the GLB Bible Extra 2 scans were posted on this community, a lot of people expressed interest in knitting a Metamorphose jumper ( Under the cut. :D) that Bou was seen to be wearing for a photoshoot. Furthermore, I recall someone translated the pattern, However I can't find the post at all, and it isn't in the memories. :[[ So. having bribed my mother into knitting the jumper, she's took a look at the pattern and said that she needs it translating, so she knows how many stitches it would take, thickness of the wool, what type of needle to use, etc etc. Does anyone have the translated version of the pattern still? I'd be so grateful if someone could either post a link or respond with it. Thank you!!

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Thanks again!

Baby Shoes? (Aatp, specifically)

Can anyone tell me if baby shoes (Particularly these) run true to size? Or even better, could you tell me the insole measurement of them? I hadn't measured my foot in ages, I always just assumed it was a nine, but apparently it's 24.6 cm which is what I think an L is? I'm not sure. It depends on if the shoes run small or large. D: And if someone could give me a ankle cuff meausrement, that would be great, too. XD

Sorry for all the questions.

(no subject)

Hello Everyone-

I bought this skirt the other day- lovely white, eyelet lace underskirt, knee length - and very full. I just thought it was pretty... Upon further inspection of said skirt- I think it might have potential as a lolita skirt- with a petti, and socks, and a cute top of course.

The only thing I'm concerned about is that it has pockets- one on either side of the skirt- adorable little drawstring pockets

What is your opinion of lolita skirts with pockets- I sort of like the look, it almost reminds me of a built in apron, but not quite. Do you think it could work? If not- then I could just close the drawstrings tight- they just look like little bows on the sides If I do that- barely like pockets at all.

I'll take a picture when I get to a camera- but for reference it looks kind of like this- in all white (and it is much fuller than it looks!)- 

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Thanks for looking!

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Tohru "Happy"

Confident Lolitas

If you're a Lolita, when you think about brand clothing, the first things that usually pop into your head are a series of numbers - waist size, hip size, bust size, even measurements that you didn't even know existed. Quickly followed by these numbers is, of course, the all important bottom-line price in dollars, euros or yen.

Now, let's be honest - it can get kind of daunting after a while. It begins to feel like no matter what you do, you'll never be right for the clothes and brands that you idolize. You're too big, or too small. You don't have enough money, but feel like you'll be ridiculed if you consider knock-offs, or flex your (possibly underdeveloped) sewing muscles. Your chest is too big, or too small. You're too tall, or too short. You've got pimples, or rosacea, or you wear glasses with thick lenses.

Well, guess what? If any of the above categories apply to you, you're part of the vast majority of the population - and there's nothing wrong with that.

confident_lolis is a community for us Lolitas who are a little bit self-conscious about the way we look all dressed up. You can find tips there on how to cover up your flaws, or embrace them; you can find suggestions on how to get into that 76cm skirt you've been pining over in a healthy and moderated way. You can read stories from other Lolitas who feel the same way as you and who face the same problems, and get advice from those who have gone through the same experiences and triumphed over them.

I hope to see you at confident_lolis soon!

note: posted with mod permission.
Blue eye, red eye

Question about an Ebay store

Hi everyone !

I've got a question about an Ebay store, Honest Dragon China.

I would like to order something from them, a kimono.
I can't remember well, but i think i've heard that the quality or their fabrics and the making on their clothes is not really nice...

What about you ? Have you already ordered from them or heard anything about it ?

I would be very thankful for any informations.
Thanks a lot !! ^^


do you think Mana's reaction would be if he got an email like this? -




[I also must include this, in regards to the "racial" lolita post a few posts down...I want for everyone to be able to read this, not just the people who read the comments from that post]

I believe that as a community, we should learn to branch out to one another, be there for support and whatnot, and basically just become a whole family. Heck...there's obviously more than enough people. :b I'm sure that there aren't any [if there are, very few] lolis out there that have no loli friends anywhere in their remote area. [...Kentucky maybe? XD Nah, I have no idea.] We should hold more meets, definitely, just to show the general public that being lolita isn't a crime; it's something we're DAMN proud of. Agreed? :D

Excuse my french, but the time is appropriate. All I have to say is.

