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Hello everyone! Literally in the final hours of January I've scrapped together my post! I've been a member here for nearly a decade, but I've never done a public wardrobe post here before. My wardrobe has only grown the most in the last couple of years so I finally mustered up the will to post! Enjoy!
A little about my style...

My favorite styles are Gothic Lolita and Classic Lolita. I like to mix the two every now and then as well. I have a touch of sweet in my wardrobe, but it tends to lean more towards Classic Sweet. Most of my sweet pieces are also older prints.

I'm very print based, even though when I started, most of my closet was solids and textures. I would like to get more of that in my wardobe again this year. For now, I'm quite happy with my printed pieces.

In addition to my Japanese brand wardrobe, I also own Indie brands, and handmade items. Before I could afford brand, I made all my own lolita main pieces.

Let's begin!
~ Pink x Black ~
My favorite color combo in Sweet Lolita!
BTSSB Paris Windows (2006)
This is my first ever brand dress which was a gift from my friend Katy some years back. I deeply cherish it because it was also my first dream print when I first got into lolita fashion. It's one of my borderline Sweet-Classic dresses. I prefer Black colorways in most sweet prints.

AP Magic Whip (2007)
I got this dress as a sort of troll on myself! I loved it a lot when it first came out even though lots of people thought it was horrifying! I managed to snag it for cheap on Closet Child last year and I was very happy. I really love cupcakes, and the colors. You don't see this shade of green in most Lolita prints. I like it because its really out there and unique.

AP Tiara Rose (2008)
My second AP dress (I only own two). I originally wanted the tiered one but I came across this one first, so I just impulse got it. It was in the consignment room at Rufflecon the year before last and I just had to have it. When I wore it last I paired it with a leather jacket! I like wearing sweet items with more edgy pieces mostly!

One of my favorite themes in Lolita Fashion.

AatP St. Metiphizo Cathedrale (2010)
One of my other top Dream dresses of all time. I was very lucky to find it in this cut and color! The cut is very flattering. I love how the print speaks for itself while the dress design is very simple. I also love how the fabric is textured.

Handmade by Me - Memories of Byzantium JSK (2014)
Made of Cotton Jacquard and Printed Cotton embelished with brocade ribbon and gold laces and tassels. It's long length too!
(You can see more detailed images of this piece here on my sewing blog if you are interested)

Handmade by Me - Virgin of Guadalupe JSK (2011)
I fell in love with this fabric and had to make myself a JSK out of it. I love Christian iconography, so I felt as though this fabric was particularly special. It's definitely one of my favorite pieces that I've made.

IW Ave Maria JSK (2015)
I saw this in an issue of the GLB and I needed to have it. I want to acquire a great deal of stained glass prints and this was the first one I managed to get! This is the Green colorway, which I'm glad I ended up with! Black was sold out when I went to purchase, and this was the only color available, so I went for it! I've yet to wear it out, but I hope t change that soon.

~Gothic Prints and Pieces~
An assortment of the dark and the macabre.

AatP Name of the Rose (2010) 2nd Release
My boyfriend got this for me as a gift the first time he went to Japan! He called me at 1am EST from the Closet Child in Harajuku asking me what I wanted based on a couple items he saw from my wishlist. But he didn't tell me which one he was getting. Then he managed to pick out one of my top dream prints at the time! This dress was also my second ever brand piece.

Moss Badger Tarot JSK - All Them Witches (2015)
I'm a big supporter of my fellow Indie Lolita Designers, so I was very excited to own this piece from Mossbadger! It's so long (floor length on me but I'm pretty short, but I love it) and the fabric is gorgeous and soft! It's a simple design but the print really makes this!

Fox's Feathers Angel Of Death (2015)
The contraversy that surrounded this dress is astounding, but I managed to get mines a few months ago after waiting almost 2 months. I love it! The fabric is very good quality and so is the printing. I wish It had full shirring in the back for more comfort (it has a back zipper instead) but it's fine. I guess this also counts as a religious print, but it has a bit of a darker spin.

Enchantillic Enchantilly Alice Print OP (2013)
This has to be my most extravagant gothic piece of them all, but also my most comfortable. I feel like a gothic princess when I wear this.

Axes Femme Dark Blue Flocked Chiffon Skirt (2014)
I love Axes Femme and how their items fit so well into lolita fashion.

Handmade By Me - Atelier Pierrot Inspired Bustle Skirt (2010)
Before I could afford brand pieces, I tried to make versions of my favorite things for myself, this was one of them!

I REALLY LIKE CAT PRINTS. These are some that I have acquired.

