January 2nd, 2006

Black Peace Now

Does anyone know if Black Peace Now ships to Canada and how to pay them? I'm being kinda lazy cuz I guess i could just try and translate all the stuff on the website, but I want to ask first before I go to all that work.


What did everybody get in their fukubukuro? =D

Were you happy with your contents? Dissapointed? Photos?

I bought an Angelic Pretty one from their La Fouret store yesterday, and I am so happy with the contents! I received a beautiful red jumper skirt, white blouse and head dress!

I was wondering... Um... On the 31st, I was at Takeshita Doris Bodyline, and there were two (american?) foreigner girls trying on clothes whilst I was in the store, and I was wondering if they were on EGL by any chance? I am so lonely in Japan ;-;
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the body of the perfect lolita

this is almost undoubtedly a totally un-pc question, but I've been awake eating sweets for far too long, feel very fat, and I don't care anymore.

what do you consider the "perfect" (if such a thing ever existed, which it doesn't) body-type for the various gosuloli styles? personally, I think you should be short and slightly rounded to be a sweet loli, and very tall and skinny to be an EGA, but I don't know if I'm just being a body facist again...

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Gaucho Pants

has anyone wore Gaucho capri lenght pants for Kodona? My mom bought be a pair and since im so bowleg it doesnt look right...well ok everyone says they look adorable on me especially with my chained top but i think the leg of the pants are a bit too wide! plus im only 5feet :(
i like Kodona fitted leg look better but i hate how my thighs look in fitted pants. i would like to see if anyone has pics of them wearing them with Kodona or even EGL if possible. heres a pic of similiar pants that i own if it helps. mine is brown printed instead


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Home Made Loli

Here are some patterns for all those Home made Loli's out there. Most of the patterns would have to be altered a bit, such as collar shape and additions of lace but i think that this is a good culmination of patterns to start with. There are patterns from Butterick, McCall's, Vogue, Kwicksew and Simplicity.
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Mainstream store lolitables

1.) Victorian style boots. Have you noticed them in any of these stores : Target, JC Penney, Sears, Macy's, Filene's, Payless, or any store listed here? After too many hit or miss experiences and losing a bunch of money on return shipping, I'm not shopping anywhere other than Zappos.com for shoes unless I know from prior experience the fit the brand has. And while there are a few pairs of Victorian-ish boots, they're a bit expensive and I want to see if I can get them somewhere locally for cheaper. Unfortunately I don't have a car and no one who'd give me a ride would want to let me do much browsing -_-.

2.) Opera length black evening gloves that will fit very small hands and are NOT crushed velvet or that obviously cheap and synthetic polyster costume fabric? Just a nice matte black to wear with a certain outfit.

3.) Offwhite shoes for an aristocrat. NOT cutesy lolita shoes. More mature ones that aren't too modern. I'm in love with all the ivory that's around this season and want to make gothic aristocrat outfits all in ivory. (Gasp! Goth without black, with almost white even! But but... ^_~) I probably can't afford a second pair of the Victorian style boots.
2of a Kind

Design Resource

Hey there! (Im Kassandra), and i've been cracking out on this site for hours now...And relized OOO i should share!!
SO...I am. Here is a link: http://demode.tweedlebop.com/realvict/1800s2.html It has TONNNNS of big, poofy,lacy
dresses with stays, bloomers, peddicoats, hoop skirts...Everything! Its all historicly acurate and even tells you the
time period and country its from. Lots of detailed photos to realy ignite the inner lolita aristicrat within! Its a great
resource to get ideas for designs of your own. I mean...realy, shorten the lenght of a gown form the 1800s and
its uber lolita...try it its fun! Come Crack out to Poofy Gowns with me! *scurries back to the site* Hope you find
something fun to look at^_^
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I hope none of this breaks any rules

Sorry about the text-only post, I might post some photos eventually, when I get my camera back! (I left it at a friends' house about 200 miles away)

1. I loved Panicdoll's t-shirts, but by the time I got around to buying one, they stopped selling online. None of the ones on ebay have taken my fancy so far, but I will keep looking. In the meantime, are there any other sites which sell loli t-shirts?

2. Is anyone selling a brand-name hooded cutsew, preferably in black or dark red, but other colours will be considered. I adore this one from Baby, but I can't afford to spend quite that much at the moment, or risk the customs charges.

NB. I am located in the UK

Mods, if this isn't allowed, please let me know!
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(no subject)

Hello, you lovely lolita ladies (and gentlemen!). I'm Alanna, and I have a few questions concerning how to keep certain accessories in their proper places ^^; I'm wearing my new lolita dress to ohayocon this weekend; it's modled from Shinya's Un Ange Passe dress from Shoxx magazine.

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hello all <3

hi! i am new

i was hopeing u people could help me with some sewing tips.

they would be greatly appresiated * crosses fingers thats it spelled right*
i am not the greatest of sewers...i usally end up sewing me self to what ever i am makeing XD

well any help would be wounderfull
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Hands on Hips

Dress questions

Hello everyone!
I was just wondering if someone could answer two questions about a certain dress.

Through my hours of wondering around the internet I found this little number....


Since my Japanese reading is really bad, can someone translate a little bit of the page.
I just want to know what it says on the side of the two prices (I already know the prices in US dollars to save you the trouble), what materials were used, how to order, and if it's a two piece or one.

If it is a one piece I was wondering how do you wash it? (this is question number two, by the way). I really don't want the white part to darken like so many of my other black and white clothing. Am I better off sending to the cleaners?

Thanks in advance....

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