January 1st, 2007

I made a headdress...me!

So, I'm not the best at sewing, but I wanted to make a headdress...so I crocheted one!

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This is for uzuki, it is a replica of this headdress from a GLB extra, but cream-coloured and minus the roses. I ended up making it too short though I think (it is 7 inches long), so I think I will make another and sell this one if anyone would like it. I would like to make many more headdresses, they were so fun! I'm starting on light blue, light pink, and light yellow ones soon. Should I do them with roses or without? And what do you guys think?

Edit: Oh yeah, and, HAPPY NEW YEAR ^-^~!

putumayo sweater


i was wondering if anyone has experience with the following sweater from putumayo:

hows the fur on it?  i'm worried because its not real and it might be clumpy or otherwise shoddy...
and it says the bust is 40 inches O.O;  (now i'm a 36inch bust and i'm kind of worried it'll be TOO baggy on me.. does anyone have it? what are your measurements and how does it fit you?)

and if i do decide to buy it, does anyone do a shopping service?  i would pay for shipping to you and shipping to me if you order it from online. I'd also pay your fee, though we'd have to negotiate that.  And the sweater of course ^^;
2of a Kind


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So I made a pair of glove do_0 and i embroidered little flowers up
the wrist and scalloped the edges. They are pretty cute, but...really tiny.
I find it makes my man-hands look smaller so im chipper.But my question to you is:

What are your thoughts on gloves?Yay, Nay?

Click the cut got photos!
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<3 James May <3

Another Jewelery Post! WITH PICTURES!!!

x-posted @ egl & oz_lolita ;)

Aussie Lolitas! A few pieces of Loli-able Jewelry I've found in various places for stupid-cheap prices! NOW WITH PICTURES! Also if you go to any major Sportsgirl stores they have SO MUCH loli-able bling it's not funny, I can't go past the one in Brisbane city without at least buying one thing!

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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has/had a very good new year's celebration!
I also hope everyone who was interested has been hard at work on designs for my design contest. This is a reminder that all designs should be submitted as soon as possible, I'd like to choose a couple designs to get some samples started by the end of this week!

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Angelic Pretty Measurement Questions


Momo's Handicrafts

Last night, someone posted a dress that they'd received as a gift from Momo's Handicrafts. I was almost positive that I'd read something about their quality being not so great. However, being larger than the average American, not to mention the average Japanese girl, I've lusted after an AP outfit that they happen to make a copy of. I couldn't find anything in the memories so can anyone back up or dispute my memory?

Thank you!

Small boobs? D:

Just out of curiosity, has there ever been a problem concerning small boobs? xD

Like if they're too small to wear something brand because it would look...strange, whether shirred or not.

(x: Removed due to lack of good relevance. Apologies to those who were bothered by it.)
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Shoe commissions?

I was wondering if any of you knew of any place that makes custom shoes.  Does Ling_Lam or Montreal or any of the shoe replica stores do commissions for new designs? I really love these Angelic Pretty Crown shoes, but I wonder if there's a chance to have replicas made.  (Plus, they're out of stock of the black ones and red ones that I want.)

edit: I've emailed esther_ho8888@hotmail.com (the owner of the Montreal store?) for more details on getting this done.  No response yet.
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Patrick Kane

Fabric and Lace shopping in NYC

Hello! I have some questions...

I'm visiting NYC right now, and wanted to check out the garment district for fabrics and lace for some new Lolita dresses. Is there anyone in New York who can reccomend some shops and tell me where to go? I know the vague area is along 8th Street (or something?) but apparently it's about a square mile and that's a lot of area for me to drag my parents and sister around.

I mostly like to look for cotton lace (like the kind BtSSB uses) and fabrics for Goth and Punk loli outfits. Please and thank you for the help!