January 16th, 2006

Starting Point

I found this outfit today at NY and Company and I think it's pretty nice, especially for a more plus size lolita. So, I'm thinking of it as more of a starting point and I would like some ideas on how to alter it a bit. I already have to take in the waist of the skirt a bit. It has a very high waist that is a bit big on me, and it makes the whole waist area look puffier than it is. So...take a look, what would you do with this outfit?

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Rule of Rose

Random Lolita Spotting onVH1!

This is random. Please delete if it is against any rule... I am very unsure.

I just went downstairs for a donut - heh - and when I passed by the living room to come back upstairs I saw a Lolita on the television program my sister was watching - and I froze. I stared and was extremely amazed, we only have normal cable.

Metamorphose was on America's Next Top Model, some woman was in Japan looking for a store to buy an outfit of some-sort, I don't really know what was going on - I just saw Metamorphose and freaked, so I ran up here and came to tell everyone.
I wonder if this was a re-run and someone did spot this too... I'm sorry if it was already said.

Good night.
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paging alternakittyn

I'm not sure if my emails are just not going through or what, so I thought I'd try contacting you here. I was wondering if you had sent out the GLB #18 that I bought from you here a while back. I haven't gotten it yet and I was wondering if that was just because it was sent later than I thought or if I'm having issues with the mail. I've had trouble with mail not being delivered here at times so if you did send it a while ago I want to call the post office and make sure they aren't holding it there for some reason. Sorry to have to contact you through here, but email doesn't seem to be working.
CGL Persocom Doll

St. Louis GL Tea Party/Workshop

Hi! I'm Yavie and I'm new to this group! I joined because I wanted to get the word out about this party.

A tea party/ sewing party is planned for Saturday February 11, 2006 in the Central West End at 6400 Olive Street. The party will start at 2 pm and go until 6 or 7 pm. You may leave at any time. Please contact me for more information, details and to RSVP. After the tea starting at 2, the workshop will start around 4:30. People are encouraged and invited to bring sewing machines and projects they are currently working on. It will be a friendly space to work in for encouragement, suggestions, and assistance. If you do not RSVP you are not guaranteed tea, tea cakes nor a space to work. This is open to all GL’s in the St. Louis and surrounding areas that are willing to drive to come. If you are local and can not drive please let me know that as well, transportation may be arranged from the nearby Delmar or Forest Park or Central West End metro link stations. Please share any concerns or questions with me. Thank You!
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Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

(no subject)

I didn't see a post about this here, but does anyone want to have a meet up at the Desray concert the 26th at Megacon? I thought it would be interesting :)
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Two devils

Megacon meet up

To my understanding, there will be a meetup at the concert on Saturday. I'm not sure just how many will be able to attend on Saturday but for the rest of us who can go Sunday, what say you all to a meet-up then. Second floor, the sitting area to the left just off the escalater? :3

How does say... 2:00-2:30 sound? SO everyone has a fair amount of time to get there? Then we can raid the dealers room. ^___^