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Guinea_piglet's first wardrobe post

This is my first ever wardrobe post. I've been interested in lolita for several years, but I only started collecting items actively in 2013.  I don't follow a specific substyle, I just bought whatever I liked and my wardrobe reflects that.  I arranged my clothes  in coordinates, because some of them work only in sets. Outfit rundowns are listed under each photo, but I skipped descriptions for items that were already shown.

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This is my favourite print! It's hard to see, but it is sparkly. Also I like this soft dusty pink shade. The socks came in a lucky pack a year later, and I've found a headbow on closetchild. So it is my only brand set.
Skirt, blouse, socks, headbow: Meta
Shoes, bolero: Bodyline
Jewelry and furry headdress: handmade (not by me)

(без названия)

(без названия)
(без названия)

I got this apron and a skirt second hand, and made all the matching accessories myself. Even the shoes were painted with acrilyc to match. The raspberry red color and olschool design inspired me to make it a "Little Red Riding Hood" themed.

Skirt, apron: Baby
Blouse: AP
Socks, shoes: offbrand
Capelet, headdress, wristcuffs, sock toppers: handmade by me

(без названия)
JSK: Ladylike Melody (taobao)
Parasol: Meta
Tights, headdress, jewelry: offbrand
Bag: handmade by my friend

(без названия)

My favourite motifs - keys and heraldry.

JSK: Baby
Bolero: Victorian Maiden
Socks, bag: offbrand
Shoes: thrifted
Headdress: Meta

(без названия)
(без названия)
I bulit this coordinate around Morrigan NY skirt. I think that the western XIX century literature is underrepresented  in lolita. That's why when I saw this skirt, I had to buy it. It was my first lolita item ever. I put a lot of work in items for this coordinate. The headdress was supposed to have a veil attached, but I couldn't find it.

Skirt: Morrigan New York
Shoes: Black Peace Now
Blouse, capelet, headdress, jewelry, waist cincher: handmade by me
Tights: offbrand

(без названия)

Bolero, boots, skirt, hairclip: Meta
Blouse: thrifted, customized by me
Bag: Innocent World

(без названия)

JSK, bag: Meta
Shoes, tights, beret: offbrand

(без названия)

My favourite dress, even though it doesn't have the right shape for lolita.

JSK: Meta
Glasses, bow: offbrand

I really liked the buttery yellow shade, that is so rare for lolita.

OP: handmade (not my me, by someonefromrussia)
Hat, jewelry, tights: offbrand

JSK and blouse: thrifted
Shoes: etsy
Tights, jewelry, beret: offbrand

OP: Meta
Jewelry, headdress, socks: offbrand

Blouse, skirt: Meta

Skirt: Bodyline
Everything else: thrifted or offbrand

Sorry for terrible quality, it is very hard to photograph all black items.

Cutsew: Bodyline
Skirt: Cornet
Bag, headdress, tights: offbrand
Jewelry: Meta

Items, that I couldn't coord

Left: Bodyline, right: offbrand

Offbrand vest and AatP skirt that I plan to use in a steampunk outfit in future


Meta coat (modified to be shorter and fit better)

Trinklets and accessories, mostly offbrand or handmade

So, that's all I have. Some thoughts on my wardrobe:

  1. It's not as cohesive as I'd like it to be. It's like I have some outfits that are 'costumes' (like gothic outfit or Little Red Riding hood inspired outfit) and don't work with anything else in my wardrobe.

  2. I do like Meta :P.

  3. I prefer all-over prints.

  4. I lack basics.

  5. I'm  obviously drawn to reds, browns and beige.

  6. I do like plaid.

My next year wardrobe resolution:

  1. Make more accessories and jewelry.

  2. Sew more clothes (I have lots of ideas!).

  3. Get more basics, like cardigans, blouses, cutsews.

  4. Introduce more color variety into my wardrobe (green, yellow, purple, wine red, navy etc)

  5. Try out new styles, like sailor or military.

  6. And most important, do my best to make my wardrobe more wearable and cohesive (sell/trade items I don't wear much).

  7. Get at least one item with border print.

  8. Save for luckypacks.

  9. Move gradually towards classic style.

Thanks everyone for looking, here's my tumblr I plan to post more outfits, lolita photoshoots and handmade projects there.
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