January 25th, 2006

"I'd sooner wear a cake on my head"

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Hello Everyone!

I was just wondering if you guys could provide me some pictures of Demonia's "Charade-23" shoes. I'm very interested in buying them, but I haven't seen them on someone's feet yet. The ankle strap version is fine, I just am interested in seeing how the platform looks on the foot.

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Hey lolis! I made an icon a couple months ago that was taken from a G&L Bible, I never ended up using it, so I decided to share it with you!

You don't have to credit, but comments could be cool, just to know someone is using it and I don't feel like it was ugly. If it is, you should definatly tell me to delete this post. XD

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I was wondering if anyone might have a printable pattern for a short sleeve knee-length dress. If you do, please post, because no matter where I look, I cannot find one! If you'd be willing to send me a link or a picture, I'd be much obliged. ^_^


I know this is a major long shot, and if it's impropriate for the community the Mods can feel free to delete it.
Ever since last May, I've been lusting after that First Hot Topic Dress that caused some bickering among EGL communities. I noticed they had began selling it for half off, But I never had the money to buy it and missed out because they are now sold out.
So, I'm to offer an exchange. I would like the Hot Topic dresses in size M in exchange for artwork from me. I've posted a few drawings of mine around here before and while it may not be the grandest, I'm hopping someone will like it enough.
You can view more of my artwork Here I'm open to drawing just about anything if it would get me that dress.
If Anyone is interested, Post a reply with your e-mail and I'll get in contact with you.
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Ladies and Gents.

I will be hosting the loli high tea this saturday at 2 pm in seattle (capital hill area) at my Victorian house. If anyone is interested in comming, please let me know ASAP. Cost is $10 per person to cover cost of food. I am looking forward to seeing those of you who has RSVPed. Please email me for address and directions.

Thank you!
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Reconstruction Help Needed

Well, I bought a pair of lovely 'ankle length socks' with that pretty embroidered motif at Calzedonia's from children's collection , and to my biggest surprise the things what I thought would be socks are stockings.
First I thought this isn't a tragedy since most of my fancy coloured stockings from my childhood do still fit perfectly, but this one turned out to be too small.
What should be done if not giving them to a younger relative, or throwing them into the trashbin?

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Finished sewing my first outfit

http://photobucket.com/albums/c271/Aieraelyn/ here is where I have pictures of it. I will accept gentle cc. I'm very aware that it has mistakes. I'm not happy with the collar at all. I also need to add lace to the collar and possibly more buttons. I'll then need to hem the bottom. This is the first serious attempt I've made at sewing. Part of me is just relieved it even resembles a blouse. THe other parts are a little frustrated that it didn't come out looking as good as I would have liked. Since I can't afford to buy stuff, nor am I small enough to wear brand names, then sewing shall it be. I've see so many gorgouse and awe inspiring outfits on here, I'm envious. The bunny scarf I made for the little girl living with us is also on this page. My husband and I put that together. She loves it. I think my next project will be a pair of bloomers. I didn't realize a petticoat would be so itchy. Well take care everyone.


I'm doing a project in my fashion design class about fashion designers and icons. Mana is my idol and the only reason why I got into EGL fashion in the first place, so I thought it was fitting to discuss him.
I was wondering if anyone could give me any information about Mana that wasn't discussed in the Wikipedia article about him. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cauchemar Mignon Questions (new brand)


I shall be starting a new brand very shortly called Cauchemar Mignon. Two really lovely friends of mine are currently making the website for me ^_^. It will be run by me (I do all the sewing myself), and I plan on having everything completely custom-sized. I own a computer program that allows me to make base fitting shells that I will use to fit the garments, so this will be especially good for anyone that has any kind of fitting issue, as I can make items that can fit perfectly!

To start off I plan on doing comissions to earn the money to buy fabrics, laces, and other materials in large quantities so I can have set designs eventually. Also I wish to purchase labels to sew into the clothing. In the meantime, I am accumulating design ideas for what I shall make as my set designs. For my prototypes I will first make the item for myself in my size, take pictures and such, then have it open for custom sizing. This is where the point of this post comes in, I was wondering what kind of items are people looking for in a brand? Would more people like to see gothic lolita, punk lolita, sweet lolita, classic lolita, etc? Any particular kinds of items such as jumper skirts with scalloped hems or the like? Any particular kind of detailing? Would people be interested in seeing things not only custom made, but also some set items already made (perhaps accessories like Alice bows, headresses, bags, socks, and the like)? I have already started doing concept sketches and design illustrations for original designs. To prototype I planned to make the item first for myself before I started making them for others, also because my dressform that I am making is going to be a replica of myself anyways (I have a few fitting issues myself).

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Quick Question!

So I have a whole bunch of stuff I want to put to sell online. The only thing is I have no idea how I would go about sending things. Do I go to UPS and give them what I want to be sent and they'll put it in an envelope and send it? Most of the things I want to sell are shirts. So could I just send it myself in a super-big envelope?
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Clothes for Kodonas

A shoutout to all the female Kodonas out there. Forever 21 has a TON, and i mean a TON of knickers in stock for this season. And matching vests too. So if you want knickers, go to Forever 21. I got a really neat suit there, with knickers and a matching vest, for under $50. It's nice enough i can wear it to job interveiws as long as that's the trend, but i can also dress it up and wear it as a kodona outfit.