January 10th, 2007


question about metamorphose baby milk

Not very sure about this is the correct name for this shirt and skirt but wel..

I'm asking for your help, as I can't find anything about this.

I know it's from Metamorphose 2006 but that's it xD Can't find anything else on the web about it, no one sells one of this V_vu Just want to know if it's so difficult to get, or it was limited. Just any info you can provide me.

Thank youu!!

Red Outfit

I found a beautiful all-red dress (it's not crimson--it's regular red) with some white ruffles on the bottom and sleeve edges that I think might work out as a nice lolita outfit, but I haven't seen many all-red loli dresses at all. I'm sort of new to this and don't know if red should only be used sparingly or what. I was thinking of adding some white hearts to the sleeves and around the bottom. Does anyone know if this would be a mistake, or is an all-red (with some splashes of white) dress allowed?
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NANA Movie

I hope this isn't too off-topic, but I wanted to share with everyone who didn't know.

NANA 2 is now showing there, here is the website: http://www.nana2-movie.com/

I meant to talk about it earlier, but I totally forgot and then I just saw it listed on the apple trailer list and remembered XD
Lot's of fashion stuff I recognize, although not really any lolita in the trailer.

Not sure when a DVD release will happen, probably in a few months. I would like to see it myself, too bad I don't live in Japan D:

For all those who saw it, was it good or not? :3

Jsk question

I tend not to buy JSK's for the very reason i'm asking this question, but I was wondering what your opinions were on wearing the JSK without anything underneath (IE not a shirt :D). It was suggested to me the problem with this is having your shoulders showing, but I was planning to wear a capelet anyway. I hate wearing layers to be honest and I find blouses under JSK's particularly uncomfortable. However, I found a JSK I love, that I would wear in the summer, so wearing a blouse would be a too hot anyway really. I just wanted a few opinions really, because i'm quite new to the fashion.

Thanks :)
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Rilakkuma Writing

I need some graphics. Help? ^_^;

Hi, everyone! I am making a web site that links two LJ communities together. The North and South Virginia Lolitas. My problem is most of my EGL pics are from cosplay sites and I don't want to use them and I need some kind of graphics to use. If anyone has something that could make good web graphics, please help. Most of the stuff I found is real people and I need something that is more of artwork than photo. Maybe if someone has nice looking button images or banners too. I'm still going to google pictures, but any extra ideas are appreciated. Thanks! And if you have art you don't mind me using I'll credit you of course. ^_^;
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Detailed Guide to Rocking Horse Shoes

Rocking horse shoes : most of us have seen em. Many of us own them. They're popular with wearers of lolita and related fashions. The original designer was Westwood, and for a very princely sum you can still get them, but lots of Asian shoe sellers have their much cheaper knockoff versions. So many it's hard to keep them all straight. Which one makes them with the really high real wood heels again? Which ones sell foam ones with really cute really round toes? Which one is the cheapest? Which make them big enough for me?

I figure this can end up a detailed rocking horse info entry to eventually be stuck in the memories. Help me complete the detailed info on each seller and add in any that I missed?

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By the way : What makes something a rocking horse shoe? Rocking horse shoes have wedge heels, wood or wood look soles, a square cutout section in the back, and generally a curved cutout section in the front. The back cutout is key. If the shoes have only a wood-like wedge heel sole, they are NOT rocking horse shoes, though they are quite possibly still loli-able. They should be called wedge maryjanes or wooden wedge maryjanes.

About CDjapan

I was going to order a dress from there, but I realized that they don't have a paypal option. D: Can I use a debit-card? Is that the same thing as a check card? Silly question, but... I don't know the answer. XD

Pan's Labyrinth

I don't believe that this is really an off topic post since many members here have scheduled "meet ups" around this movie. The main character, the little girl, has a fashion sense not unlike this community. Not to mention the fact that several members here seem to be big fans of it and all (I'm seeing a lot of posters and commenters with icons from the film and such), so here's my question:

Is this film meant to be "scary?"
It's classified as a horror movie and is rated R for graphic violence....
But how bad could it be with a child at the center of the plot, right?

My girlfriend and I live in the Southern California area and missed several meets ups and opportunities to see the film since I was away travelling and she was busy working.
Though she's a little annoyed about it, this might have been a blessing in disguise if the film has a lot of blood or frightening moments in it.

The reason I ask is that I wanted to take her to see it at a movie theatre near the University of California Irvine as a surprise date after getting back from my trip.

However, she is really sensitive to gore and doesn't like horror movies. And I think I know her pretty well after living with her for years. She's fine with cartoony blood in animated films and things like Kill Bill. I just don't want to take her to see a film she thinks she wants to see only having to deal with her tears following a scary, frightening, or gorey movie.

I tried to research this question before posting here but haven't come across a straight answer, so I thought I'd try my luck asking here.
If anyone can tell me whether or not this movie is really a HORROR movie in the traditional sense of the word, I'd really appreciate it. Exactly how bloody or scary is it (without spoilers)? Thanks.
Rilakkuma Writing

Men's EGA...and picky boyfriends. I need a blouse for him and there isn't much choice.

I want to force dress my boyfriend in EGA. :3 Fanplusfriend has tons of stuff I like. I'm just looking for dress shirts that can easily go with solid slacks. Problem...my boyfriend doesn't really like the shirts. ;_; Does anyone know other places that sell EGA for men? Even if that doesn't work, I can't find any pictures for examples to do custom styles. ^.^; I may end up having to buy the shirt he doesn't want and giving it to him and make him feel bad because it was expensive. LOL. His problem is he doesn't like the ruffles on the front of the men's blouses and I love them to death. I was hoping there was something that still fit the category that didn't have ruffles. :3 Heh heh. I might end up buying one he likes and the ruffles just to make him wear it. *is evil* ^.^; But at the moment I want to get something for him for valentine's day and if it's custom I don't have much time. D: I know somebody here probably has an idea. (He also doesn't seem to like any of the other shirts on the site either...dang him for liking the expensive coats I can't afford. LOL.)

(no subject)

I've got another question! Sorry for being so ignorant, but I'm wondering #1. What are the most comfortable lolita-style shoes to wear (since I may be walking around for a while at an upcoming convention) and #2. Where can I buy the cheapest (but still good-looking) shoes? Is it possible to get them for $20 or less? I'm cheap, hehe. I need both white and off-white ones. Oh! Also, where can I get knee-high ruffled socks/tights (sorry about my crappy terminology--I'm sure they have a special name)? Thanks a bunch!
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Hyung Tae Kim
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Forever 21 "rocking horse" Shoes

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This might be old news because I don't go to the mall due to my claustrophobia. Too many people. Because of the worsening weather here (Snow! O_O) I ducked in there for a few minutes and it was virtually deserted so I walked around happy to be warm.

Oh yeah, in Nordstrom there is a velveteen jacket that has, of all things, butt ruffles! I thought it was the cutest thing ever but apparently it's all sold out except for the Large and extra large sizes. Comes in both burgandy and black. It distinctly reminded me of the Metamorphose jacket from last year's winter line.

Too bad, I would have completely forgotten about my debt and bought it if there'd been my size available. >_< It's not even available on their website anymore but there might be some left in the clearance rack if your area has a Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack.

Rocking horses Again \o\

I found this site witch have a version of rh that look like an*te*na one
http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/tn999/details_0016687.html *a different version*
It's good for those who use shopping services =P
I wish they have other colors, if you know others japanese sites that have rh in different versions of the lolita lola, montreal,dd and ling-lang please I want to know. Not the vivienne one *because is to much expensive = =~*
Sorry to post this if you are tired of everything about rh I just want to share the link ^^