January 23rd, 2006

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I'm looking for pictures of (real) Edwardian undergarments for a project investigating a decade of underwear (so from 1900-1910) and considering the bloomers and connections to lolita fashions, brodiere anglais etc, thought I'd ask here if anyone has any websites or photos? Any help much appreciated.Merci.
Also I found this headress on Ebay:

Query: Cosmates Shoes

Has anyone bought these shoes? I'm considering buying them to match an outfit I'm making, but I'm not sure if they will fit and I'm wondering about the quality. I can wear anywhere from an 8.5 to a 10 (US), depending on how the sizing runs. I'm assuming that they're fairly small, so I guess what I'm asking is: Are the measurements listed on the Cosmates site accurate?

I'd also like to know if anyone knows where shoes similar to these (white with lacing) can be purchased, since I haven't found any like them anywhere I've looked.


This may be a silly question,but are some of the more common/used overseas ebay sellers affiliated with each other in any way. They seem to word their items the same way..and right now they are a few of them that have no items listed now.I just thought that was kind of weird :/
vw shoes

Casual Lolita

This might quiet long but hope someone can answer me

My friend is organzing a dress up party tomorrow and i want to dress up as casual lolita
but currently is very hot in my country right now and i don't want to wear long socks..
and i don't have a bloomer yet....is that ok...?
what can i do?

Some of my favorites from the AppleSugar San Francisco Photo shoot

This is my first official photoshoot for applesugar and I am really really excited to share them. Thank you to the guests who made the effort to come out. I am really worried about one pair of lolitas because I was unable to contact them after they got off the bart I hope you guys are safe.
I was so busy orgainizing and the clothing order that I was unable to be in the picture myself. :( However, all turned out wonderful so take a look-see at our Saturday Fun. ^^ I hope more can join us next time. :D

There are notes under the pictures that lists the outfit pieces.
Pages and Pages of applesugar lolitas
Photographer: Brocas

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