January 4th, 2007


Lol whut?



Is the meta luckypack really worth that much? Or is this seller taking the piss? I've noticed that she/he is selling several other luckypacks - a baby one, for $350 (!?#&%?), etc. Is this 'the norm' once lucky packs are officially no longer available in store? It seems pretty steep, to me.


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Sparkle Klaus.

Good source of pretty parasols.

A few weeks back I was in Harvey Nichols  in Edinburgh, and in my ever-continuing quest to find pretty bras that fit I headed to the lingerie section.  I got talking to one of the sales assistants and mentioned the way the department was decorated, which was fantastic.  It was festooned with parasols and umbrellas in various shades from white to a dark antique white, all hanging from the ceiling.   They were all very pretty and old fashioned and generally loliable, so I asked her where they got them from, and she pointed me in the direction of this site:


A lot of their stuff is pretty expensive, as you might expect (£80 for an umbrella, anyone?), but there are a few lovely pieces for relativly cheap, and for UK lolis especially it's a nice source of pretty parasols for a bit less than importing from Japan.  The quality (from what I saw in HN) is much nicer than those horrible Battenburg lace parasols on ebay, and for not much more.

Here's some good stuff I found:

http://www.brolliesgalore.co.uk/acatalog/copy_of_Sophia.html <---nice £20 parasol/umbrella in white and antique white.  I've not seen many parasols in a dark shade like that.

http://www.brolliesgalore.co.uk/acatalog/Amore2.html <----a nice ivory coloured, frill-edged parasol that's £15.

http://www.brolliesgalore.co.uk/acatalog/copy_of_Lolita_Parasol_-_Cream.html <---this one's actually called the Lolita Parasol...but it's close to £100 and not actually that nice ;-).

There might be some other nice stuff that I've missed, too.

Two new communities! Please join!!

A while back I noticed that there were brand specific communities for baby and angelic pretty, but nothing for two of my favorite brands. So I created two new brand communities emikyu for emily temple cute and shirley temple
and also metamor_way for metamorphose. Maybe this will help cut down on lucky bag, parasols in stock, and "updated with new items" posts in this community.

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So Victorian Maiden's upcoming Rococco Bouquet line? Total love!

http://www.victorianmaiden.com/onlineshopping/catalogue/new_item/reserve_index.html (Scroll down the page a little ways to see it. It's been available for reserve for a little while now, but I haven't seen any other posts about it.)

I'm thinking about reserving the bustle skirt in blue. And I love the parasol show with the dressform, too :x Anyone else planning to get any items from this line, either through reservation or Y!J? Or at least find it as awesome as I do? (◕ฺ‿◕ฺ✿ฺ)
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lolita duck

i while ago i saw a little girl pushing one of those toy ducks you have for tiny little kids...

so i was thinking... maybe it would be a nice lolita assecoires/item.. so i drew this really fast just for an example

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Wonder Woman

Beth website slow for anyone?

I was just wondering, is the Victorian Maiden/ Beth website slow for anyone? Whenever I go onto Beth it is like anciently slow and I have cable internet....(it been slow for me the last couple months)

Does this happen for anyone else?
It's hard to look at Beth stuff when it takes forever for anything to load...

thanks!~ just wanted to see if it was just my computer b/c I haven't seen it addressed here yet.

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Baby Snow White

Pictures of a Mary Magdalene dress


Sorry for bothering you all, but I was just wondering if someone could provide a couple of images from one of Mary Magdalene's previous lines. I could only find thumbnails on the Google image search page that led to broken links. Here is the dress I am looking for pictures of:

Thank you!
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Fairytale in Winter

More photos along the winter lolita theme, but this is also a shoot I'd wanted to do for awhile. Unfortunately it started to rain as soon as I started so I couldn't get into deep woods like I'd wanted, but anyway, I hope these kind of tell a *tiny* bit of the story we all know and love!

Once Upon a Time...

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Question on how to fix soles!

One of my Montreal "cork"-sole boots has a dent in the sole, so whenever I wear it outside on rainy/wet days [it has been raining for two months now..] it makes embarrassing fart-like noises if I walk normally, which usually gives me a lot of unwanted attention > _>
To avoid these noises, I have to either tip-toe or walk around looking like I have a broken leg, which.. isn't very elegant at all.

Any suggestions on how to fix the problem?
Mom would do a *facepalm* if I bought a new pair.. I've spent a lot of money lately. ._.;;

Thank you! ♥

Hang 'em up, I'd say.

After plowing briefly through a bunch of LJ entries via the search engine to see if my question has been asked/answered, I've decided that whatever came up was only slightly relevant and I figure I ought to ask anyway. :D

So guys...girls.

With all your headdresses, alice bows and other lacy/ruffly/colourful/plain/decorated headpieces.

Where do you hang them? O:

Do you find a special - uh. I don't know what it's called, but it's a wood/plastic/breakable stand sort of thing that stores use to put headbands, bits of jewelry and other such things on. Or drape things over, depending on the merchandise. (The ones I've seen look like a log cut in half and put on a square block. Just to describe it in a nonsensical way.) But anyway, do you have a special stand for them?

Or are they hung/placed wherever they fit?
The back of a chair, a hanger in a closet, stuffed in your chest of drawers, ect.

Personally, mine are draped over a hanger. But it feels like I ought to put them in a better place so that they don't end up with a permanent dent in them. x:
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Some ideas to sell x3

I had a really neat day with my friend and we made some little clay things and of course my mind wandered to EGL. I would like some opinions on these, and if any of you would think of purchasing them, etc. These of course were a first-try, if done again they will definetly be a lot better. @_@

So suggest colors, ideas, anything. I'm really open right now, and look out soon for me selling these. :3

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