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Laceandpenguins' 2016 wardrobe post

 photo 16-01-31-18-43-11-916_deco_zpsj1xsglnd.jpg

This is my first wardrobe post, and my first time posting to EGL.

I started wearing lolita in early 2014, so I'm still kinda new.I would define my style as lying between sweet and classic, often with a dose of mori kei or country. I have a weakness for deer prints, florals and muted pastels.

Innocent World
 photo 20160131_100627_zps1m9c2l1g.jpg
Christina JSK (2009)- Aileen OP (2012)

 photo 20160131_101250_zpspi1luwas.jpg
Icing Cookie (2012) - Bambi print (2012)
The Bambi dress is my favorite dress that I own. If my house was burning and I could only save one dress, it would be this one. Everything about it is just breathtaking.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
 photo 20160131_101537_zpsg9bi70gg.jpg
Galetta JSK (unknown release) - Shirring Princess JSK (unknown release)
The Galetta JSK was my first real lolita dress. Whenever I get asked my favorite color I think of this dress - the pale blue in the background is quite possibly my favorite color in the whole world.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille
 photo 20160131_103651_zps3stncjls.jpg
Fruit Punch Soda (2011)
My only sweet dress that doesn't have the least drop of classic in it.

 photo 20160131_101911_zpszuzens19.jpg
Unknown name, bought in Sweden in 2012
This was my first lolita dress. It was more an impulse buy than anything, but the quality is okay, and I still use it for potentially hazardous meets where I don't want to risk my other dresses.

Innocent World
 photo 20160131_104201_zpstuxbikff.jpg
Delft Lotta (2011) - Forest of Friends (2008?)
The Delft Lotta miniskirt is not really suited for lolita, but it's still stunning. The JSK in same colorway is quite possibly the top item on my wishlist right now.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille
 photo 20160128_165514_zpsui9zighv.jpg
Unknown name

 photo 20160131_105035_zpsfsm6gfsh.jpg
2* Innocent World on the top, thrifted and Infanta on the bottom

Hair accessories
 photo 20160126_090437_zpss8ttloq0.jpg
Bonnet and red flower crown from Ciciworks, pink flower crown from Fox Cherry, Ivory bow in top middle from Red Maria. Rest is offbrand

 photo 20160126_090606_zpsonscazuk.jpg
Mint in top left from Angelic Pretty, the rest is offbrand.

 photo 20160126_091509_zps2ucitf6y.jpg
Pearl necklace with pink bow and rose rings from Closet Child, and purple lace choker from Ciciworks. Rest is offbrand

 photo 20160131_105440_zpsh02jay9h.jpg
Black from loris, brown from forestgirlfans, totebag from Innocent World. Pink and red are offbrand.

 photo 20160131_110328_zpsfkpkf0qj.jpg
Strawberry one from Secret Shop, the other three from Innocent World.
All my tights was in the washer, so just imagine that there also are a bunch of cream and ivory lace tights.

 photo 20160131_200001_zps4ieyw4jy.jpg
Top row: All offbrand
Bottom row: 2*Bodyline, Antaina.
I tend to drag my feet against each other when I walk, so I prefer off-brand shoes, since they in my experience tend to last longer. I am in a love-hate relationship with the oxford stilettos on the top right, they are so pretty but impossible to walk in ;_;

That was my 2016 wardrobe post!
Goals for 2016
- Make my wardrobe more versatile by getting more blouses, jewellery, socks and hair accessories.
- Buy more pure Classic (rather than Sweet-Classic) stuff
- Get more clothes appropriate for Country Lolita
- Get more clothes appropriate for Old School Lolita
- Get more clothes appropriate for Mori Lolita.

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