January 9th, 2007

puking mickey


I was a little bit puzzled with the latest update in lolitasnap

see it by yourselves--- > www.lolitasnap.com

O_o I really didn't understood what that means... does anyone has any interpretations?

will lolitasnap ever revive?
Mary Jane Feet

Vacation Photos

I recently realized I never edited my photos from my vacation back in August. I found a few photos of me in egl I thought I'd post. Feels kind of strange since I *always* post photo shoots where I'm all dolled up and my bf spent all day editing. Posting random photos I edited myself feels strange to me O.o; Oh well! On with the show!

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Hope you enjoyed the few photos and my incoherent ramblings!
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puking mickey

amazon goodies?? anyone?

I`m sorry, I'm new to this community but not in lolita though...

I have a big question for anyone, because my father will buy me anything from amazon (within a reasonable price) and I've been searching for maybe... sweet, victorian gothic; acsessories, but I haven`t found anything... sooo would you by chance know anything from amazon.com that is kind of cute and still nice for wearing lolita? or even if not... I can take any suggestions ;) thank you.

(sorry for my crappy english!) >_
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bunny chan

introduction post...

and yes, i know it's not allowed! XD;;; but wait, i have a question as well!

  introduction bit: hi, i'm interested in the lolita fashion and i'm from Malaysia but am currently in London because of lots of interesting stuff concerning the words "further" and "education".

  question bit: that aside, i'm here to ask for advice, because like leilani_rei in just a few posts before mine i've had a bad day with my exams and financial stress running around my head. i trudge back to my hostel to find a huge package from Nanjing, China and a smaller package from Singapore waiting outside my room and was instantly cheered up!!! yay, i finally got my coat and dresses from Fanplusfriend! *O* but when i tear open the package, oh! my Angelic Pretty replicas were way way wayyyy too long for me! they reached up to the middle of my calf! ;_; the coat was too long, and she forgot to put a pocket as i had requested, and the dresses... they break my heart. the the skirts were circle, and they mesh my petticoats very very badly, because of the amount of weight and fabric. and i wore two petticoats. both dresses and coat were overly-long by about 10cm. i feel like asking for a refund, but from what i know, i don't think they do refunds! and if i were to send it back to them, i would have to cover for the shipping and handling costs both ways, right? ;__;

  one alternative that i have is that i can keep the two dresses, and wait until i return to Malaysia (oh, goodness knows when! >.<) to get it altered short and fix the skirt's shape. the coat, however, will have to be retruned, but at least it wouldn't cost as much as with both the dresses. i have e-mailed F+F telling them about the problem and asking them to propose solutions, but i'd like to know what the seasoned people here think >.<;

  to make up for the long question and bad introductory post, i'd like to share with you the Antique White jumper skirt i bought from kaori_lolita just recently which arrived much ahead of time... thank you Kaori! \*O*/

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*bows* nice to meet you, everyone! *O* i hope to learn lots from you all, and hope that we get along well!

  EDIT/UPDATE: Fanplusfriend replied to me (very courteously too!) that they will refund me if it was unfit. however, seeing as the items are custom-sized and i didn't request for a specific length, they are unable to accept my return and exchange requirements. the replies were well and understanding, so i have decided to accept them. i will be keeping the dresses and will get them modified by my friend in the far future, and as for the coat... well. i'll just make use of it *sighs* i don't know if anyone would want a complete review of what i think of their service, workmanship and so on. i do suggest to anyone who wants to order in the future from them to give various other specifications on top of your body measurements! desired dress length, sleeves length, skirt length, whatever you can think of! i don't think i'll be ordering custom dresses online anymore though... thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions and advice :) i really am truly grateful to you all, because i was on the verge of shredding my mental self to bits for being so stupid ^^;;;

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from the wonderful &lt;lj user=&quot;lady_sweetl

Bloomers or such

Hi ladies,
I'm looking for a bloomer or simmilar pattern for loli undergarments and I've wandered over and under the memories and other LJ communities but came up empty handed. I searched the pattern books at my local sewing store but the 'historical reinactment' type bloomers sit awfully high on the stomach with a thick flat waistband and I overheat terribly easily so such a high waist with petti and dress fabrics makes a difference, esp. in the Australian summers.

