May 3rd, 2006

searching for the right community

i notice theirs a few different loli communities with a certain theme whether its fashion to vegetarian to just makeup to database. is their a baking community? im in need for some recipes purtty please :) if anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!
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I have checked the memories multiple times to make sure I didn't miss anything related to this so here goes. For those of you who have bought items from F+F in either their red or dark red can you tell me if the pictures from the site represent the colors well? Kinda worried about the regular red because in the photos of their auctions it looks pretty bright and the darker one looks almost a weird shade of purple on my computer screen.

Some angelic photos

This friday the swedish j-rock club Lunacy celebrated its 2 year anniversary with a big party. However, they announced this only one week ahead! 
oh, the horror! WHAT WERE WE GOING TO WEAR?! We had no time, and hardly any money.

So I did what any sensible person would do, and forced psychodollfie to go out and buy cheap wings and a huge pile of feathers, fake-hair, wooden beads for the crowns, lots of glitter and some fabric all while I was in school working ^^;. And then we reused the fluff from a previous project and made two simple a-line skirts and wore them with our metablouses.  

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My Beautiful Alice

Regarding the infamous Mabet

As you may or may not know, I was one affected by this whole Mabet scheme. I just received a notice from paypal informing me that Mabet's credit card company favours her side. Earlier I heard some people received their money back? Who and how? And what should I do now? I would talk to Mabet, but I haven't seen her online (I only have one of her screenames, not sure if she has more). I'm also not sure which e-mail to use to contact her.

Also, what action is everybody taking who got affected by this?

Loli bassist

I wasn't originally going to post these pics in the community since I had very little unobstructed shots of my outfit without my bass, however a recent post from this community on lolita drummers and guitarists gave me the idea to share some pictures from a recent performance. I play bass and wear lolita on stage. ^__^

Outfit Details
Vest + Skirt - Innocent World
Blouse - Metamorphose
Knee Socks - Metamorphose
Hairbow headdress - made it from an Innocent World pattern in Gothic & Lolita Bible (I forget which issue)

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Hair Falls and Lolita?

I was just wondering what you all think of people wearing hair falls with lolita clothing. I know I've never seen Japanese lolitas doing it, but I figured it would look cute if done right.

And I don't mean all the neon colors and tubular crin and the like.. more like excessive curls or lace or various other things.

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(no subject)

I was wondering if anyone knows where I could buy a BPN bat collar shirt, like the one in the picture here.

I'm a guy so its almost impossible to find one in my size on YJ auctions, because Japanese girls are probly way smaller than I am. u___u
Any help given is greatly appreciated! 


I thought that the Shimotsuma Monogatari novel was a very inspiring work of art. Does anyone here have a typed copy of the afterword from Novala talking about how there are rules to follow for Lolita fashion?
Because there are rules to the fashion, but the main one I can think of at the moment is that skirts should end around the knee. I lent my copy to a friend. So I don't have anything to look at at the moment.
Thanks for your help
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Tea party tips?

ok i have a few tea part questions-

what makes a tea sandwich, a tea sandwich? becuase it seems most tea houses have I dont like the ingrediants, so i was thinking of make ones with fruit preserves or meats and cheese. but I wasent sure. is it teh save? or that it compliments the flavors of the tea?

what kind of tea is usally server? plain tea or black tea or can it be anything? can you serve iced tea of does it have to be hot?

ok so serve thing like sandwichs, little cakes, or cookies. What about chocolates? like fancy truffels from a chocolate shop? or little salada or soups so theres a little more sustance to the meal or is eating your fill un-loli like?

And as a off the wall question, does anyone have the black window JSK from Meta (? I think...) they'd be willing to part with I want one SOOO bad!