May 12th, 2006

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fanplusfriend protocol question

Okay guys, I know we get a lot of fanplusfriend questions on here, and I've looked at them thouroughly (I'm not a spontaneous shopper). I've got one that I've yet to see answered yet, or at least answered recently.

When it comes to giving them custom measurements, telling them what color I want for the garments, and the discounted shipping rate, how do I go about doing that? Do I message them through e-bay or their gmail account with that information prior to payment?

Also, does anyone have any pictures of themselves or links to people in pictures wearing f+f clothing? I just want to look at them. :)
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Repeat Clothes?

I was wondering if any of you Lovelies just wear your loli outfits once and then never again. Do you only wear for the photoshoot or meet-up etc and then sell it or keep it in your closet to never wear again? This goes for both name brands and homemade/non-brand items!

This is just me being curious! :D
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Pittsburgh Area Meet up - notice for june meet up

so.. the next BJD/Lolita meetup has been planned

for june on Saturday or Sunday.. 24 or 25th we're going to see this

more details, such as pre ordering tickets how early to get there to ensure seats ect, closer to the date. Directions ect ect.

But this SHOULD give everyone more then enough time; to schedule time off from work. or.. something.

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So I looked in the memories,but couldn,t find it.I know alot of people comment on the quality of their clothing,but has anyone bought shoes from them? If so,do you have pics? How is the quality? Do they run true to size?
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Indies Brands

Hello, Lolitas and gentleman. n__n

I was shuffling through Closet Child for some h.Naoto items that I had fallen in love on the site (of course they're not there or sold out), but anyways...

I decided to look through the "indies brands" and I actually saw some cute things, like this dress, maybe even this one, and this skirt/vest combo by Pina-sweet collection.

I was wondering, what are your opinions on them? Do you think they're worth the money? (i.e. The plaid skirt/vest is about $226USD), etc. etc. n_n
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Meta Sailor Ribbon Alice Band?

Can anyone show me pictures of people actually wearing one of these? I'm looking for alternatives to big showy headpieces (not a good idea to draw too much attention to yourself in the type of area I live in, but I want to wear *something* on my head!), and I thought this might be good. Thank you in advance, it's greatly appreciated ^_^ ♥

ACEN Snaps!

Took me a week to get these uploaded, but I finally have the pictures I took at ACEN. I've got a few from the morning before we left my house, a couple just roaming around the conference, and shots from the lolita meet-up. :D

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did anyone notice.........angelic pretty knock off boots

did anyone notice that runnickyrun (refuse-to-be-usual) on ebay now has Angelic Pretty knock-off boots. I think that they a quite quite cute...but slightly expensive............

see them here towrds the middle/bottom of the page. I quite like them...I might have to save up to get them. unless someone has bought them and they aren't good...has anyone bought these yet? I'm interested to know there quality since people said her rocking horse shoes aren't the best (the sole part if I remeber correctly). hey I'd just go get the real angelic pretty ones, but alas they are quite sold out ;_;

hm...I'm using the word "quite" a little to much aren't  I? LOL anyways. tell me what you guys think. are these worth the price?

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(no subject)

Before you read this, know that I already checked the memories. ^^

If things go well, I will be traveling back to Germany for a family reunion in August. I'm spending some time in Cologne, and probably Stuttgart as well. So I was wondering if there were any stores that sold loli or loli-inspired clothing in either of those cities. Or any other cities in Germany. I'm the German-speaking one, so I get to plan the I don't know all of the cities I will be visiting.


(no subject)

I'm trying to do a classic or country loli style.  I'm making a brown floral print skirt with dark brown braid thiggy and cream colored lace...I know this
top is more EGA then loli, but could it possibly work with this style.  If you don't think it will work, could you please point me in the direction of a plus sized loli top to go with my skirt?