October 8th, 2006


Hi there,
I was just wondering if any of you in the community own a real corset. I am looking for one and I would like people’s options before I buy one.

Thank-you for any information!


Hello everyone.
I'm writing to state to all of you how IMPORTANT it is to SHIP CAREFULLY your sold items here on egl.
I just received my Baby cutsew from an egl-er from portugal and it is RUINED. Why?
 Because it was wrapped in plastic and newspaper. The plastic melted onto the cutsew. Now there's a huge black spot on the front of the cutsew.  I don't have plentiful amounts of money as it is, nor time to make myself anything usually, so this really sucks.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take that extra time out and a few extra dollars to get PROPER packaging that will protect those things which will make those in their new home happy. 

::goes off to bury her  head into the organic chemistry book again, sadly::

EDIT: Yes, I did get insurance. I got the only option that was provided with insurance. But I was not given this number yet.  This was only posted as a "be careful!!" post.

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I recieved a response from Ling_lam about the order. We *do* have an order in. So please everyone, do not pull your money out! We might get our clothes back a little late, but if a lot of people pull out, there's a fear that she might not send everyone else who stayed in their clothes, or at least might raise the cost for them. =(

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Kana gothic lolita photo shoot.

Hey, guys.

First off, I want to say that I did check the memories, and I couldn't find anything. If I somehow skimmed past it, however, please let me know and don't kill me.

I'm looking for a photo shoot with Kana (I'm pretty sure it's somewhat new) in which she was wearing a kimono and (I think) had long black hair. It was basically an asian themed photo shoot, and I'm dying to have the pictures of it.

So, if anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd be very grateful! <3
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Blouse Issue

So, I've got two white-colored blouses and I love them..but I was wondering how to wear them without a JSK overtop.
The problem isn't how to coordinate, but rather, how the heck do I make it so you can't see my bra straight through them? I tried all different colors (black, white, etc) and you can still see them.

So what do you girls do about this problem?

Edit: Thanks for all the great ideas guys, now I know what to do about this problem :D

Help me!

Are there any Lolita's that live in Utah ;_; because I'm being forced to move to Salt Lake city from LA ( So cal) and I will want to maybe make friends over there so the move isn't so hard on me ;_; so if you do or know anyone please tell me! thank you!
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Pleasant Surprise for nyc lolis

So yeah, I was at Kino yesterday, looking around in the section where they have the GL books and cosplay stuff, and for no reason at all I look to my right where the cafe is....

Holy Mother of God, they're selling Baby the Stars Shine Bright clothes!!! they even had some of the skirts and stuff from a few seasons back (the print with spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs on it in pink or blue with the white rabbit on it, some other beige wonderland themed skirt), and they had an alice and the pirates coat.

It's still expensive (ie: 144,00 yen item is rounded to $150 etc), but it's awesome to see the stuff up close. To be perfectly honest, not that impressive. The materials used just seem to be the ol' standard cotton, especially on the blouses. IMHO, if I wanted a dress in the same styles they offered I'd just make it myself instead of spending the $200.

Btw, Kinokuniya is located on 10 West 49th Street between 4th and 5th avenue I believe.
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a question that has plagued me for a bit of time.

Does anyone else wear lolita because they find it more "fitting"? Do they just "feel more at home" in their lolita clothes, than they do the normal jeans...?
no i don`t mean "hee im wearing expensive pretty dress" feeling. just they feel more comfortable in the victorian attire and would greatly prefer to wear it than reg. clothing.

just curious.... 


i also have a Help me question:
i bought some black fabric to make some detachable sleeves for my lolita blouse.

but as has it the blacks are a just a bit differently colored (not to the mention the bought fabric is considerably stiffer/rougher. not as soft.)

is there any way to go about changing this to make at least look alright to be worn together?

or should i make the sleeves anyways and wear them only at night when you can`t see anything anyways. XD

or is there something else i could make with slightly unmatching blacks and cotton fabric? i would say i have a good amount, but not enough room for a skirt or blouse. (maybe a large purse...)

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