Meta Secret Library (2014)
Purchased on my trip to Japan in 2014 and bought in the Meta store in Marui One! I was very impressed by the sweet shopgirls who assisted me when I was purchasing this! This was also my first Meta dress. I'm becoming more of a fan every day.

Meta Secret Laboratory JSK (2015)
More cats and books! I was soooo happy to get this in my favorite cut and color! I was confused when I first got it when I realized it was chiffon, but now I love the fact that it is! It's also long length, which is becoming my new favorite thing. Omg those cats and cauldrons!

Atelier Pierrot Cat Masquerade (?) (2015)
Instant want when I saw it! I thought I wouldn't like the sateen print, but I actually love it now. And all the quirky masked and costumed cats are just awesome. It's comfy too!

~Theater and Music~
I love music, especially of the darker variety.

Haenuli Angel of Music (2014)
Instant need when I saw it. I love the Phantom of the Opera, its one of my favorite tragic stories ever. I love Black red and gold too, so this was perfect in every way.

Aatp La Traviata JSK (2014)
Another Closet Child buy! I actually hasn't even seen this dress before when I came across it! I instantly fell in love with it. I need to wear it more often!

~Classic Prints~
Florals, Clocks, Crowns, and more.

AatP Time of Roses JSK (2011)
My only Navy colorway print. I originally wanted this in Black, but I think the Navy grew on me. It's bustle back too!

IW Antique Cutlery (2014)
I love cutlery prints! This is one of my only ones but my favorite! It's another simple design with an amazing print!

BTSSB Cinderella (2006)
Another old school print that I fell in love with many years ago! This was the cut and the colorway I wanted most , though I also love this in black. I plan to wear this for Valentines Day!

IW Royal Emblem (2007)
I loved this dress in both cuts and all colors for a long time. I was happy to finially get it thanks to a tip from a friend! Part of me still wants it in green with the scallop hem, but I'm not one to own two of one print even if I could find it.

IW Forest Harvest JSK (2010)
Another long time dream dress of mines in this exact colorway! It's my only yellow piece, and I love the colors here! I love deer and I love jam and pie, haha.

Handmade By Me - Bordeaux Floral OP (2014)
Inspired by Marie Magdalene silhouettes! It's a classic and easy piece.

Handmade by Me - Antique Rose Bustle OP (2014)
Embelished with gilded laces and ribbons. I was originally planning to sell it but then I fell in love with it so I changed my mind.
(You can see more detailed photos of it here on my blog)

Handmade by Me - Powder Blue Floral Rococo OP (2015)
Long awaited to complete and definitely the most elaborate piece I have ever made. Loosely inspired by Mary Magdalene's version. It has princess sleeves and a ton of ruching! This photo doesn't do it justice, so here's my blog post on it!

AatP Queens Coach (2010)
I found this damaged in Closet Child Harajuku (the back looped lace was torn) so I got it for super cheap! This wasn't my top color choice, but I couldn't pass it up! It has really grown on me. Part of me still wants the Black JSK version.


Little Angel, Infanta

Axes Femme, Kmart x2

Axes Femme, Ancoco

Innocent World, Infanta

Boguta, Elpress L


Offbrand, H&M

Pumpkin Cat

Infanta, AP

Boguta, Pumpkin Cat


Axes Femme


Jackets and Vests


Handmade by Me


Handmade Headdresses and Crocheted Flower Pins, all other things are bought from random places or made by friends.

Aetherlund Bat Cuffs, Flower Crowns from H&M, Headbows of Various origin (one being AatP) and Handmade Headdresses

A whole ton of clip in flowers, mostly H&M

MidiNette, Moss Marchen, Moss Badger, VooDooDolly, and more...

A mess of Gothic Jewelry that I forgot to sort through!

Ebay, H&M, Lily of the Valley, Bodyline, Voodoodolly, The Snowfield

Socks and Tights

Storage Boxes. The top box has my wigs which I didn't manage to photograph.

Loaded to the brim! I think I'm going to need another one soon...

Gothic and Darker Colors/Themes - Triple Fortune, Tutu Anna, Haenuli,
IW, JetJ, Meta, IW, MMM, IW, IW, Claires x 2, Meta

Classic and Sweet - Grimoire, Taobao, R-Series, IW x4, AP

Bags & Shoes

Evil Live - These are the only lolita bags I have, I need to get a few more!

Iron Fist, Bodyline, Mojo Moxie, Ebay, Call it Spring, Bodyline, Aerosoles

And that's it! Hope you enjoyed!

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  • Unreleased Items You Wish Were Released?

    I was looking through some of my old (ouch) AP catalogs and in one of them from 2014 there was this marshmallow bag pictured with the re-release of…

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