January 27th, 2006

Obey the Lolita

Houston Loli Meet-Up 2/17/2006

Hello all lolitas! I've noticed that everywhere but in houston theres a meet up, so i'm announcing my own in collaboration with Anime no Kai at Univ. Houston.

On Feb. 17th 2006, At University of Houston, in the University Center, Your invited to a lolita meet-up in Houston during Univ. Houston, a premire anime open house, Anime no Kon. (yesh I know what was a really bad run-on) This is an invite from the head of events. For now, a time hasn't been announced cause I haven't decided. ^^;;; Most likely this will be a panel with a photo shoot with the arbor fountians or the cullen fountians near by. Look your best hope to see you soon ^^

Head of Events
Broken Miho
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Midlands Meetup!

So, after all the polls, a decision is made! To give people the chance to save up after the London meetup, and to get time off work etc. I reckon Saturday 25th February is the way to go!

Would people who are interested in going please let me know ASAP if there are any problems with that date and meeting at around 10AM at Nottingham train station. Several of us know the city well, so we may be able to post someone at the bus station too, if people are worried that they won't be able to find each-other.

Now I need more suggestions for things to do, so that we can work out some vague plan for the day which will no doubt be completely forgotten once we all get there! Also, if anyone knows any nice tea shops we could go to, let me know!

Full details to come a bit nearer the time!
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Lee Choke a bitch

Cosmates/Body Line Site Update.

Just thought I'd point out that Cosmates has updated their site and they now carry Body Line coats and small sizes. I'm also happy they have more wa loli items on Cosmates now since It's quite expensive to buy from Body Line with an errand service. Only down side is their two new Wa Loli items are two pieces and not one like their other yukata.

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2of a Kind

Need your help finding a ...!

Hi everyone! Im sorry to bother but who better to bother than a japanese influanced community such as yourself... Right now i need to find a black or white (mainly) Furisode for under70ish$. It doens thave to be too fancy,it can have a few stains that doenst bother me..but i need it reletivly soon(*does her dance* plan on probly altering it n dressy-ing it on up) .But id apreaciate any help you guys can offer your a life saver!!

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OH MY! O.o

Hiii! I was wondering, I was just checking the Closet Child website and they have a cutsew I have wanted forever! I was wondering if anyone in this community was doing a shopping service at the moment? I don't think I could afford it by doing an errand service(to buy it from the closet child website) because of two shipping charges... um, sorry I have never ordered something from Japan like this and am scared someone else wil buy it! ;-;

"As for this commodity there is a Shinjuku store. You can seek even with the shop front. " (thought that might be usufal info x.x

Umm, can anyone help me or suggest what I should do... o.o;;
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Rectangle skirts?

Hello, everyone! ^^

I had just been checking the memories for it, but there seems to be little or no information for rectangle skirts. I really love the basic trapezoid skirt pattern there, but I'm sure there are different ways of making one.

Would you just make a rectangle skirt by getting your with of fabric and gathering the top edge to make the general trapezoid shape? I'm really not sure. ^^;

Also, could someone tell me the pros and cons of making a skirt like this?

Thank you! ^o^
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