January 11th, 2007


For Seamstresses: Walmart's gone crazy.

Right, so I'm in the fabrics department buying some white fleece for an overdress, and the woman tells me "Oh, our fabric section will be gone by April." My jaw nearly dropped to the ground. Wal-mart is just getting rid of everything that has to do with actual service. Unfortunately, we're just a test store. This will happen to every single walmart in the USA within 5 years or less! *sob* Inexpensive fabric was nice, although the selection was so-so. If you call 1-800-WAL-MART, sometimes they deny that they know anything about it. What makes me the most sad, is that as a lolita-esque person, there will be no fabric because they are replacing it with an EXPANDED PARTY SECTION. In my area, that means going 30 minutes down the road to a JoAnns and paying 7.00 for a yard of decent fabric rather than 3.00. The lines are terrible anyway.

I know this isn't a very upbeat post, and I apologize for that. But for people who can't afford brand names and have to make their loli wardrobe... (granted not everyone goes to walmart...) meh, you get my point. ~

What I'd like to know is what are your views on this?
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AP Luckypack OP

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I just got my AP lucky pack! And it fits (whew)! It started snowing last night so I here I am! hee hee

I loveeee the dress and head dress, and I actually kind of like the socks too. I never liked the look of striped socks before, but I think it works. Anyway, enjoy!
Gyaru - Nicole Abe - Tongue Fun

BTSSB Calenders!

So, I know a few of you lucky lolis were fortunate enough to come across them! (Either in lucky packs, or bought them) and I'm dying to have a look inside~ I saw the pictures on the website, but I was wondering if all the monthly pictures are like that or if they vary month to month!
So please, show them if you have them!

I need help from brand experts *_*

Last summer I bought a shirt on the internet, I thought it's an original Putumayo shirt. When I got it, I had the first doubts. I think it's a fake, because it has no tag in it! Normally the Putumayo tag is outside the shirt, or? But there is nothing, just a tag with the washing instructions (in Japanese language).
Probably you know the print from the Putumayo page? or can help me to make my suspicion clear? authentic or fake?
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Rhythmical Ballerina

I´d like to see pics of people wearing them (Rhythmical Ballerina by Rose Chocolat) because I´m used to see rocking horse shoes with 7 cms heel and I´m interested in seeing how they look (the heel is 4 cms). I can´t see them very clearly in the webpage, so I thought you maybe can help me ^^ By the way, is the quality high? Sorry for my bad English v.vU

A short history of chinese shoes *^^*

I spent christmas day walking around the forbidden palace in beijing, lovely you may say, but what has this got to do with lolita?
Well, not a great deal actually, but i saw some wonderful shoes and thought it may influence some of you to be a bit more creative with your qi-loli footwear, instead of just silk brocade maryjanes.

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Dec28 - belated christmas pictures^-^

Christmast Party
Megan Angelic Pretty blouse, jumper by megan, headdress by elle
Shadow Meta blouse, skirt by cupcake
Cupcake Meta jsk, blouse by cupcake
Carolyn brandless
Rachel brandless
Haru brand less
Clover brandless
Elle Innocent World
Shannon shirt by shannon, skirt/petti by CSA
Viki: meta jsk (blue) innocent world jsk (brown)innocent world cut sew (cream) blk skirt by CSA + BTSSB cut sew (yes... some how I changed in to all three x.x...)

Eric Tsai

What we did:
We made dolls, chat and ate and apparently Bailey's is a Lolita thing some how.

Do not attempt the Bailey's stunt we have done, for we are not professionals

To view them in smaller format:
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Rain couple

Gingham Fleece?

I was inspired by a AP JSK that was made of pink gingham and I because I can't really fit into brand I was going to attempt to make my own dress. Now the thing is I'm having trouble finding the same kind of gingham they used. I'm looking for a pink gingham but I really would like a fleece or something equally warm. So I suppose my question is to the loli sewers, have you been successful in finding fleece gingham? If so where did you find it?
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Nana Kitade promotion @ Kinokuniya Bookstores

I just wanted to let the community know that from 1/16 to 2/19, if you purchase the February 2007 issue of Shojo Beat with Nana Kitade on the cover OR Nana Kitade's -18-eighteen album, you'll be eligable for some gifts from Tofu Records! (while supplies last) The February edition of the magazine also has photos from the Nana Kitade Fashion Face off at Otakon 2006.

Gifts include tee-shirts designed by Nana, hand towels, Shojo Beat calendars and goodies, and other fun stuff. So far as I know, the promotion extends to every Kinokuniya store in the country, from California to New York City. :) Details @ Tofu Records (dot) Com!!

Recent trip to NY

I was in New York from the 8-10, and had a ball.
Before I share with you my mix-and-match "creative" loli outfit (lol) and ask for CONSTRUCTIVE opinions, I wanted to let you all know that there is a grey capelet at a store called Mystique Boutique in SoHo. I think the store has a clone store, but I can't remember what it's called. Anyway, this is the place http://local.yahoo.com/details?id=11061864&csz=%2C+NY& so if you are nearby, check it out. There is not much else I could see that is loli, but the capelet popped out at me. It's very plain, just solid gray,and I think a large black button.

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I wore that to the Metropolitan Opera to see Die Zauberflöte. >w< (I always saw Papagena as a total loli-chan. In fact, I think I have an in-class doodle! XD )
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Anyway. Just wanted to let everyone know about the capelet and ask for opinons AS LONG AS YOU ALL KNOW THAT I KNOW THIS ISN'T TRUE LOLITA!! I want advice to make it more lolita if I wanted - recommendations for changing certain aspects of the outfit, etc. :)