January 28th, 2006

J.Kier Hardie

Wa-Loli Dress Tutorial

I have been threatening/promising to write this for a while, since it gets asked about a lot, and I seem to always be making wa-loli dresses.
They are quite easy, so hopefully these instructions will not be baffling. It might seem a bit long, but I have tried to cover everything.
I have also included some general stuff to do with kimono/obi that I thought was relevent.
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That is everything I can think of to write... no doubt there will be a more polished version, so any comments are welcome.
Machan by manjumymanji
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Pati Yang

Hi! I wanted to show you a polish vocalist - Pati Yang. She fits into victorian-ish style and makes lovely music, not necesarily the most EGL, but still you should try it. Her music is called trip-hop. ("dark, trans, dreamy and narcotic compositions, musical equivalent of Jarmusch's movies") ^^
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    pati yang - moze zapomni

(no subject)

Hey! My Dad's going to japan for a week this sunday, and he promised to pick me up a dress! So I was wondering if you guys knew the addresses of Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Victorian Maiden, Emily Temple Cute, and Mary Magdaline in both Osaka and Tokyo.

Thanks in advance!
  • iroiro

Fabric question

Hello~! ^^ I'm going to be attempting to make this Baby, The Stars Shine Bright jumper skirt (or something to that effect) and I was wondering what the best fabric to use would be...? I must admit that I'm not too experienced with sewing my own clothes (my mother is most definitely going to be helping me with this ^^;) and I've only ever made skirts (just regular-type skirts, not Loli) out of cotton. What would be a fabric that wouldn't wrinkle too easily? On the website it says it's made of polyester, would that work? Thank you to anyone who tries to help me. ^^

looking for a recipe

Hello, I was looking for a recipe for corset shaped cookies, but I haven't had any luck. I checked the memories, but I couldn't find anything, and the website where I originally saw it, Porcelain Nightmare, is down. Can anyone help?

Thank you in advance.