Also if anyone can point me in the direction of a simple jumperskirt pattern, that'd rock my world, but I don't want to be asking for too much and the bloomers are more important.

Thanks in advance!

Question about Sewing Trim

Sorry; forgot the "no introduction" part of the rules. ^_^;

I have a question about sewing trim onto a fabric. There's this trim I have that's really beautiful, and I was wondering about how I could go about sewing it onto some black fabric I have. I thought, since the trim has holes down the center, I could use something like a black satin ribbon to hand-sew through the holes to attatch it. I was wondering if any of you have any other suggestions?

Coordination help? (yeah yeah, another one of these)

Well, being the total dork that I am... I'm now lusting after this new Cherry Print In the Starlight skirt. However, I don't want to buy it if I don't actually have anything to coordinate it with, as I don't want to spend any extra money. :P So I was wondering: would white shoes look allright with this, along with white socks? I don't own red shoes OR red socks >.>;; (although it wouldn't be too much of a hassle to find and buy red socks). Also, about the shirt - would it be acceptable to wear a fitted red t-shirt with a cute print for a more casual style? Or should I stick with a blouse? (I only have white blouses, though >.>;; I DO have cherry-themed hair accessories, whee)

I've heard some complaints about the quality and thickness of the fabric from ITS, as well, but a friend of mine has their red Tea Party Skirt in cotton broadcloth, and it seems to be just fine.
Got Yuri? (by www.SunTemple.org)

IW Fukubukuro (with different stuff)

Yes, I know that people are getting sick of “what was in your lucky pack” posts, but mine had a lot of items that I hadn’t seen before in the other IW lucky packs from this year so I thought I would post.

Warning: image heavy

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So all and all the items were nice, but not enough of them fit me. Which is a little weird because usually I do better at fitting into IW items than other brands, as they tend to run bigger. Hopefully I can make my money back by selling them and buy other pretty IW things that fit me (I’m such an addict -_-;)

If anyone has any links to any of IW’s stock footage for these items, I’d be grateful, as it saves me from trying to figure out what the measurements are myself whenever I get around to selling.

Crossposted to the Innocent World community.
Got Yuri? (by www.SunTemple.org)

Some selling questions

Sorry for two posts in a row, but I wanted to post this before I have to leave -_-;

So I’m about to attempt to sell/trade a lot of the items I got in my Innocent World fukubukuro. I’m new to selling, so I'm looking for some advice.

First of all, I haven’t really sold before. (The one time I tried the item got lost in the mail and I ended up refunding the buyer her money). I don’t have anything to vouch for me other than a perfect eBay buying record and my own word that I’m an honest person. How do you start off making sales then when you don’t necessarily have a reputation to back you up? I’m considering allowing buyers to pay me half at first and then the rest when they receive it, but I don’t want to be scammed either.

Secondly, how do y’all calculate shipping? Do you have scales at home or something? I don’t mind if I end up having to pay a few dollars more at the post office than what I calculated the price as, but I don’t want to find myself out $10-20 either (I live in Japan).

Thirdly, exactly how does “measuring flat” work? Do you measure all the way around or just what it would be if it’s laying on the floor? How does that translate into a “round” measurement?

Lastly, what’s the best way to package this kind of stuff? Clothing isn’t as fragile as say, VHS tapes, but are there any things I should and shouldn’t do?

Thanks everyone, I hope none of this was overly obvious.
Kuma Love

Looking for a dress for my boyfriend

My boyfriend has wanted to go to an EGL teaparty for a while, and he really likes french maids so last summer I made him a frilly apron to start him on EGL cosplay.
The thing is he has nothing to wear it with, and we've had a hard time finding something that would fit him AND match the apron. He has pretty slight proportions B:38, W:28, H:32, but he is 5'11.

Basically what I would be looking for is a fairly simple black dress with a high neck, preferably turtle neck or tight collar, and sleeves. If anyone could recommend a store that would have something like this (even brand name might be ok) or would be willing to sell something I would be really happy.
I've looked at Ebay and other online stores for hours finding mostly dresses that are too busy to have an apron added on.

