January 2nd, 2007

Question! :3

I'm not new to loltia, but I am new in trying to buy the products since I usually make my own. How do you buy products from Angelic Pretty, or BTSSB?? Since the sites are in japanese, and they dont ship to the U.S. o.o Does everyone have "the hook-up" here? XD
And how to you get those Lucky Packs?

I'm so lost... T-T

Help Please!,
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Collapse )Just a cut link since it's HUGE DX
Are these in any way possible loli-able since they're patent? :/ I bought them for casual wear, not loli, so if they don't end up being okay I won't feel bad wasting money. :b They're just really cute~
Merry Making Party Angelic Pretty

Headdress help + Photos

These are some photos of my new black diamond headdress from Metamorphose.
I think it looks a looks a bit weird when I wear it and I was hoping someone has a picture of it being worn correctly.

The lace was very flat when I got it so I tried fluffing it up by smoothing out the folds, but it just made a few sections stick up.

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Any help/suggestions?

Small intro: I'm Lailah.  I've watched this community for a while, but never posted much.  I met a couple of egl members before at AX 2006 and PMX 2006.  Everyone is so nice!
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Tigger & Rabbit

Yellow Lolita Clothes?

Dear lolitas,

Well, I was searching through my closet yeterday when I found a few yards of yellow checked gingham. I thought it would be perfect to make a skirt out of, but then I realized...yellow loli clothes are really rare, aren't they? Even more so than green or purple...how come no one wears yellow, eh? Does anyone here actually have any yellow loli clothes? Weird question, but I want to see how it looks on somebody...
Rina animated mic2

Loli with tech, need some community input!

Hello All,

I visit japan fairly often, but I still find myself wasting time taking inefficient routes or getting lost completely often enough, especially when I'm venturing into a new remote area. To minimize the frustration of hunting down places, and ultimately having to harass the local police for directions. I've been building a database of Lolita centric POI (points of interest) for my latest trip in this January for most GPS navigational systems. To aid me with turn by turn instructions while I'm in the streets of Japan.

So far, I have pretty much programmed in most Sweet and Classic Lolita shops to the database for the greater Tokyo, Osaka/ Kyoto area. Along with useful way points such as train stations, common meeting spots, and attractions in a total of 90ish POI.

I'd like to ask, are there any interests in using this database, as well as adding more POI? Aside from the the obvious clothing shop lists, what are some POI that might interest someone in this culture that might be good to include? For example, the fabric district at Nippori (thanks, lovemeeko). Are there enough of us technically savvy enough to even understand/make use of this? Your inputs are welcomed.

* More or less an FYI of my progress :
- Only sweet and classic lolita shops are in the db at this time as those are .my primary fashion interests.
- Train stations are mostly Tokyo area only, as well as major bullet train / limousine bus stops.
- Works with both Garmin and Tomtom GPSes, But only tested on Garmin mapping GPSes since there are no turn-by-turn japan maps purchasable for Tomtom that I am aware of. Non-Mapping (entry level) GPS can use this database, not recommended for obvious reasons,.
- A few non-lolita entries are included such as Disney Sea, Sanrio Puroland, and reputable salons because they're just fun.
- Some of my favorite cafes, and restaurants are included since I love fine dining. Feel free to suggest more. However, I have no plans on including nightclubs/bars at this time.
- Suggestions?

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(no subject)

Hi ^^
I am new here,
I am a 18yeared old girl from the Netherlands and I really love lolita fashion ^_^
Maybe some of you have allready seen my pics because I was at the lolita_f*cks community a few times because of my hair ._.
but anyway.. I wanted to show you all todays outfit and my new dress ^_^
And sorry if my english is bad ._.

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  • tralala

Shopping in Beijing

Hey guys, I'm going to Beijing at the end of this month and I was wondering if anyone knows what the lolita shopping, (Particularly in the way of shoes, my boobs are prolly too big to fit a lot of the clothes, but my feet easily fit Asian shoes) there is like, can you get knockoffs at the markets, are there actual stores selling either real or fake, or something else I haven't even thought of? :D
If anyone has any information about this, or even other j-style availability it would be greatly appreciated.
  • hj2270


Hi, I'm a Korean girl very much into Lolita fashion...
I decided to join this community mainly because it seems so friendly here...and everyone seems so nice!

Also, my english still need some improving...so sorry for any mistakes!

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lucky pack prices?

would any be willing to share what the prices were for the lucky packs from the different stores and brands?
ya'll have tempted me and if i go seeking after, i don't want to overpay by too much (really wants an AP pack)

thankies in advance

Brown Mary Janes

I've been looking for some brown mary-janes for ages, but I couldn't find any that I wouldn't have to use a shopping service to get. I found some at Target! Only $14.99! They're scalloped and embroidered and they have a fancy buckle. They look so much cuter irl. The only bad side is that they're junior sized. A 5 in junior's is about the same as a ladie's 7.
Just in case someone else was looking too ^_^
  • tsu_

Innocent World

I've been watching the fukuburos for a while, and everyone seems to be talking about the Angelic Pretty, BABY and Meta ones but apparently Innocent World had one too. As far as I know, there's a black version and a white version. Does anyone know if they do it once a year? Or during summer as well?

Also, when does the sale start? I've been wanting to buy a dress from them, specifically (this, so.....which shopping services are most realiable for sales? And if not, how much do members of the comn charge for doing so?

Thanks for all your help!


I have a question! Sorry, don't mean to bother anybody with my partial problem/question/lack of ability to make up my mind. ^^;

I've been looking around for lucky packs, and I found a few I wanted. But now I'm having this dillemma. I don't know whether I want an Angelic Pretty or a Baby the Stars Shine Bright Lucky Pack.

So i just want to know, if you've gotten either, what kind of stuff would you expect? I know some have what's in them already. But which would you recommend? I'm really searching for pink because I love Amaloli. So not really looking to get black and white (although I wouldn't mind that much). I would like people's help and vast knowledge please! >___