January 14th, 2006

I will purr

Washington lolis

For WA lolis:

You are invited to High Tea prepared by yours trully on January 28th (saturday) 2006 at my Capital Hill home (Seattle).
Time: 2pm.
Cost will be $10 to help cover food and drinks.
Dress prefered, but optional, since this is the first tea.
Please RSVP if planning to come, so I have a head count and give you further information, at la_chaton_noir@yahoo.com.


Metamorphose Additional Spring(?)/Summer(?) Collection

I wasn't expecting the "Sweets" series as part of the 2006 spring collection. Actually I was at Metamorphose last month and I bought a pair of socks and included was a little advertisement that read, "Spring/Summer Collection 2006" which had items that included prints influenced from the 50's (or something like that). So since no one has mentioned it online... I took the time earlier today to scan the paper to share with all of you. I'm guessing if i'ts not mentioned officially on the website that it's going to be out for summer... but I'm not sure. If anyone can clarify it - please let us know! Please Enjoy!

Warning: the scaned image is large.
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Comission question!

Hello there my lovelies!

This is to all of our seamstresses out there; I would really like to have the dress Mana wore in Bara no Konrei. Shown Here. However, I still have 2 other projects to complete for other people...I was simply wondering if I were to buy all of the fabric, notions, patterns and what have you for the dress paid for the shipping how much would someone want to make the dress? I.E. I would pretty much only be paying for your labor, time and shipping. I have no set date on when I want it done...

If you are interested please leave a comment ^_^

Thank you !

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A New Loli Skirt and Something Precious Miseries-ish

I posted this in my journal last night, but thought that I would share with the fantabulous EGL community.

I made a new skirt! I'll let my work speak for itself, but if you want the whole rundown or more images, visit my LJ. Oh, I feel as though I should mention that the skirt is reversible. ^^

And I am including a link to my new Precious Miseries website. It's all under the cut. Feedback on the skirt, the website or both are much appreciated.

EDIT: To clear up some confusion, the images are both of the front of the skirt. (remember, it's reversible)

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Sleeping Cap for my "My Twin"

Hello lovelies. I just wanted to share with you all a picture of a sleeping cap I made for my My Twin Doll. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y287/Usagichi102388/fa6f1675.jpg Sorry the details on the lace aren't that great but I will try my best to get better ones next time. :)

Also, yesterday, I went to Lane Bryant (a store for plus-sizes) and picked up this blouse pictured here with the skirt I made a while back: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y287/Usagichi102388/175babed.jpg Here is a close up on the details of the ruffles: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y287/Usagichi102388/536b5f72.jpg

I highly recommend plus sized Lolies to check Lane Bryant out. They have A LOT of Victorian-esque appareal.

Just thought I share this with you all. :)
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d'où le lapin rose se cache ?

hi! i made a new skirt in an experimental technique i'm trying out...
same general technique as the H. Naoto inspired one i did a while back with the TEETH which i posted here.

it's all top-stitched patchwork ... i wanted to make a "sweet deconstructed" skirt, because i like to challenge myself.. :P it's really soft and a nice shape, and fluffs out nicely under a petticoat, not stiff at all, as some patchwork can be... and it saved my scrap bin! haha... here are a few pictures..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
there are little embroidered bunnies in "lace windows" peeping out...they have little tufty tails too!
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Cheap Dummies/Mannequins

Do you guys know where I can purchase a cheap dummy? I'm tired of using my own body as a dummy XD So many times poked in the hips... no more XD I checked ebay but they didn't have any that I wanted or didn't designate the size.
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Two devils

A new shirt for a hard to shop for friend.

How very excited I am! I work at Savers Thrift and department store now, so we get all kinds of wonderful clothes in daily! My friend/manager found a black shirt with frills and it's perfectly kodona. Well, it's also as big as 6 of my regular XL shirts sewn together. Our male cohort wished to dress Kodona but he is very tall and very very large, so it makes if slightly difficult to locate good clothing for him. Hopefully this piece will fit him and he can lable it as his very first Kodona piece. ^-^ I shall try and get picures once we see if it fits and looks good. ^.O