January 8th, 2007


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I know I'm by far not the only newish loli in this community, and since there has been so much debate about it recently, I was interested in compiling a list of sensible prices to ask/pay for brand items.

Obviously generalisation is difficult because some items will be originally more expensive than others, some in better condition, some more rare etc; if it turns out to be an impossible task to suggest rough guidelines for newbies then so be it, but I think it would be beneficial for many members here. :)

Please note, I am not really inviting discussion on the ethics of selling items at high or low prices- the aim of this game is to give the newbies an idea of what you think is a fair price for a fairly average brand piece so that they can make an educated decision as to whether to buy from here, or whether to buy new items.

So, without further ado, please take the time to suggest a fair price range (for both buyer and seller) for a lightly used brand piece of each of the following types:

-one pieces
-any others you feel are relevant.

Thanks very much!
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Please show moderators and other community members courtesy when they bother to show it to you. It's basic and human. And if we were sitting around face-to-face this type of rudeness would not exist. It is the anonymous nature of the Internet that allows such actions. Understand that communication of any type should be made with serious intention, even if it is from several hundred miles away.


State Of The Community

Recently there has been just a bit of turmoil in the community which I'm not going to touch on because it has been taken care of. But one thing that I have noticed is a series of complaints about the "inactivity" of moderators. In general, the job of moderator just requires that someone delete OT posts, enforce rules, mediate arguments, and eliminate members who continuously violate rules and generally upset the balance of the community.

However, the general egl consensus is that there needs to be more from moderators than just that. Additionally, a lot of the newer members aren't familiar with the moderators and perhaps this has led to a lot of miscommunication in general.

I can see several things that could improve the community:

1) A review of community rules to make sure that posting critera are fair and clear.
2) Tagging community entries from the beginning to make pulling up archived information an easy process.
3) Expansion of the FAQ.
4) More community memes/group efforts sponsered by moderators.
5) Some type of organization for WTB/WTC/WTT/WTS posts.

Additionally, I think I'm going to start going on AIM on a regular, bi-weekly chat where community members can address problems in a respectful, safe enviroment without fear of getting BANNINATED (and other moderators will join this chat as well). The chats don't have to be serious, we can have fun too, but I think if the community got together and talked more a lot of these problems might start to evaporate.

But I would like to hear from the members what needs to be done to make the community stronger and better. Please be courteous about this since I'm taking this seriously and trying to improve the community and the role of moderators in it.

I think that sometimes the community turns into a trading/sales community or just something that generates a lot of nasty feelings. And there is fault on all sides for this including myself. But the problem is that this is a fashion community and it should be a lot more light-hearted because of that. Yes, RORITA is serious business but at the same time, we're dressing up like "cracked-out versions of Alice In Wonderland" so we can't take it too seriously. (And don't read into that, it's a joke, folks.)

So please, post your ideas for community improvement/expansion!

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My outfit from Ohayocon! <3

It was sooo nice to see some egl members at Ohayocon!! I was sad to miss the Lolita Crush event on Satuday, but I was hosting the Tofu Records Panel and in a rather complicated cosplay (Princess Tutu), so I felt sort of funny showing up not in lolita. x_x

Anyway, I'm happy to share some of my photos of me in my new Red Riding Hood JSK that I bought a few weeks ago from the community. I wore the JSK for the first time yesterday. Unfortunately, my luggage has yet to come home, so I'm sitting on pins and needles and being emotional while I wait for US AIR to deliver my suitcase with my JSK inside. (God, why couldn't they lose my suitcase when it DIDN'T have a full lolita outfit inside? Grr!)

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EDIT: Accoding to US AIR, I should have my JSK back in my arms by 10.00p this evening, midnight at the absolute latest. Thanks for everyone's well wishes as I agonize over my missing luggage...

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New Member saying Hello

Hi, I am new to this community. You can call me Crystal; it's my online name. I am really into the Sweet/Goth Lolita fashions, and I am interested in learning how to sew and make my own. I am a girl of larger size (XL), so I am fairly self-consious and I am unsure if I would even look good in that style of clothing, but I still want to try to wear clothes in that style, even just once. I have blond, chin length hair and bangs, and I also (unfortunately) wear glasses. It's nice to meet you all!
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Rilakkuma Writing

I want to buy a brand dress...but alas I don't know Japanese.

Hi everyone. I have a few questions. I would like to buy a brand dress eventually, and I am going to try and save up. I have a few questions. I read about people doing joined orders to save on shipping here all the time. :3 Thank goodness someone knows Japanese. I was thinking of doing that sometime. There is a size question though. I'm large as in tall and big, but not fat. X_X I'd make a Japanese person feel puny. LOL. I was wondering does any brand do bust 42" waist 36"? >.< Also, yen conversion question. I want to get a dress, but I don't want to spend over approx. $150. What is the highest amount of yen a dress can be if it doesn't go over $150. Last but not least, could I get links to the official brand sites to browse. @_@ I had them saved but I accidently deleated the folder. D: I'm sorry for all the questions. I'm a newbie at ordering anything from a Japanese web site. ;_; I can't understand most of it...
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Two devils

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I have taken notice that there are a lot of shirred dresses offered by brand name companies.  For instance, I have an IW dress that is shirred but I never saw the one with shirring on the site.   I'm just a bit confused how people find out if they have certain things with shirred tops and waists.

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misc // scrawny girl

as a break from the angry mod and sales posts... lolita decorating!

So I bought a condo, and I will be moving in the first week of April (yes, wonder of wonders, some of us in this community actually do have jobs and do work! *gasp*). The best part of this? Decorating!

I really want to do all Victorian/lolita-themed decorating, not surprisingly. Has anyone else done this sort of decorating at all? Have any photos of your living space lolita-fied? Or photos of Victorian/lolita-style rooms and decorations that you really love? Any crafty, creative ideas? Do share! I have a blank slate in terms of furniture, light fixtures, painting, everything. The more ideas and inspiration the better!

EDiT: You guys are really helpful! I am saving this post to my personal memories and will definitely be referring to it over the next couple months.
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Tigger &amp; Rabbit

Cute loli-able tees at....*gasp* Hot Topic!

Do not slaughter me, brethren...I am one of your own kind. I just decided to go to Hot Topic today and found some cute cheap things. I was surprised too, but hey, sometimes they have stuff that can really work for lolita fashion.

EDIT: Casual lolita style, I mean. Basically, if ya feel like putting on a t-shirt instead of a blouse, heheh. They're not exactly lolita, but I think putting them on over a cute skirt would make a good casual look.

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pictures wanted :)

ANYONE have pics of headresses and alice bows being worn...with the hair styled and up? my hair isnt too nice down *nappy, frizzy, curly, etc..* and would like to see some pics of hair goodies worn with style ^_^
thanks to anyone who can help!

much luvage and cupcakes,

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Sakuran 1


Someone please explain to me how to do my hair like this:

I tried just putting it in to pigtails then curling it with an iron, but every time it only curls the end. (;_;) If it helps I have pin-straight thin hair. Thank you to anyone whom offers me their wise hair knowledgeable advice. xD <3
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Ling Lam Kera shoe order

I regret to say that I cannot run the Ling Lam order for the custom Kera shoes. Unfortunately, some things have come up and my plate is a little full right now.

If someone does want to continue this order I can give them all the information that Ling Lam gave me.

I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
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XXXholic Character - Ame Warashi

I know this isn't really EGL but more of a cosplay issue, but I could swear that I've seen the boots this XXXholic anime character wears on a brand website somewhere. Does anyone remember seeing it?

The pictures are from chapter 121 of XXXholic (volume 10 or so, I think) and pretty spoiler-free

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