January 24th, 2006

social rebellion

I don't know if this has been posted yet, but lemonediscream recently posted a link from which the following was transcribed:

"Japan is in a social crisis right now, they have the lowest birthrate, the highest age of marriage in the world. And the women have looked at the idea of marriage as it's been in traditional japan and feel that it's a life of drudgery for some. And young women now are in a social revolution, they don't want that and one of the phenomenon are the Lolitas. Women from teenage years up into their 30s and 40s who dress in Little Bo Peep outfits... well I came to see the Lolitas acting out of ... rebellion against the traditional role of women in their society and their expected role of growing up and taking on adult responsibilities."

I felt it was relevant.
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3 more sugar-covered apples

Thanks to pegasusmaiden for the fun Apple Sugar photoshoot on Saturday. I was surrounded by cute girls! It was only my second foray into Loli fashion, but I was really enjoying myself. Love the outfit I ended up with...

Me: Am I allowed to wear this jacket with this skirt?
PM: You can wear whatever you want!

I just wanted to share a few of my personal favorite shots.

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best sites...

Hi, I want to put up a link on my website exsplaining what Lolita actually is, with out all the
fetish non sense and the like.
Any sites that you would suggest to have the best description?

Many Thanks
despa zero squall

(no subject)

I'm going to make a purse to go with my loli-outfits, and I was pondering on having some kind of print or embroidery on it, but then I realized, I don't know much that could fit for such a "theme".
only thing I can think about is the fleur de lis-thing and crowns.
is there other things that could be used?

also, shoe question X3
I'm thinking of buying a pair of Demonia shoes.
do the shoes run small or big in their sizes? I mean I've heard something about that before, but I just can't remember.

thanks in advance :3

"Montreal" Rocking Horse Shoes

I know that some of you are looking for rocking horse shoes, and some have been thinking about these. Now, they're not real wooden soles like Double Decker or other brands, but a dense foam. I took a chance and got them, and they came today in the mail. The seller was nice, and answered any questions I had relatively quickly. I'd suggest emailing the seller before purchasing to ask if she has any currently in stock. The shipping took as long as expected (about 7-10 days) but seemed like a long time because I am impatient ;). The shoes are really comfortable, and are lots of fun to wear. They do run a little bit small; the size 7.5-8 size feels more like a 7.5 size. Walking in them takes a little getting used to, due to their unusual shape. They're a bit pricey for a designer knockoff, but I think it's worth it for their unique style. Overall, I'm very glad I bought these shoes, and I recommend them to others.


made something sweet for all to critique or whatever
i was thinking this thing needed a petticoat but from the way it looks just on the dress form...i might not have to make one ^^;

umm this jumper features a three layer skirt with gingham small pink checker material for the top, straps, and first layer of the skirt.
bottom half is a cotton poly blend pink matching fabric (i chose this because it holds it shape better than regular %100 cotton)

im actually thinking on auctioning this off rather than just selling it because when i made the pattern for it i goofed on the third layer when cutting out my peices...i accidentally cut one piece a little slanted and you can sort of tell if you look closely at the dress

but size of the dress is pretty much a free size since i used elastic shirring for the top...so it makes the whole dress stretchy and really easy to put on by slipping over your head...so id say it can fit a small to medium size person...maybe semi large ^^;
pictures behind the cut... enjoy and thanks for looking!

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Hello everyone, I've been looking for a decent site where I can find Wa-Loli tops shapes like kimonos and can't find any. (I know of soraumiberry and such but dont have the money for an errand service) Can anyone reccomend me a site selling them or would I be best getting one custom made?

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