December 23rd, 2005

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Help. Purchasing.

I am in charge of managing and organizing a fashion show at my school. And I was wondering what are your favorite places to buy dresses at a reasonable price? I'm really picky with clothes.

Thanks. ^^
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trapezoid skirt issues

I'm attempting to make a skirt - specifically, a trapezoid skirt. The fabric I'm using has a border along the bottom, so unless I use a trapezoid shape, it will get messed up. However, I'm having some issues.

I should really know this by now, but how wide should I make the hem as compared to my waist? I want the skirt to have a nice flare to it, but not too much as I'd like for it to look good without a petticoat. Also, I'm worried that if I just cut two trapezoid shapes and sew them together then it will come out looking odd; it seems a bit too easy. Is there a certain way the pieces have to be cut and sewn (other than in a trapezoid shape), or it is really that simple? Also, I was thinking that instead of an elasticated waist, I would use a 7/8" ribbon as a "belt" by sewing it nearly all the way around, but leaving it open in the back where I would tie it in a bow. Will I need to put in a zipper in the back, or is there I way that I can make the waist large enough to step into, but narrow enough that when I tie up the ribbon it won't look too bunchy?

I seem to remember that there was a tutorial for trapezoid skirts a while back, but I've checked the memories and used the search feature, and I couldn't find it. =\

Thanks for the help!

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Has anyone ever read "The Goth Bible"? it's in English, and when I saw the title I automatically thought ! "Gothic & Lolita Bible" ! o__o

Culled from hundreds of interviews with bands, artists, designers, and goths from all walks of life, "The Goth Bible" brings to light the traditions and history of an artistic culture that revels in the Victorian romantic movement.

I know it's about Western Goths, but some aspects of it were too close to let go >__> (sorry if this is too far from gl, I'll delete it right away if it is ^^;)
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SoCal stores...?

Hi everyone~ This is my first post here, but I've been lurking for quite a while. I've got a question for you all.

I'm going down to Southern Cali [LA/San Diego/etc] tomorrow, and I'll be there for a week or so.

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations as to where to go for Japanese fashion/music stuff. Like, I know there's Kinokuniya stores down there, but any little clothing places for EGL, decora, fruits, etc? Basically any stores that sell fun Japanese stuff. x3

Thanks for all your help~

- Lily

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red riding hood

my mini clockwork hat

hello! i made an EGA outfit with the theme of "clockworks" which i will posting pics of soon (they are on my friend's camera) but i was able to take pics of the mini-hat i made.. it's embellished with vintage clock gears and watch springs and faces..
i had to find a way to unite my loves of anacrotech victorian technology and loli.. :)
the hat is mounted on a comb, with green ribbon ties for under the chin, it's not really heavy at all, despite the metal..
so anyway, i just thought i'd share!
Image hosted by
i look so dazed! my camera has a *really* bright flash!
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Soul removed.

Long Bloomers.

I've been looking for some long Bloomers that go to about 20" but I haven't had luck. This is also hard because I want bloomers that stretch from at least 24" to 44" waist. The max on the waist can be a little smaller like maybe 40" or 38" I explained this last time with my petticoat problem. I also wanted to know if anyone in the community would be willing to make me bloomers that will be at least 20" long and have a very adjustable waist. Taken Care of Thanks.

Also, would anyone happen to be wanting to get rid of the red Metamorphose Window Print dress. I'm looking for the one that has short sleeves and very adjustable bust and waist, not the under the bust one.
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little bird

Building your Lolita Wardrobe

I was chatting with a fellow Lolita-chan today about just what makes up the 'basics' of a Lolita wardrobe and the sort of things you should start off with and invest in. Myself, I make a lot of my clothes, but there are some things I will buy by choice because I know I'll get a lot of wear out of them. So I sort of put together an informal list/guide on how I approach building up my collection, this might be of some use to new lolita's who aren't sure where to start or just for general interest ^_^ Its from my own personal experience however, so I don't expect everyone to agree. This is really for Lolitas who want to wear the style often.

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red riding hood

clockwork EGA

hello again! i just got my outfit pics from my dear friend... so here is my clock-themed EGA outfit:
semi-large photos under the cut...
Image hosted by
this is bent a bit funny here, but you can see the brooch better in this image...
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