We should learn to eventually knit ourselves together in to one giant lolita community; Not something where we're like "IS THIS LOLITA? F*** NO" and have someone come back with something like, "SCREW YOU IT IS TOO LEAVE ME ALONE NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME, NOBODY UNDERSTANDS THE CONCEPT OF LOLITA TO ME ;____;". All this EGL@LJ drama is pointless...there's no point in arguing. I'm sure that we all think that lolita is a sub-culture in America just as it is in Japan. [with a few western twists, of course] We all need to come together as one, put all differences aside, and realize

we're lolitas and we're proud, so if someone doesn't like it then they can just kiss our bloomer-covered butts. :>

*insert picture with different lolis surrounding the earth, like those old-school kid posters*

Glad to get that off my chest, sorry if it's repetitive, but it's what I believe to be the truth.

I think these should be two separate posts...they're nothing alike XDDDDD
Sparkle Klaus.

Co-ordination help, please!

So today I got my Baby Sweet Check OP (green one), purchased from a friend on LJ.  It's lovely and fits me perfectly and is generally awesome and all that.  However, I'm now trying to work out how best to co-ordinate it.  I'm gonna pick up some plain white socks on ebay and get some nice white lace to make sock toppers, but beyond that I'm not sure what to do. 

My original plan was to make either a round headdress or some bows to wear on pigtails from the same lace as the sock toppers, with green ribbons on them.  But I can't find any ribbon that's close enough in colour, or of a similar type (ie as nice quality) as the stuff on the dress, so I'm concerned that might look a little wrong.

So I was thinking maybe a hat might look nice,  although I'm not sure what style.  I've already got a beret (well, ordered, not got it yet), but it's grey, not white.  What do you all think would co-ordinate well with the dress?  For reference the full outfit so far is white lace-topped socks, black mary janes, a white Baby parasol, and a bag to match the dress.

(no subject)

Message to all who wanted to submit designs for the Inspired Cat Ling Mao contest:

The deadline has passed, however there are a few people who sent emails but I know I didn't receive them. If you haven't seen a confirmation email from me, please send again.
If you forgot the deadline or whatever, please submit your items ASAP! I will hold off on any big decisions until I receive a few more people's submissions since I know there were some who were interested but haven't heard anything from them.
Thanks again!

Submit to: kmalazdrewicz [at] gmail [dot] com

For people who own Moi-Meme-Moitie anything...I have a question


So all the people who own Moi-Meme-Moitie anything... Is it really worth it? I fell in love with this dress:

And I was wondering if it really worth the almost $500 price?

So if you have any Moitie items please tell me if they were worth what you payed for them, Please.

I just don't want to get a dress and be disapointed with it.
So any help would be great. Thank you! ^___^
LOVE baby

blue lace

Im going to go about making a lolita dress i designed and I need blue lace. Where can i get blue lace? Not pastle/sky blue lace but a deep/royal sorta color. Think mana blue lace. I need help and can't find anything online.
Locations in the kansai area of japan are also helpful. ^_^

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I will scratch

(no subject)

Do any of you lovely ladies and gents have loli furniture? I would like to see pictures ^_^ What would you consider to be an essential of loli furniture? I've been working on a great make-up table lately, and will post pics when it's done.
michiru's cello

To all my fellow African-American Lolitas:

I'm black, I'm very light-skinned & people often think I'm mixed (which, oddly enough, cuts me some slack for being 'different'), but I'm still obviously black. Do you think it's harder being Lolita? I don't mean to down my own race, but it seems like [most] black people are extremely close-minded when it comes to alternative fashions. I can't count the number of times I've been told I was 'trying to be white' just for wearing gothic clothing or something. I can just imagine what their reactions will be when I wear Lolita out. I know I should be prepare for this just for wearing Lolita period, but our fellow African-Americans can just be so...*bold*. (and persistent, I've had people follow me) Does anybody else feel this way, or I'm I just being too sensitive?

P.S. Please don't smite me, I'm nervous enough posting this.

New AP dress picture post!

Okay, so I decided to start dappling in brand wear... most of my loli stuff up till now has been either homemade or altered, etc. But oh my. I saw this dress up for auction on here and I had to have it *______*. It's so pretty, I'm so madly in love. I feel like a princess whenever I put it on. I feel like I thought I understood everything that everyone on here said about why they dressed Loli, but then I put on an Angelic Pretty dress and I felt enlightened XD

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