April 13th, 2006


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I really need a picture of a dress or skirt that has pin tucks And scalloping. I know I've seen it before. But my design teacher says it doens't work. >.<
She's really annoying me lately. But yes. I don't have a sewing machine so I can't just Make one.
Any help would be apreciated.

Fake blood tutorial~

There used to be a tutorial in the memories on making and using fake blood on outfits. The link is broken now, but I'm still after the instructions. Is there a chance that anyone saved the tutorial and wouldn't mind sharing? I would be very greatful!
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COMMUNITY : Selling Rule Update

There has been some trouble lately with the understanding of rule #4, the selling rule, on the info page. We have re-worded this rule so that it should now be quite clear.

4. All sales and store advertisements must be placed under a cut. Internet store sales and direct sales may be posted once. Online auctions may be posted twice, once near the beginning of the auction, and once near the end. Additional advertisements are subject to mod approval. Updates for online stores, selling journals, and commissioners should be kept to a minimum. Please keep these updates to no more than twice a month.
All text and images of a sales post must be under a lj cut. This includes all images images and all text.

Good Example:
(White puff-sleeve Angelic Pretty cut-sew for direct sale.)

Bad Example:
Hey everyone!
I have a really cute Angelic Pretty top for sale!
(Click here for details)

All sales must be gothic & lolita related. For sales rules and standards, click here.

If you are an online seller and you have something really cool that you've made that you just want to share, these rules do not apply. Certainly you can show off something cool that you have made. If you are a seller, you are still a member of the community and a regular person who might want to share something nifty from time to time. However, do not abuse this. Do not use a "just sharing an accomplishment" post to cleverly disguise shop announcements or online sales.

I want everyone to understand that this rule isn't just because we're trying to be picky or anything like that. This is a large and extremely active community, and there are many members who don't want there to be sales posts at all. In efforts to keep the peace, we have come up with these standards for sales posts.

Please note that we will *not* be giving warnings anymore for sales posts in violation of the rule. We will leave a comment explaining the reason for the deletion, but there will be no warning and waiting for the post to be fixed.

Does anyone have any questions or does anything seem unclear? Feedback is welcome on this, good or bad. We want to make this community a great place for everyone, and to do that, we need your input.

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faceted beads

has anyone used faceted beads instead of pearl beads for the crown tutorial provided?


i couldnt find red pearl beads so i bought faceted but im not sure how it will turn out. to top it off it would be my 1st time trying at all at the tutorial. if so, can you please provide pics and if not is their a tutorial that you may provide that can help me out with faceted beads?
also, where can i find different color pearl beads...i went to rag shop and michaels and didnt see any.
instead of a cross how do i make a heart and let it stay?
thanks to anyone who can help me out :)
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about gothic lolita bible-patterns

Hellu Lolis. I need some help! My friend's gonna be a pain-loli if you don't help me T____T
She's like into the loli-fashion but she doesn't know really... what it is.
So, I decide that I would help her! *fight-spirit*

She like's this one: http://www.shock.nu/img/181/ldrlo04.jpg from some store here in Sweden - but it's not the real loli-fashion (well... I don't really think so).

I gonna buy some FRUiTs magz from a store and I'll fixs a gothic lolita bible to her. ^^ Wie. But can you help me explain the patterns from GLB? ^^ She wants a dress with lacing - kinda like the on on the pic.

I would be really thankful if you could help me! <33
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Just letting you all know in advanced that the Season Three Tokyo and Harajuku episodes of Next Top Model will be playing tonight on VH1 in an hour or two. now. :D

By the way, does anyone have this video for download?

Lolita art photography... SEEKING MODELS IN NEW ENGLAND

When my poor digital camera was new(er), it was great. It rotates around itself so I could put it on a tripod, face both LCD screen and lens towards me, and accomplish self-portraiture with out toooo much difficulty. I'd take a test shot, then know what I had to do and where I had to put myself, and ask my friend Rala to push the button when I was ready so I wouldn't have to keep running back to set the self timer... or I'd just run back and constantly reset the self timer. No need to find a model that was compatible with the picture in my head.

Except the autofocus now works when it wants to and there is no manual focus. I've been posing myself and describing the shot I had in mind and so pictures have been a sort of team effort between me and Rala... but it's not the same. Won't be until I learn to telepathically transmit the picture in my head to her. Not ideal for someone very picky like me. It's never quite perfect.

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So, now you have examples of how I sometimes integrate lolita into my photos.

I am seeking models in the southern New England area. Many shoots would be involving lolita wear, some would not. inthecorridors will give you an idea of my overall recent art style. Many many other photos are in this seeinglife journal, but they're years old. I kinda took a long hiatus from photographing.
If a volunteer would be me-sized, that'd be amazing, since some of the shoots I have in my head involve specific outfits and I could just give you my clothes to wear. But if not, also great! I'd love at least one larger model.

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If this sounds at all like something you'd be interested in, email me or comment. It'd help if you have some sort of pictures of yourself.

PS : Hey, missmeganmaude, maybe you can't tell from the pix, but I finally figured out a top to wear with the skirt you made! ;) OH SO IRONICALLY, twas sold to me by Mabet shortly before bannination.