January 29th, 2006

Rocking Horse Shoes

Hello! I'm looking for a pair of Double Decker (or An*ten*ae) rocking horse shoes. They need to be 25 cm and have real wood soles. (I'm not interested in the Refusal to be Usual ones with the foam soles.) I'd like the Kilt style or the Boot style (the one WITHOUT laces). Any color is fine.
  • usagi88

Please Stop By!

Hello everyone! :) I wanted to invite you dollies to my personal web site dedicated to Gothic Lolita and my sewing projects. Please take a look around and sign my guestbook and let me know what you think. I have worked so hard to get all the pictures right and the layout perfect and just wanted to share it with you all. Here is the link: www.freewebs.com/usagi102388

By the way, I did get an approval by the lovely emiko

Please enjoy!
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Maddie wink

Another picture to share

Yesterday was a very Lolita day for me. I had a Lolita tea in the afternoon, which I posted a picture from yesterday and a pirate themed ball in the evening, which was the perfect chance to wear my new Alice and the Pirates skirt. I wanted to share a picture of my pirate outfit. I made the mini hat myself and got the shirt at Goodwill and just modified it to have lacing up the back. I'm quite happy with how the whole outfit turned out.

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Let me know what you think!
  • cajsa3

OMG ;_; I ordered the wrong mook!!

All the japanese language at yesasia.com made me confused! I somehow ordered this:
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And I thought it was Gosurori vol. 6 with patterns both for Pullips and for humans. ;_; But I was wrong, it is Rococo vol. 1 or something like that.

Does anyone know what to do? Can I somehow change my order?
I couldn't find any email adress to yesasia to email and ask.

If I can't change my order, does anyone want to buy the Rococo vol.1 for $15.99 (same price as yesasia) and does anyone have a Gosurori vol. 6 with patterns for sale?


Hey. I was just wondering. Whatever happened to the EGL Chatbox? I don't mean like, where it's gone, but rather why does no one get on it anymore?
Sorry if this is off topic.
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I bought GosuRori 3 from badluck_fangrrl. This is the original sales post. After She told me I could have it, I sent her the money via paypal. After the transaction went through she sent me an e-mail saying that she would send the GosuRori out soon and that she'd email me when she did. It has been almost a month since then, and I have still recived neither e-mail nor item. I have already e-mailed her once, asking her where the mook was. Has anyone else who bought items from her before have problems like this? And if the user sees this could she please e-mail me explaining what's going on?

Mods, if you want me to put this behind a cut, just let me know.
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AP magic1

Pirate loli question

On a few occassions I have seen pictures of Pirate Lolita outfits, they're always very cute and keep well to the lolita standards (right types of skirts, lots of lace and details, etc.) But lately I really haven't been able to find any good pictures of them! I had all the ones I liked saved on my computer but the memory got wiped.
So my question is, does anyone have any good clear pictures of pirate lolitas/ pirate lolita dresses? I remember a month or so ago, of someone posting a link to an ebay auction with a beautiful pirate lolita dress in it, but that link/picture was lost with everythingn else on my computer.

Thanks for all the help!


EDIT: Many people have suggested that I look in the BTSSB, Alice and the Pirates, line. But honestly that's not what I'm looking for . . and not because it's not gorgeous, but because it doesn't come across as pirate to me. When I think of Pirate lolita I think of something like a pirate coat with the fullness of lolita, and other pirate themed clothing but with lolita spins on them. And the BTSSB line is more like lolita with pirate theme kind of tacked on, or so it looks to me. Because to be honest, I don't look at most of it and instantly think Pirate ^^;
Maddie wink

Looking for navy blue boots

I'm looking for a pair of navy blue victorian style lace-up boots to go with my pirate loli outfit and am having very little luck. I was wondering if anyone had seen any around that they could link me to? I think I may just be out of luck because navy doesn't seem to be the easiest colour to find, but I thought if anyone could help it would be the people here. Also please don't bother linking to anything over $100, and prefereably not over $50, though if they are really fabulous I'll consider more expensive ones.