January 14th, 2007



A little while ago, I remember seeing a review of authentic Vivienne Westwood rocking horse ballerina shoes... and now I can't find it. Can anyone link me to it? I'm sorry if this seems like a really dumb request, but I used the egl search feature and checked the memories. Maybe I missed something.

If the review cannot be found, I have a question about sizing... do the sizes run small or large? Average?

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Forever21 Lolita Mission!

I went to Forever 21 with some ancient storecredit burning a hole in my pocket to check out their Victorian-style blouse selection today. I went with a mission to find the most brand-looking lolli-able stuff I could get and I came away with five things.

I'm not sure which ones of these I'm going to keep...  or if it's worth keeping them?  Advice?  (Actually, I'm not sure F21 even lets you get your money back...)  I guess even if these aren't really brand quality, it might be worth it to have some cheaper stuff you can kick around in when your Moitie fun stuff is at the cleaner's.

This is the first time I'm posting photos of myself here (other than the PMX stuff)

I took all these pictures in my lovely, filthy bathroom... sorry... I'm pretty unkempt myself so please excuse!

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I'm getting an apartment next year, and I always daydream about how freaking cute it's going to be when I decorate it. X3 So, what are people's favorite places to get decor and such? Curtains, cooking accessories, lamps, knicknacks.... so far I've seen some really cute stuff on http://www.pearlriver.com/v2/index.html and http://www.kawaiigifts.com/ both of which I actually discovered the original store by going there... haha. Any other places people like? I want to host tea parties too (I LOVE food and cooking) so cooking accessories may be more on the top of my list than one may think. :) (I want the pink Kitchen Aid!) Thoughts?

shoes and a hello ^__^

I had a find today

oh let me introduce myself. bah.
my name is Theresa. *waves*
I've been following/admiring Lolita for 3 years now.

and now I'm starting my wardrobe. *excited*

sooooo since I have really wide/unique feet and stubborn toes xD,
I found some nice black shoes at payless that are wide and I think
would be good for Lolita.
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x: Lolita_lola?

Has anyone been in contact with lolita_lola recently?

I've been on the MSN messenger everyday waiting to speak with her about an order. :/ But she hasn't been on and the one time I saw her on, she didn't respond and I had to leave for school.

Does anyone know any other way to contact her? Where a response is guaranteed?

It's rather important that I speak to her because I still haven't received my shoes after about a month and I'm debating whether I should dispute or not. ):
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Gothic and Lolita houses?

I've been reading a few posts lately here, about people brainstorming on how to decorate, or make their living spaces more, "Gothic Lolita".  It's wonderful to see everything people have been coming up with, places to shop etc.  I thought that in the spirit of the decorating mood, I would share some pictures of my sewing room, and a few tips on shopping to furnish for "loli" style. ^_^  I tried  to give it a "sweet lolita" and Rococo kind of feel.......


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Sloganize me!

So I was going through some bulletins on myspace and came across this.
How it works is you type in a word and puts that word into a slogan that has been popularized by the media. At first, I tried it out using my name and got some very funny things


(i.e. "Absolut Tasha.")

So then I typed in the word "Lolita" and these are some phrases I got XDD:

--Designed for Lolita, Engineered to Last.
--What Would You Do For A Lolita? (What would you do for a Klondike Bar? XD)
--My Anti-Drug is Lolita.
--This Is Not Your Father's Lolita.
--Would You Give Someone Your Last Lolita?
--Something Special In The Lolita.
--Only a Fool Breaks the Lolita.
--I Think, Therefore Lolita.
--Only Lolita Can Prevent Forest Fires. (Oh man... XD)

^_^;; I thought it was kind of nifty-silly.
I'm sure there are more possible phrases.
wish pyon (def)
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bust sizing

Hi all ^^

I'm just wondering how to figure out bust sizing when buying stuff from Japan.
Do I measure the largest part of the bust all round to get the cm measurement or do I go by the chest below bust measurement ?
Would cup sizes matter as well ?
I'm very much confused by how to get the correct sizing.

Thanks much !

sewinig woes

okay, well...the JSK i orgionally wanted to snag was on IW's sale page...which they took down, so going to the fabric store i decided "im going to make my own jsk then!" i wantered to the fabric shope after work today, meandered about the asiles and (oh yay!) found a white on white music note print for the skirt i've beenw anting to make for forever and a day! and a pink print with a darker pink music note print (barely noticable) then cherries! (or are they cranberries)...i do believe their cherries anyways...
two questions then!
firstly, what color lace should i use? cream/beige, or white? keep in mind that i would have a white parasol and either white or black shoes..but theres cream in the cherries themselves and when i put white lace against it it looked kinda harsh...is cream lace and bloues okay to mis with a white para and shoes?
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secondly! how does one go about making shirring? <- how badly did i butcher that word? i notices elastic thread....or should one zig zag over elastic cording? in which case, how does one make sure it stays untill you sew it unto the seam? will it even stay put in the seam? *has never done shirring before*

thank you so much ^^
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Last reminder The NYC decora/gothic lolita meetup tomorrow.

No nothing will change, we will still go to Dylans and we will still have the meetup reguardless of the weather (it's only supposed to shower, meaning it shouldn't be so bad... bring umbrellas, still.)

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is this a lolita(ish) dress?

hello wonderful lolita people :D
i am very new to lolita fashion, which means that i don't own anything lolita as of yet. i found this dress in a second hand store and was wondering if it could be considered a lolita dress.
EDIT: thank you everyone for your help. i appreciate it alot, i really do :)
oh! and i have another dress that i feel could be salvaged in some way. 

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(no subject)

just in case there are some lolies in atlanta/ga who dont know about our little local group, i thought i'd spread the word about our up-coming meet!

(x-posted to Atl-lolitas)

i may repost a few days before the actual event ^^ yay!

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Searching for: Red Shoes!

Hello everyone!

I've just bought this Meta dress--and i know it's not everyone's favorite design, but that's not what i'm here to talk about.

I'm planning on pairing it with a fairly simple black blouse, a red cardigan or bolero (whichever i can find that looks the best), a black beret, and black stockings. But i would love love love to find some red shoes to wear with it--something like some of the brand-name shoes.

Unfortunately, my feet are rather a bit bigger than any of the brand shoes will stretch (9 1/2-10 us, 41-42 europe, 7-7 1/2 uk *sob!*), so could any Loli-chan out there help me out with finding some red shoes? Know of any good shops or websites? Anyone i could talk to?

I know Montreal shoes and Ling Lam and the like are all options, but i'm less confident about ordering those...i'm not sure how it works, really... *spineless*

Anyway, sorry to take up space, but being a "larger-footed loli," i'd love a little help.

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Got Yuri? (by www.SunTemple.org)

Measuring bust flat

I have an IW dress that I'm in the process of trying to sell, but in order to do so I need to get the bust measurements. How and where do I measure the bust when it's flat? The dress is too small for me so I can't even measure it on myself.
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Lolita Sisters

Some of you know the famous sisters, Me and tropigalia
I was wondering if there are any other lolita sisters?
I saw the post of the sister in the pink jsk with pigtails. Aw, she is cute!
anyway. If there are, please post pictures of you and your sister(s) in lolita!
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