December 30th, 2006

Tigger & Rabbit

No shipping confirmation from Meta yet...

I know everyone's tired of these OMG Meta Lucky Pack! posts, but I just have to add another to the pile. From the other post yesterday, it seems like half of everyone who ordered got their shipping confirmation, and half didn't. I still didn't -_- Who else is with me? If they didn't ship mine out by now, it won't be shipped until Jan. 5, when they open again!!

EDIT: Ah, I guess I should add that I'm in New Jersey right now...looks like they didn't discriminate...this whole lucky pack is kind of screwed up...
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More Lucky Pack Drama??? ohdear.

I, like so many, paid immediately upon confirmation of my lucky pack order: money immediately showed up as transferred from my checking account via debit card. I just checked my balance online and all my money is back, with both the first transaction to Meta and a pending refund showing up -- I'm seriously spazzing out right now. Has anyone else been refunded their money from Meta? If anyone, particularly those with Wells Fargo, if anyone could answer that for me it'd put my mind at ease :) Thanks in advance.

Angelic Pretty tea party shoe replicas?

Hi guys ^^ I've checked the memories and done a search but I haven't come up with anything so I'm going to come right out and ask about it! Does anyone know where you can buy tea party shoe replicas? Like these:

I've found similar shoes but they all have at least 3" heals XD; the reason I like these is that they are relatively flat but still look extremely cute... so does anyone know where I could get something similar? I'm dieing to get a cute pair of shoes that won't make me super tall T-T

thanks guys! sorry if I already missed something about this ^-^;

Where do you dress up?

I know for the casual lolita, dressing up isn't as eye-catching as all-out, but where do you dress up? There are meet-ups, but other than that do your clothes collect dust in the closet? I'm in high school, and I've never gone to school in EGL attire, but I'm thinking about it. Have any of you (in high school, college, on the street)? I live in a small town, so it would be quite strange for me to...
LA Weekly

last min Pan's Labyrinth loli gathering SF J town!

hay there, super duper, less just over 24 hour notice Movie gathering is in the works
myself, deedelu (plus our mates), and pawteegal are gonna go see Pan's Labyrinth tomorrow at the SF Japan Town Kabuki 8
the movie is at 1:40, we were planning on meeting up at noon, at the center were everybody always meets up.

this should be early enough in day that everybody can go off and do their new years parties that evening.

i hope others can make it, i'm gonna go call all the local loli's in my cell phone now! (lizzy and shaf that means you two!!!)

btw, this movie is R for violence
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For Australasian lolita and kodona/dandy:

I was out shopping yesterday (bah, swimsuit shopping, how I hate you) and wandered through a few of the sales at Supre, ValleyGirl, Bling etc. And I noticed a few items which could very definitely be used for lolita/kodona purposes! As theambertrap noted, there are lots of tiered white skirts with ties which are pretty cute, and at Bling I found crystal crown pendants for only $9 each in both goldtone and silver! I bought the silver one because I like it better than gold, but I'd be happy to take a photo or run a mini shopping service if anyone else wants one.
I also noticed at Supre that they have a plethora of items which could work very well for kodona wear, such as Victorian-style blouses, knee-length tailored shorts, and my personal favourite, an underbust waistcoat! Combined with a cravat, cool stockings and boots and a flat cabby cap or something, it might work very well. They also have nice white, cream and black cropped cardigans which I personally love, especially over a short-sleeve blouse or cutsew when it's a bit too cold for short sleeves but too warm for a full long sleeve blouse.

Ling Lam

Hi! I haven't posted here before but I want to purchase something from Ling Lam. I noticed there weren't any prices labelled or anything...So, I was wondering how do I find out the price? (Yes, I know it's adumb question but I don't ususally order things online especially from another site that doesn't have English on it)
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So I have this question

More or less directed at the Lolitas living in Japan or having visited a Lolita store.

Sometimes brands come out with these skirts or JSK, with their name printed on it.


If you wore clothes with the brand name so boldy printed were you treated differently? Like you wore the skirt and went to AP, or BTSSB. Or are they as nice and polite as ever?

I know that customer service in Japan is much more better than in most other countries, but I also read that some of the staff in Lolita stores were hesistant to approach if you were dressed in normal clothes (i.e. tourist look)

I'm just curious and I hope I won't get attacked for this question.
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