January 12th, 2007


cutsews with casual?

Just a quick question --

Is it a lolita faux pas to wear a nice cutsew with something other than a skirt (ie. jeans)?

Something like this for example.

I'm thinking about ordering a few cutsews, and want to make sure I get good use out of them; and I won't be wearing full loli all the time. I know how people feel about wearing precious JSKs over jeans (*shudder*), but I think a casual cutsew and jeans would look quite cute. Just want to make sure I'm not breaking any rules. XD

Thank you!
neko royalty

Summer talk

Okay, after too many storms and too much snow for a supposed mild climate, I need summer talk!

Might as well be prepared for that humid heat and burning sun before we end up deep fried lolis with sweat stained 200$ dresses.

What do you recomend as the Must Have cosmetics, wether it be lotions, make-up, hair products etc to maintain that girly perfection through the summer months? What do you use to protect clothing from dust, ice cream drips and grass stains?

and just for fun, everyone knows how to make a cute lolita outfit for summer. Cpractical lolita for say, that trip to the amusement park, or hanging out at the beach isn't so easy. How would you co-ordinate an outfit without sacrificing too much of the fashion. While still maintaining that distinct lolita flare and style.

IW question

Sorry if this question is painfully stupid. What is the best way to order something from the IW sale? Shopping service? Or is there anyone currently in Japan that would be willing to nab a small item or two for me? please let me know! Thanks!
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Anyone purchased from Pretty Collection?

Hello all, I'm not sure if this website has been discussed before, I happened on it by chance today. If it has, I apologize.


They have quite a few lolita items available as well as cosplay costumes, I cannot speak Japanese so forgive me if I misunderstood the page. I wasn't able to understand if they allowed international orders. They seem to be very reasonably priced. Even if we can't order, enjoy the window shopping. :p

Lolita Art

Hi everyone!
I did these digital sketches of different outfits I'd love to make. Unfortunately, I don't think my sewing skills are quite there yet, so dreaming will have to do. I know that these outfit might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I LOVE bright colors, so I think the pink plaid one is my absolute favorite. The redhead is actually inspired by my sister. She always looks smashing in green.

I know these are all very similar, but I'm a graphic designer so I guess it's just part of my nature to make a ton of variations based on a first sketch.

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Angry Alex mode!

Transition lenses?

Last year, my eye doctor perscribed those Transition glasses (those glasses that fade to sunglasses in direct sunlight)  for me to see if my eyesight does not get worse and to see if my sight is getting worse rapidly due to sunlight. I have to keep them on and my parents won't let me out without them.

Now, these glasses have been a slight disadvantage for me. I got kicked out of marching band because I have to wear these glasses no matter what, and apparently, making the band look good comes first. It also hit me that I might look stupid if I dressed in lolita with them on.

So I was thinking, should I ditch the glasses and wear a reglular pair while under a parasol or is there any other suggestion.

Thanks in advance!

a sad thing happened today while in lolita. this just broke my heart :(

EDIT: thanks a bunches, you all made me feel better about the situation knowing that people care. i felt terrible, i shouldve mentioned that i went looking for her right after seeing john but didnt find them :(


ok this just broke my heart. today i went to coral square mall *coral springs, florida* and as i was looking at the wigs at a middle stand i see an older asian woman looking at me alone and sad. so i wanted to know what was going on so i just stayed by the wigs pretending to 'purchase' something to buy time and then she started crying and looking around as if she lost someone in the mall but kept looking around and then at me and her eyes were so sad :( 
so i went to approach her but then a guy when up to her *mustve been why she kept looking around , for him*
 so i rushed to the next cart of stuff not to make it obvious that i was being nosy. and then i saw them talking, the woman still crying and glancing and pointing at me. and when he looked at me he hugged her close. so i got closer and closer and after about 2mins i went up to them and asked if she was ok and he said that he  but that he and his mom moved out of japan asap after his sister died and that she was crying because my clothes reminded me so much of her. and how his sister wouldnt feel shy about taking her mom to harajuku with her in the afternoon *i guess like teens in usa they like to show off without parents or something* YES i started to tear!!! he started saying how sorry he was if she made me feel uncomfortable. then she rubbed my bolero and something told me that she wanted to touch my face or something you know. like she just wanted the comfort of her daughter. i felt so sad :( i wouldve stayed and chatted longer, buy her coffee, just something you know but i wasted time trying to be nosy and forgot that i had to drop off a cupcake to john. 

i usually get the you look like a princess or doll remarks. but this was the 1st time i made someone cry like that. i mean really, she was crying :(
anyone else have sad loli stories ?

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(no subject)

i got my meta lucky pack the other day. oh no, not another post on lucky packs!

i'm pretty happy with it. its the one with the black skirt, blouse, bloomers, and socks. to my surprise, the clothes seem kinda on the big side. i actually wondered which was the front on the skirt because it felt like one side fell lower when tried it on (seriously. i know that sounds stupid).

anyways, i don't have a pannier. have so far tried with the addition of the bloomers but still kinda same effect of thinking the skirt could easily fall with a tug. i was wondering if others who do have one have found the skirt to stay on moreso or is this just something to hefty and big?

thankies in advance

Loli fashion and Friends

For those of you whose group of friends like Lolita too, I was just curious about how your friends reacted to gothic lolita fashion. Did all of your friends get into it at once, or did you convince them to like it? I havn't really talked to my friends about it (as I don't wear loli everyday...yet!), so I don't really know what they think about it. I wish they would get into it as well, then we could be lolis together!

So whats you story?
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Slightly off topic...

This is slightly off topic, but I thought I'd give it a try. Delete this post if necessary!

Okay, its obvious that the members of this community have good taste!! And we share an interest...So, I was hoping some of you could recommend a good book to read? I can't find anything...and I've been so bored...
So, what's your favorite book?

I really love suspense, mystery, thrillers; but, any genre is fine!

If you got any recommendations I'd really appreciate it!!
Thank you in advance!! (^__^)
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F+F decisions... Input needed

So, on the second or so I emailed Fan Plus Friend, I wanted to take advantage of the free shipping. I didn't hear back from them and the eigth passed, I assumed I wouldn't get the free shipping after that so gave up. Since then I've heard some bad things about them, so I was sort of relieved, although I REALLY wanted the stuff. Now they replied and told me it was an earthquake that caused them to loose their ability to contact overseas and that I could still have free shipping on the things I told them I wanted. I simply do NOT know what to do anymore. It's a lot of money to spend, but the free shipping helps a lot. I need input from anyone who's ordered from Fanplusfriend, expecially custom sizing, to help me weight this out.
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gosurori japanese question

I'm trying to figure out what I have to buy to make the little red bunny purse in the Gosu Rori accessory book. But I need help deciphering two of the words in the materal list:
what does 袋布用布 mean? and does タオル布 mean terrycloth?
thanks guys!

Questions and An*ten*na replica order

So I don't know if everyone knows, because I wasn't aware until recently, but the an*ten*na replica order that soranjihime started is still going on but now miwich is incharge of it. It seems she has a small lolitashop-onlinetypething going, not sure the word I'm looking for,excuse me. She seems very nice and always answers my emails and many questions very promptly, and I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with her. (good or bad I would like to know)

The page with all the info is here
An*ten*na replica page