January 7th, 2007

rocking horses

things that make us go hummmm

I was on ebay.... oh noes...
and I came across some pretty cute shoes:
cute and simple

They are rocking horse-like and they look pretty low/easy to walk in so they looked like a great gift for my friend! (she is accident prone)

and then I saw these:
crazy and shiny!

MUST DRAW FUTURE LOLI oooh or mabey super hero loli!
yes... i. um... no further comments LOL

HAD to share ^^
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Do any of you girls have pictures of you and your significant other while you're in loli? My boyfriend just posted one of us, taken with his cellphone (sorry about the quality!). We spent the whole day at The Galleria, wandering around and people-watching. I'd love to see you and your love. :3

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Alice in Wonderland Layout

Hey guys, I just thought you might enjoy an Alice in Wonderland layout I recently made for my MySpace profile.

It's pretty plain, but often my layouts are crowded and busy, and thought this would be a nice change for those who have to look at it often. (And I was lazy. xD)

Anyways, here it is. ^_^

Pics from Christmas

Er, I realized I hadn't posted these, and so... pics of Loli!Me from Christmas Eve!

Edit: Some people are having trouble viewing the pics, and some aren't, so I'm going to go ahead and move them all over to ImageShack and see if that helps... so try it again!
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Portrait of Things To Come

Holiday Swap

This is just a quick message to those of you who joined the lolita holiday gift swap I set up a while back. I've gotten a few messages from people who haven't received anything yet and are wondering what's up. I've messaged the partners of those people asking what's going on, but I decided to go ahead and make an entry about it, so if any one else has yet to send out your gifts, this is your opportunity to let me know that you're not a dead beat. Also, if anyone hasn't gotten a gift yet and hasn't emailed me about it yet, please let me know. It's been long enough and you really should have something at least on the way now, and I'd be happy to check up on it if you're worried. Thanks.
donghae dancing

Tiger Lily and Meta Dress

I was surfing through google, or was it vampirefreaks? oh no, ignore what I just said.
I found this site. and was wondering if any of you ordered shoes/loli dresses from there? please give me reviews!
is that loli? i think it is gorgeous! there are other shoes that i think are loli.
But since I am slightly new to lolita, i could be wrong on kinds of stlyle of shoes
moving on to the Meta dress.
Blouse= Target
Bow Barette= borrowing from topigalia
Stockings= Rite Aid :P they are horrible. easily torn.
High heels= Payless Source. got it on sale!
Meta dress: Metamorphose. tropigalia gave it to me for christmas! how sly and sweet Mary is! I told her i want this dress about 3 weeks. She was like," ah cute! i will get it for you" Then following that week, i questioned, "are you getting me the dress?" Mary answered," No! stop asking. I have no money"
then On christmas, Mary gave me the wrapped present, and i opened it, I screamed wildly! I immediately went to the bathroom and changed into the dress. My first brand dress! IT FITS PERFECTLY.
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By me!

RHS Seller

Has anyone bought shoes from the Ebay seller bathingcat? I was thinking about buying a pair of rocking horse shoes from them, but I wasn't sure about the quality and sizing, etc.
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Nana Kitade's Otakon Fashion Show in Shoujo Beat!

I recently recieved the latest issue of Shoujo Beat magazine. This month's covergirl is Nana Kitade, and one of the headlines reads "Rock the Gothic Lolita look!", so I eagerly flipped through it, wondering what the articles would be inside. The Nana Kitade interview is adorable, and they printed a small feature on her Otakon fashion show. I scanned the whole interview, so that all the girls who attended the fashion show can see if they're pictured or quoted...
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picture post

I was bored during my winter break, so I dolled up and took some pictures. Most of the photo turned out to be blurry or in a weird angle, but I managed to save a few with my bad photoshop skills.

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Princess Sugar

a quick sewing question!

I'm sittin here in my craft room sewing my very first jumpskirt, and I'm wondering... what colour thread would I use to attach white lace to a black dress? I'm almost done here, just about to sew the straps on and then just add a ruffle to the bottom and lace here and there, tiny other little alterations as this was made by a completely made-up newspaper pattern @_@ but it's coming along so well, I need to post finished photos! :D

So again the point of this, black or white thread for white lace on black clothing?
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(no subject)

I can honestly say that I have never been more angry in my entire life.  Sunday, August 27, 2006 11:37 pm, I emailed "Miss Kitsu"  (aveugle.hime@gmail.com) as she was interested in my Meta shirred window print dress.  I was reluctant to let it got for what I did as I paid $200 for it.  (I traded a Meta dress that I paid $200 for the window print.)  She sai that she couldn't afford the payment and I lowered it and eventually we struck a deal.  She would paypal me $145 and the rest was sent in the form of an Innocent World black and white headdress.  She sent the money and the headpiece and I made the mistake of sending the dress before the headpiece arrived.  Well, if I had waited that long, I never would have shipped the damn dress.  I never got the head piece.

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choco hearts


I have not been drawing EGL for a long time, in fact I've just started not too long ago. My CG/drawing skills are a bit rusty, but I felt a need to draw something and so happens I've drawn something EGL.

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Hi! I have a little request here. I'm searching for any gurololita/kodona ect picture, especially if they are having eyepatch.

Thank you very much

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Tigger & Rabbit

How do trades work?

Dear lolitas,

I've never traded anything online before...I've only sold stuff, which was easy enough. Now, I want to ask you experienced gals about trades, and how to avoid being ripped off.

When you agree to trade something with someone, how do you ensure that the item you traded for will really be sent to you? Is there a way to do this, or is every trade a blind leap of faith...for both sides, even? What do you all usually do to make sure everybody gets what they agreed on? I know this isn't exactly lolita related, but if you know of a better community to post this to, just lemme know and I'll scamper off.