January 6th, 2007

Showing off my pathetic oekaki skills!

http://www.sheezyart.com/view/1037517/ Why yes, that would be a blatant rip-off of the VM bustle skirt~

I've been goofing around since I got my drawing tablet for Christmas, though not much, since I also got Tales of the Abyss. This would be my only egl-appropriate doodle so far.

As for any other notes on the drawing itself, its still really weird to not look down on where I'm drawing. Also, I didn't realize that I saved the thumbnail(JPG file) on 4chan instead of the full image(PNG file) so that's why the compression is bad. Not that it really matters, OpenCanvas wont let me open PNGs so I wouldn't have been able to fix my full image(at the moment, 4chan is working on their oekaki servers, so I'm not able to just load up my drawing and finish it there)

Oh well, not like I wasted 100 hours on it or anything~ XD

FYI: The brown thing is Pedobear of 4chan. Its kind of a lame joke on the interchangability of the word "loli" :\
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Mary Jane Feet

Ling Lam Crown Purse Review

So in the Ling Lam group order I got some of the Baby knock off purses. I may be a brand whore but I'm far too cheap to fork over $200 for a purse. Guess its one of my wardrobe failings in life :P

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(no subject)

Hello my fellow lolis! I havent done a formal introduction yet, so I decided to do one now ^___^ My real name is Christianne. I live in Toronto, Canada. I have been interested in Gothic Lolita fashion for about 2-3 years now. I have ordered from Cosmates and Metamorphose, but for my next order I think I will try In The Starlight. I don't have a full wardrobe of loli clothes yet, but I'm working on it.

I was looking through some of the past entries to this journal, and I see that some people have done "group orders". So, how exactly does a group order work?
*feels like a n00b*

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(no subject)

Dear fellow Sydney siders. If you have not gone shopping in the last few days, taking advantage of the clearance sales,

Bow your heads in shame and weep with despair

I saw so much loliable stuff it isn't funny. Crown jewellery, frills and ribbons abounded. Not to mention it was all on sale. Also, I remember someone wanted pictures of the sleeve things my friend picked up at harajuku, so i've got photos of them as well. Click the cut for a selection of what I bought- My new black parasol is awesome, squee-, and instructions on where to grab them. Also, need advice on hair styles

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Any advice on ways to wear my hair? I can't stand it in my face, so normally I put it up with a hair clip while goth/aristo, but I look too mature if I do that when wearing more sweet styles.

Question about Lolita lifestyle

I was wondering, where can I learn more about the lolita "lifestyle." I've read all the Novala Takemoto translations online, and found a few websites. If you could give me a few links, or ideas where to look, I'd appreciate it alot!
Thank you for helping me!
Take care!
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Little lolitas

Hi all!

I was watching some old pics, from when I was little, and there are some outfits that have that lolita feeling. And since lately we all showed our wardrobes and our first lolita outfit, why don't we show some pics of our childhood?

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Zorak in a Wig

Advice on Color Coordination?

I've started working on a classical-style JSK using this fabric.

The bodice is going to be similar to this dress, and I'd like the bottom of the skirt to be like this (yay! I can't draw!): white (?) fabric gathered to form semi circles (there's a word for this, right?) over the cherry print.

(lawl i think this post NEEDS MOAR LINKZ)

OKAY. So, my question to you, dear reader, is:
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Does anybody know...

when brands like meta, baby, h.naoto, innocent world will start to have new things like dress?
Cause like meta only have a few things right now on the site store and h.naoto to
And baby in the kera site have new really pretty dresses like http://www.indexcomm.co.jp/mani/baby/index_4.html and http://www.indexcomm.co.jp/mani/baby/index_2.html but, when will sell on the baby site?
sorry for the bad english
I'm kind of bored to look the same dresses on the sites and can't wait to see new ones *-*
I'm still don't bought any christmas presents with the hope that this brands will start to make new things X_X