January 15th, 2006


Show me the gothic lolitas!

Give me Gothic lolita! Give me Punk lolita! None of the maid black and white lolita. Give me the h.Naoto fans. The putumayo addicts, black peace now, h.anarchy, h.naoto blood, h whatever! Moi-meme-moitie, stigmata atelier boz, miho matsuda, marble, atelier-pierrot, visible, the list goes on.
It's over the top, it's dark and above all, it's ten times more floofy than any real goth would wear.
It's a fine balance between goth and gothic lolita but I think we've been lacking that.
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Double Decker

Hello everyone, I was looking at the Double Decker site and I was wondering if anyone owned a pair of the wooden soled shoes. Could you tell me how comfortable they are, how well made, if it's worth the money? (one pair will be costing me roughly £50/$85)
Also, how long was shipping (both air and surface)? (particularly aimed at those in the UK)

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Huge hairbows...

I have a really huge hair bow from Metamorphose, and I think it looks kind of dumb on me with my hair down, or even in pigtails. I think maybe my hair should be really huge and fluffy to balance out the height? Or would that look stupid? How could I manage to get my pigtails fluffy without having them look bad or unkempt? Sorry, I've been having really low self esteem lately. :( Do you have any suggestions for that, too?

Thanks <3

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Purple Loli Dress (not for sale) and Pink Lace for Direct Sale

Hey, I know that I just posted, but I found my purple loli one piece and thought that I would share. The pattern was taken from a Gosu Rori magazine, but I altered it, of course. It isn't one of my best pieces because the seems are unfinished. They say that you can tell the quality of the clothes by turning it inside out...and well...the inside looks like a complete mess!!

Edit: Um, sorry, the post was worded the wrong way! The purple loli dress in NOT for sale, I am just sharing my creation. ^^ Crits are welcome!

Images under cut.

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Jane Marple

Does anyone know where I can buy Jane Marple clothes from?

A lot of the clothes I like in fruits come from there. I can't find anything on ebay!

But I know there's japanese auction sites.
Could you tell me some of them?


ps. sorry if this is off topic for the egl community, but I don't think it is cause all I'm really after are the auction sites and I know they've been mentioned here before.

New Year's Meetup Pics!

We had a small gathering for New Year's a while back. I just thought I'd share some pics with you guys. ^^
Our photographer friend Skypirate had an unforuntate accident and was unable to take pictures for us, be he was kind enough to lend us a shiny camera- so we did get some pictures far better than what we would usually end up with ourselves. ;)

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