December 3rd, 2006

Pre-Emptive Strike by Texas Loli's!

The most commonly asked question was "Are you in a show?"

You think it would of been painfully obvious we weren't by how badly we all skated. Pictures are courtesy of starbreaker85 who didn't want to dress up this time but was sweet enough to take pictures. None of eristell_neko and her friends are in the photos as Jenny only took pictures when we were skating and they decided not to.

Please give me lj names of those of you who I didn't catch! ^^;

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Skirt Help

So, since I haven't been able to find a piano key skirt here, I decided to make my own. ^^
I spent all day yesterday on it( No sewing machine -_-; ), and I'm almost done. However, I wanted to attatch a ruffle to the bottom, and after already making and attatching a ruffle - I realized that I must not know how to do it right - because it made my skirt hang very strangely. :/ So I took the ruffle off, and now the skirt hangs fine, but it's about 4 inches to short o_o.

Can't have that.

So, can someone point me in the direction of a good ruffle tutorial, or just explain it to me? I've checked the memories, but haven't been able to find one. :/

Nationalolita! Logo Contest

I am in dire need of a logo for our nationalolita web site. Since I lack any creative skills, I come asking for your help. As of now, we have not come up with another name for the gathering, so the logo can be used revolving around that name. Please note that this is not a paid job, but we will credit you for your work. Your logo will appear on the web site, and possibly t-shirts, so please put some thought into this. I will give this "contest" a week, but if you feel you will need more time, I can possibly extend this.
I am also looking for paintings/drawings to use throughout the website as well
Please submit entries to
Thank you,

Beth winter coats

Does anyone know when the reserve Beth coats are going to be shipped out? On the item page it says mid to late November, but since it's getting into December, I'm starting to worry that it might not make it up to Scotland before I leave for Christmas break (and believe me, I'll need that coat, going home to Norway and all x_x). Does Victorian Maiden usually have a slight delay on stocking reserve items? I checked the rest of the HP but couldn't find any information; then again, I have absolutely no Japanese skills at all and could have missed something.


There has been so much talk of lolita winter coats lately and I've been wondering if I should invest in a lolita winter coat. Inspired by the Seattle meetup post, I'd like to see some pictures of people's winter outfits--whether it be just a fur capelet and earmuffs, or a full coat and boats. I want to see what ya'll wear when you go out in the winter with your dresses. Also, you could include the type of weather you get wherever you are to give me a good idea. =)
SID, Mao

vivienne westwood cardigan...?

hi, does anyone know where to get authentic vivienne westwood cardigan? as a college student i am pretty sure there is slim chance of getting one, but i might as well save up money for it... i found one website that sells the black cardigan, but i haven't found it anywhere else... i don't think this topic has come up anytime least i hope not... (btw, i'm not looking for a knockoff on ebay...>.<) any help would be appreciated~

thank youu~

pink lace?

does anyone have recommendations for pink lace?
i've tried looking at the stores and there doesn't seem to be nice ones.

thanks in advance

*edit* p.s. are there any online shops that'd any know and like to recommend?

(no subject)

Just curious.... are there any Lolita groups in Calgary (canada)?

I know there are ones for most other major cities, but haven't been able to find anything remotaly lolita related in alberta.

And if not, anyone interested in starting something? :P
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Sorry to add to the annoying lucky pack questions..BUT /(^o^)* I'm considering grabbing a lucky pack this year. But ideally I want one that's mainly consisting of accessories rather than cutsews etc. Is anyone familiar with any lucky packs [mainly punk style brands - I love Sexpot, h.Naoto, BPN, Shin & Company etc] that put mainly accessories in any of their packs? I would appreciate any info.
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