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Thank you in advance!
Rilakkuma Writing

I wanna start a Lolita Club in Virginia. Anyone near who can join/help?

Hi, everyone. I wanted to start a lolita club in Virginia in the Chesapeake area. I was thinking of dressing up and going to places in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk and places near by and taking pictures or something. I also have an Anime Club every other Sunday so the library knows me and if I can get enough people we can meet at the library and maybe people will come to see the dresses or take pictures. :D There isn't a club like that anywhere around here. :3 I just need to find members to be in the club. @_@ Is anyone here interested or know any other communities/sites that may have people interested? I thought it would be fun to base a club on Lolita, and even if I can't make a club specifically for it at the library, we can have a lolita section in the Anime Club since it's kinda related. :3 And go on outings. So if anyone is interested in helping me with the club, please tell me. My e-mail is chibichiiruchan@yahoo.com and if you want you can yahoo me the same name or AIM me at ChiiruChan or MSN me at ChibiStrawberryPocky@hotmail.com Any help is appreciated.

recruiting for Antique Child

Evenin', dears. Antique Child, a Gothic & Lolita webzine, is currently looking for outfit designs to feature in the spring issue. I am specifically looking for waloli, wagoth, and qiloli. (Yes, there is such a thing as wagoth!)

The key word here, however, is OUTFIT DESIGNS, NOT simply artwork. Think of the little illustrations you find in the Gosurori magazines next to each outfit. Details are very clear, they usually depict alternate versions and the back of the design, and usually don't include backgrounds.

The point is to give readers an idea of how to construct their own outfit in this specific style.

If you're interested, please email me at: staff -at- antiquechild -dot- com so that I can send you the technical details. The deadline for submissions is February 11.

For reference, here is some wa-style stuff from Gosurori, courtesy of Avant Gauche:
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Please reply or mail me at the above address if you have any other questions! Thanks so much for looking!

TRADE: Btssb Stained Glass OP for other JSK. + questions

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Also, what's the cut off date for filing a complaint with paypal about a person who may have run off with your money? I'm starting to get a little nervous, and I don't want to miss the date. D: I probably missed the obvious, but I can't find it. :/

Edit: Does anyone know the measurements for the waist of this dress? Just curious.

Boy, I'm just full of questions, today. D:

Loli in LoZ? O.o;;

Being the gamer I am, I had gotten Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I got up to this part of the game where there is this little girl named Agitha. Princess Agitha. She loves bugs, and inside her house there is this small tree. She asks Link to collect pretty golden bugs [24 in total] so she and her little insect friends can have a ball.





I THINK she is loli, because of the way she carries herself in the game. Plus, her fashion-sense is somewhat loli, I guess, since in games like these the designers have to make some unique way of the characters clothing. And she is certainly the only girl I've seen who wears clothes like this in the game.

I ask my dears, what is your opinion? Do you think she is loli, or that at least the designers based her off of loli-fashion?
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Loli Baked Goods

Alright everyone!

I am going to open a bakery, hopefully in the next year or two, and want to make it a lovely loli tea house sorta thing. What I want from you is for you to let me know what makes something a loli dessert. Should it be small, bite sized, and dainty? Are there certain flavours you like? don't like? Anything that screams to you not loli at all?

I have a pretty good idea of what i want, and a bunch of recipes. I just want some imput from actual lolis. Thanks!
2of a Kind

photo post

Today i had 1 hour(not nearly enough to remotely
cover the grounds) to run around in the cold taking
photos : T__T so, to break up all the sales post
woosh, photo spam! haha

Disclaimer: I smiled in the first photoshoot i did for
this particular dress, dont mind the pouting in this one!<^_^>

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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Sheryl Alto OTP ushitora_icons

Animated icons update

For those who remember, back in November I made a post with animated icons made out of carnet_atelier's Diversi-loli artwork. After her most recent post featuring a lolita with piercings I felt compelled to also make an icon out of it ^^

C&C appreciated ^^ I tried to make the "We sparkle" part look sorta sparklish... not sure if that came out ok or not.

The old post with the other icons was updated with this one as well.

Edit: Now a second icon with the more gramatically correct word ^^;
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