January 13th, 2007

Wash and Curl.

If this is post is irrelevant, feel free to delete.

Alright, just out of curiosity do any of those shampoos that claim to curl your hair actually work?

I have very long (38 Inches), and fine hair. I can sleep with curlers in my hair, and within ten minutes the curl is flat.

Any advice, tips?
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Dunno if this has been asked, but I've noticed Bodyline has some extremely inexpensive things on their site. It's sort of tricky to tell from just the pictures, but what does everyone think of their quality? I'm just starting out with lolita (if you couldn't tell from my n00bish posts here, haha I apologize) and I don't have much money to work with... so, I'm just wondering how much (if at all) quality is sacrificed with the less expensive stuff, and if people would really be able to tell. For example, this http://item.rakuten.co.jp/bodyline/gothic308/ seems a bit thin to me, but again it's hard to tell from the picture. Anyone have any experience with Bodyline that they'd like to share?

edit: I'm really not too concerned with getting brand-name stuff, so that doesn't factor in. I'm just going for a good appearance.

Deadline for Design Submissions!

For those not in the know, I'm holding a contest of sorts for designs for my new label geared towards fatty-chans. I hope to start production within January of my new label where I will have everything IN STOCK (except for occasional pre-orders). I plan to start with focus on LARGER sizes, although I don't want to exclude smaller girls entirely. The sizes offered all depends on the interest in pre-orders.

I'm also showing off my finished logo, under the cut.

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Anime LA?

Hello there lovely lolis,
I am wondering who is going to Anime LA? Its January 26-28th and there well be a "tea Party" there. I don't think there are any loli requirements for the party so exspect lots of things, but besides that. I was thinking about going and was wondering if anyone in this community is planning on it too.

post away!

Small Question...

I'd like to become more 'lady-like.' So, I thought it'd be a good idea to get a book on etiquette. Have any of you read an etiquette book that you'd recommend?
I'd appreciate any ideas!
Thank you!!!
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Sizing question

Hiya lolitas! This is the first time i'm posting here so pardon me if i made any mistakes. 

I love classic lolita ever since some 1 year plus ago and have been thinking of buying them from VM. But i'm quite worried about not being able to fit into their dresses because i'm of a petite size. I know that VM's outfit sizes are usually rather small as compared to other brands. 

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Innocent World sale - PICTURE OF SOCKS needed

The original link to IW's sale doesn't work.

I was told this is because IW was flooded with orders.


There were Alice socks that I wanted in several colors.
I need to provide a picture to the person who is picking them up for me.
Does anyone have pictures of these socks?
They have trump card suits down the sides and the rabbit.
Any color of the socks would be fine.

Any quick help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

(no subject)

I know there's been some controversy over square dance dresses and whether or not they are acceptable for lolita fashion. It's pretty much been established that square dance petticoats are generally too poofy, but what about wearing the dresses with loli-style petticoats underneath? What do you all think about this?

(no subject)

Hello! I've been in love with lolita (according to firefox, lolita isn't a word. neither is firefox. :[) fashion
for a few years now. But I've never worn any loli clothes before. I dont own any either. I'd like to buy a few dresses, but I'm a but nervous. Until now I've been a t-shirt and jeans person, so I'm a bit worried about reactions when I come into school with a loli dress on. So I have a few questions..

Should I gradually go from one fashion to another, becoming more loli each day?
Do you wear loli to school and work, or just with friends/special occasions?
How did people react when you first started wearing loli?

I'm sorry, I know you probably get lots of posts like this. And I think I said loli too much, lol. ._.
2of a Kind

color question

Alright so in my Marble pack i got this beautiful navy blue
blouse with matching cravat . I...never wore navy blue
Collapse ) Its pretty
similar to this blouse.))

in my entire life lol. Its navy blue with black lace @__@

I was wondering, i have this: Collapse ) skirt in all white by in the starlight.
would it look bad coordinate with this blouse?The cravat has
little white pearls draped over it as well o_0 but the lace is
black so i dun know if it would look right.

Id planned on wearing white hose or nude hose, with my white
wedges but..ehh... black lace on navy with all white skirt? AHH help!