January 5th, 2007


photo post: New Year's with Sweet Tea

Here are some cute photos we took at Sweet Tea's miniature New Year's meet-up. Plus more random EGL shots. Everyone loves actual photos of people wearing actual lolita outfits, right? I know I do, especially of handmade outfits that don't look like anyone else's. Wink wink nudge nudge cough cough wheeze wheeze.

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my little lolitas....I am bored...
I need someone to talk to so if you have aim or msn
add mee.....
aim: kaitandesu
msn: lollipop_cafe@hotmail.com

Does anyone shop at COSMATES.COM and if you do... WHY?
***Not to start a flame war*** I just want to know if
you buy drawers, headdresses, socks or the dresses..?

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I have a question concerning Putumayo cutsews like Collapse ).

According to Putumayo's website the first cutsew's bust size is appr. 76 cm. And the second cutsew's bust size is appr. 72 cm. Which seems incredibly small to me. Especially compared to their other items. Anyone here ever owned a top like these? Are those their maximum sizes? Or do they stretch? And how much?
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Okay, I have a few questions!

Question 1: Does anyone know where I could find a wig very similar to Mana-sama's hair when he has the two curly pigtails?
Question 2: How does everyone go about buying their loli clothes off of Yahoo Japan auctions (I don't mean liek what you use-I know there's Rinkya and Crescent shop)? What I mean is with the sizes and stuff? I've looked through the clothes and had Japanese friends translate for me but it seems they NEVER tell you the bust, waist, or hip measurements...
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Classic Lolita Art post

Hello everyone!

I'm kind of nervous to post this. Last night I got the urge to draw even though I gave it up over eight months ago. This is the first somewhat serious picture I've drawn in a long time so I'm very rusty. (Excuse the anatomy!) I last made an art post here about 3 or 4 years ago under another name and that went over pretty well so I'm hoping this will too.

This isn't perfect, but it was nice to sit down and draw again. I hope you enjoy it!

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lolita holiday swap again.

Now that it's January, probably everyone who is going to receive something has it by now.
So I am wondering who got things, and what did you get?
I didn't end up receiving anything, although I did ship something out to someone.
I'm a little bit sad that I didn't get anything, but I guess it's inevitable that some people wouldn't get things.
Who else never received anything? And if you didn't end up shipping something out, what was the reason?
Keiyuu, kra

Design Help!

I've been working on a semi replica of this Victoria Maiden dress - semi because I decided I want a bit of lace on it similar to the top of this dress however I'm debating whether I should have the straps like the VM one or with lace and ruffly like the Btssb one. Both look really nice so I'd like to ask opinions from all of the lovely lolitas here which they like better! I wish I could take pictures, but my computer can't upload my camera pics yet T_T.

Thanks for your help!
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Can someone please help me?

I'm looking to buy this:

Unfortunately, with totally craptastic Japanese Kanji Skeoz, i can't read what material it's made out of.
I'd run it through a translator, but the entire thing is a picture...>.<

Sooo...can somebody please translate?? Also...Does anyone know the quality?? I've been in love with this JSK for a while, but i dont wanna spend that much money if it's of crap workmanship....

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hello dollies! i just got a new phone (well, used and i am getting a new face plate for it as a result) and i wanted to make it EGL cute! I purused the memories for DIY on accessorizing your electronics but didnt come up with anything. If anyone could show me some examples that would be great. I am thinking of a purple, grey, and black theme as i am more gothic lolita. Thanx in advance for your wonderful advice!