January 3rd, 2007

2of a Kind

Picture post and a question: lolis and the gym?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo yesterday I met up with my mom for lunch
at the diner..had fun giving faces to the
cranky other ppl making faces at us hehe As for
the stripes,which i know u all hate--its a thing
for my mom. ^_^' she loves them . Ne how,
figured id post up pics of my newest wardrobe
addition which im in dead love with hehe
its the same from my last glove post, clickie
the cut to see the images larger!

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my boss my hero
  • sakky_

[sewing question, sorta]

So on this Btssb dress, the last shot is a closeup of the rose lace.
I think I'm going blind; I really can't see the stitches!
So I'm asking: where's the stitching, or if there isn't any, how is the lace staying on?
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  • keda

OH MY! Momo's Handicrafts OH MY! please help

i just read this entry, i didn't know
can some one help me?
i would love the mane 3 pic's in my entry made for me, my bf was so happy, he picked them out...
i'll pay the $216. for the 3 things.. they (but the coat) had blommers and head pice with them, and i a chocker...
that was also in S&H but we can talk about the price...
My loving boyfriend is ordering 3+ things for me from them(i have stoped him)
but i realy would love this stuff...
and they are a good price(all for C 216.53 inS&H)
do you know if then someone who could make them for me?
i so would like them.. and atleas 1 dress and coat before my b-day
my bf is so happy about doing this for me, see when i was moving here someone stole a bag from me, it had all my lolita stuff in it.. so he wants to get me more to replace it...

the blommer's i know are not her pic's, i asked if she could make them so i just needed a pic to show my mom lolita friends what bloomers are...

little bird

Meta Pannier Pictures?

My current pannier is on its death bed, and I'm looking at replacing it with something soft, frothy and with a lot of poof. Most likely a Metamorphose Organdie Pannier, but before purchasing it I would really love to see pictures of one being worn, just to give me an idea of the sort of shape and poof they create under skirts.

Any images you care to share would be appreciated! Thank you ^_^
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made by and for me exclusively. kthx.
  • uiggu

AP Crown Shoes

And no, this isn't a WTB! I was in AP today and noticed that they had several pairs of the famous crown shoes that I'm sure someone was lusting after in an earlier post and wanting to have remade by someone like Ling Lam. They had pink and white in L, as well as black and red in either S or M, I can't remember. Anyway, if anyone desperately wants a pair, I could probably break my no-shoes rule and shopping-service them for you and this has nothing to do with all the point stamps I'll get. Obviously there'll be a limit on the number of pairs I can buy, and I'm not sure what sizes they have at the back of the shop, but in the event that someone does want to go for it, my shopping service post is here.
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(no subject)

Please, I am doubting a lot whether to get an hnaoto lucky bag or not, I´d like to pleaseee! ask anybody who has it already POST PICS! There is such mistery surrounding it !(I only know it contains a pair of Anarchy pants, jelly and anarchy tops, blood skirt, jelly jacket , hn+nois bag, and blood hat).

If after doing everything for getting it, I regret about it (its possible since the only subbrand from hnaoto which I love is hnaoto blood), would anyone like to buy it from me?

Any info is welcome. thanks!
  • ayameh

Big Curly Hair? o.O

This might be an odd question, but I was wondering how you might achieve large, poofy curly hair? I realize that teasing would probably be involved in this, but I *know* I recall either seeing an ad for a brand or a well-taken photograph that had a girl with very poofy curly hair (in lolita gear and an eyepatch) that didn't appear to be teased.
I do realize that it's not exactly quintessential lolita, and more suitable for maybe VK or haute couture, but I really liked the effect when paired with more traditional loli.
I do also realize that it would be relatively easy to achieve if you have naturally fizzy, poofy, curly hair, but isn't really the case for me.
I was just curious how I might obtain this look without teasing, which looks more messy to me.

I have examples of what I mean under the cut.

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pink princess

Late Christmas Love

I'm not actually wearing Lolita in this picture, just my usual Lolita accessory of my favourite pearl necklace (which BROKE yesterday, the thread snapped off the clasp, and it was my grandma's T________T) but the cookies are Lolita. Enjoy!

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ling lam order (and my other pending transactions with member of this comm)

I wanted to first issue a public apology for the delay in the shipping trasactions i have pending with member of this community! I had a huge problem arise right before i went to ship everything.
I went to a lan party and my car got broken into and my computer stolen, hence y lack of communication. ANd my lack of trasportation. it cost me alot of money to get fixed but i DID not use your shipping payment to do it 9in fact the money is still in my paypal) i wanted you all to know i shipped everything that was paid for TODAY and will provide a photo of the post office reciept to any who would like proof that you items where sent (yes this includes the meta dress)
\I'm really truly sorry about this mess. I hope you will all try and be the tinest bit understanding, and know i have no intention in ripping anyone off. (two of you have paypal disputes with me, i hope you read this i will also e-mail you about it. but do know the money is still in there and i would appricate you stopping the trasaction so i can get the money, i spent over 100.00 in shipping at th epost office today >< ) if you need to cantact me by phone you have my number in past posts.
im sorry and i wanted to make this public to dispel any rumor that im a scammer ><

much love and aloha

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Quick Question[s]!

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Does anyone own this skirt or have pictures of anyone wearing it? i think it's rather cute but the pictures don't really show much... >_>

Also, i have a rather large bust, so is it the common belief that i should stay away from a high-waisted skirt like this? For some reason i have a feeling it might look funny on me, but, then again, it's so cooooool. xD;;

Much appreciated! :D