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KiaRyou and Chromekins 2016 wardrobe

Kia Ryou and Chromekins 2016 Wardrobe

Hello everyone! This is a join wardrobe with my wife Chromykins! I've been into lolita for eight years, and she has been into it for a little over three. We have a mixture of lolita and ouji. Most of these were taken with a camera phone so I apologize for the horrible quality. This is also not our complete wardrobe. It's missing socks, purses , head bows. But we are lazy and this was allot of work idk.

Lady of the Camellias jsk

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge JSK Ⅰ

Kitten's Wonder Night Tea Party Set II

Rose's Prisoner in Pirates Ship JSK II

ALICE and the Mechanical Wonder Time Travel JSK II

Night Ship Alice JSK II

Steam Alice OP

Alice's Automaton Clock Orchestra JSK II

Starry Moonlight Night Sirene JSK I

La Traviata ~the time this flower dies~ JSK I

Destinee de la Rose Jacket pants and blouse

Fjord Vest Ⅱ

Frankenweenie Jacket and pants

Thaddeus Vest

Circus Print Vest

Name of the Rose vest

Galactic Journey to the Stars Salopette and skirt

Bless from Michael JSK

Bambi de la Forêt Secrete ~Petite Princesse de la Forêt JSK I

Innocent Rose JSK

Juicy BABY Love Love Berries Babydoll JSK

Karami Baby Doll JSK (2007)

Karami Baby Doll JSK (2007)

Searching for Baroque Corset JSK

Chocolate Rosette JSK


Other brands

Bodyline Antique Clocks

Bodyline Love Nadie

Rouge Aerie Nightmare Rising

Rose Melody black jsk skirt combo

Metamorphose Type Writing squirrels skirt

Neverland skirt

Neverland Bear salopette

Strawberry witch Sailor OP

Dear Celine Winged Knight

Head pieces

Pink Rose Triple Fortune bonnet

Triple Fortune gothic side veil

Shezerade head piece

Red head dress

Fawn Fur beret

Mon Petite Lou Lou head dress

Chess Emblem beret

Custome made ivory bonnet

Red head dress

Ivory flower side veil


Taobao bonnet

Fox Cherry hat?


Coming soon

( This area is underconstruction )






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